1972 poem

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This little powem (power poem) snapped into me again last week...finally decided to post it. Wrote it in 1972, the year I divorced Tom:


while talking in circles and thinking in cones

and feeling the stress on the bones

caused by walking upright

staying up through the night

i felt the earth pulled

away from one orbit and into another

where god is our brother.



Portal Open and Activated - 4 Elements -Transmuting Dark Energies for all of God Creations!

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This is the start of removal of dark energies left on Gaia, humanity, Gods Creations.

There will be several things coming up that will be happen up and coming the next 6 days. I will only post as it is ready for all to recieve.


Portal of of 4 elements- earth, water, air, fire have been opened today.

It is transmuting dark energies for all of Gods Creations and will continue till compete then this portal will close upon completion.  There is a flame of Green that turns into Purple to do this work.




Shift Update – September 2012 A New Consciousness Unfolding

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Shift Update – September 2012 A New Consciousness Unfolding

By Jim Self


There is a shift of consciousness that is unfolding. The changes that are happening within and around us are very significant. They are directly related to the electromagnetic shifts that are occurring, both within the electromagnetic field around the Earth, as well as in our own auras. While there are many positive aspects to this, the reference points for where we are heading are still not readily available to us. We are in the phase where we first have to clear away all the personal baggage we have accumulated. You cannot take your baggage with you on this journey. This is what is happening all around us right now. The entire planet is in a very significant state of flux, but you don’t hear much about it in the media.


In this article I am going to focus on some of the aspects of the Shift that are affecting the world today: Geopolitics, world finance, climate changes, and the Earth itself.


What’s happening on Planet Earth… and beyond?

In the months of May, June, and early July, there was a massive stepping up of solar  activity: solar flares, winds, storms and coronal mass ejections were larger and more frequent than we have seen before. In the second half of July they calmed down a lot, until the 25th of July, when they began to build up again. There have been some very interesting aspects to this, because the velocity of these solar events is no longer predictable. The explosions we are currently seeing from the sun are being rated as having four times the velocity of those we are used to experiencing, which means that they are having a much greater impact on the Earth’s magnetic field, our own magnetic field, and the physical structure of the Earth itself.


World Healing Meditation + Project Eagle Triad + Ascension Lessons = NOW IS THE TIME TO ASCEND THIS PLANET!

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World Healing Meditation + Project Eagle Triad + Ascension Lessons = NOW IS THE TIME TO ASCEND THIS PLANET!

Sananda's Eagles ***lovingly*** invite you to join our Eagle family, and to start your ***Mission*** today to Ascend this planet -- as part of the beloved Ground Crew -- by participating in Project Eagle Triad. Write to janisel (at) to begin your ASCENSION MISSION now.

                                             (World Healing Meditation Below)





Earth Healing Day

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Earth Healing Day -- the Om Heard Around the World... August 12, 2012


Many of us are excited for the coming connections with each other, and with our Galactic compadres -- and here is a chance to remember what we, as divine humans on this beautiful planet, what it is that we are capable of doing, of creating, right here and now.


See this link for more info --


Many blessings, much light, and don't forget to play a little!



The Truth

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open your eyes the truth is at hand
it’s sweeping over all the land
no longer will it be denied
no longer will it hide

In the beginning was the word and the word vibrated
with the truth and the light it resonated
like a mighty trumpet it sounded
and life here on earth was founded.

the holiness of creation is within us it is who we are
the kingdom is at hand the kingdom is not far
the creation is part of you and me we were there
at the beginning yes we were there.


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I am Love... I am all that there is... I am spaceless... I am timeless... I am endless... I am limitless... Eternity... I am...


Love is everywhere...


Sence love... Feel love... Touch love... See love... Hear love... Observe love...


Embrace love... Love be...


In the center of the heart - universal love is happenning... now...


Feel the beat... Dance... Sing... Laugh... Enjoy... Celebrate... Create... Grandious be...


You don't need anyone's permission to be happy ... happy be... happy be... happy is one who is in love...


Breath love... Shine love... Create love...


Every moment love is... You... Me... Us... Love...


I love you all...





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