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We need a sense of the unity of life and of humans for the sake of human welfare and for the survival of the planet. We need a sense of unity with the cosmos so that we can connect with Reality. But we also need a sense of individuality, for the sake of our own dignity and independence and of the loving care for others. We need it to appreciate each natural form, each animal and plant, each human person in their uniqueness.

We must preserve the sense of unity and the sense of diversity and multiplicity. We must recognize that the One and the Many are the same thing viewed from different angles. The One is the Many. The One is manifested only in and through the Many. It has no separate existence apart from the Many. Equally the Many are the One. Even during their temporary separation, they are always part of the One, and always united with the One. Every one of us is always part of the One, and can unite with the One at any time we choose.

Alexis karpouzos


Five reasons why you are not so real

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There might be reasons you may imagine yourself as a real being while there might be moment in your life in which you may have felt the nothingness of your being and the universe around you. Here is five reasons why you may have had a real experience:

1- Physics challenges our understanding of reality!


What is 2+2? You may say 4 and you may be right in most of the normal occasions. However in modern physics we look at this answer with a little bit more caution. If we are looking at event too large or too small then relativity or quantum physics may stop us from giving the same answer too quickly. To shuttles flying towards each other at an extreme speed of 200,000 km/s would not see themselves collapsing at the speed of 2+2 = 400,000 km/s! The same would go if you look at quantum events. This should make us rethink our understanding of reality and if we don't have a clue what reality is, then how would we call this world or ourselves REAL?

See a video about it here.

2- We are made of almost nothing!


How to See the Positive in a Situation

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If you define a situation as positive, no matter what the circumstances, it can then morph into that experience with the expectation you have. It is easy to know this yet hard to do it unless you get deliberate and intentional in how you experience the world. This is a call to change your perception to not defining something as bad, and to be open to how it could play out if you don't define it at all or if you are able to see any situation as potentially positive for your path. We are conditioned to judge situations as being bad or good for us, and it is hard to expect something good to come out of what has happened to you that is causing unhappiness when we think about it. That being said, we have to feel the emotions authentically first in order to move to a place of seeing the potential good. Maybe it involves stepping back and observing ourselves to do this. Reframing any situation toward the positive completely changes what is possible, though.

How do we see the good in a situation that at first seems bad?

What if you have a story playing out in your head about something, causing distress? It is often about another person. Let me share my personal situation in which feeling emotionally upset. In dealing with this, wanting to shift my perspective, upon asking for solutions, my higher self, while in meditation, gave some answers. In meditation, I receive pictures that have meanings which I can then interpret the meanings.

A very interesting 'dream' that my spouse had

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March 20, 2014 11:10pm

Wow... my wife really surprised me... she told me about her dream and come to find out that I was in the dream

too. Here is how it went...

She remembered that she was onboard a pirate ship. That she was hiding. That her mother was onboard. That there was a nice guy that she met there as well. She remembers there being wood in the room where she was hiding. That the clothing she was wearing was soiled. That the room was large and had a double bed in it. There was also some kind of closet where there was a bathtub. That the hair of her mother was dark.... but did not see her face.

so... up to this point.. I had been just listening to the dream description and not 'testing' like I do
everything. So, I decided to join in on the 'dream' and see what I could find out about it.

Caught In A Dream

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   Could it be that I have been caught in a dream? Going through the motions of life as if sleep walking? Up until a few months ago I was doing just that. I have always suspected that there was something not quite right in what I perceived as being reality. Or should I say what I was taught that reality is. Is the color red the same color someone else sees? Is the texture of sand the same to someone else as it is to me? If another person, or light being, could jump in my body and see through my eyes and thought process but yet retain their own perceptions of reality, would they see the same thing I do? 

   I recently watched a video that put a bit of a twist so to speak on the Mayan calendar. I had never seem it presented in such a way. According to the author of this video the calendar was a kind of bible. What I mean is, it told the story of creation, of Jmmanuel's (Jesus according the the author) role in history, and the end times. Now I am not pretending to know much about the Mayan calendar but it made sense to me. AT first glance the author seemed to be a a "regular" Christian. But as I watched I found the he was anything but regular. I made me think about how all my life I have been in this dream world. Just going with the flow unaware of the truth that has been hidden from me.

   We have put Jmmanuel, the man most know by the name Jesus on this pedestal or throne not knowing who or what he truly is. I am not sure that there are many if any humans that do. I personally believe he should be honored and praised. But does it mean the same to praise or honor someone for all the wrong reasons? We praise the remarkable feats on the basketball court of Michael Phelps. No wait he is a swimmer, not a basketball player. No matter he is an athlete so what is the problem?

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