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WILL THE PROTECTORS OF THIS EARTH PLEASE NOW COMPLETELY COME FORTH AND DEFEND HER? I am asking. The information about the military & police escalation at Sacred Stone Camp came across my news-feed yesterday. IT's UNACCEPTABLE. I purposefully did not watch any videos about it yesterday because even though I know I am very strong, I am also simultaneously very fragile right now. I cannot watch those videos or see the photos from it without having PANIC ATTACKS and going into COMPLETE RAGE, which is what just haPPened since I just pushed play on this video. "WE HAVE NO WEAPONS! WE ARE UNARMED!" VIDEO:

BIG OIL: You've already been told. YOUR TIME IS UP. We have clean and renewable energy that is taking over now. MOVE OVER.

The Past is Past

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Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for

Summary of Brenda’s October 23, 2015, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at / brenda-hoffman:  Before your transition, your life followed a logical path. Now that karma is no more and you’ve accepted your true power, your life is beginning to seem illogical. And so it should for you’re creating your life as a solo act instead of depending on others to fulfill their karma obligations to/with you.

What Does it Mean to Connect Multidimensionally?

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I wish to make you aware of an important date coming soon, emphasizing what we may be called to do together. Why is the 8-8 important? August 8th is called the Lion's Gate or the Infinity Portal, connected with the Star Sirius, and also the double numbers of 8 and 8 representing infinity. 2015 is also an eight number if you add up the digits as numerologists do, which means it is the 888 portal to infinity. I am seeing that it connects to a grand orchestration by our universe, and our solar system to beam light onto planet earth in a way that brings keys and codes that help us evolve. The light codes come into the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid in Giza, anchoring this light to earth. Light carries codes, which is light in-formation or light information. The Great Central Sun is transmitting, and it is a grander orchestration for life on earth to receive, along with the planet herself.



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