Working around In convoluted Processional Remixing(S)

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Working on Convoluted Processes of Being - In the Here and Now, as Exposed on Galactic Free Press - Living in the Moment (Momentary Choices - To make) - Capabilities in what we conclude by Temporal Emissions. The Sub-Sonic Frequencies, which are adjusting in a “Surplex” - /Complex, Nor Less to say ABOUT. What Concludes in Dispersions of These Words (In Subatomic Particle Managements)... The Multiverses has a Structural Code (Implementation) for Higher Adaptations -> Made Towards Beings of Greater Telekinetic Map Drive (Accentuations) Upon - Delocalized Prospections (Interior Prospections). CHANGED in the Etheric Cords of the Anti-Matter Phenomenon. And with that said, we come to a conclusion, in the Etheric Cords (Formulations for Higher Octaves) - “Frequency Emissions” which is held Liable (Reliable Structures of what we IMPLEMENT - In a Ground CORE STRUCTURALIZED EMISSION) Coming in from star systems (Outer Star Systems) - In ALIGNMENTS - TOWARDS YOUR GREATER EXPOSITIONS - AS FOUND ON THIS WEB SITE.

Namaste - More to Come, If you wish to Help me sustain the Grids (In any Particular way - Or Within “Movements”) We can accomplish this by structuring Internal Codes from what is disposed as a Higher Transparency - For “Localizations” which would be the Subdued Tracks of Informational Downloads… Acquitted for Beings Within Higher Mappings (Of Higher Transparency)..

Turning up Inner Guidance

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Spirit is trying to speak to us in so many ways. We receive from our senses, such as feeling, hearing, seeing, and knowing. The world around us is communicating too with special messages that are there for the noticing to awaken our awareness, and with the awareness of our soul's knowing. The most simple and pure inner guidance is from a feeling excitement we that have inside, from our wanting and desiring something. 

Nothing is More Important than How You Feel

Most of us could use practice in noticing how we feel. Culture trains us not to notice or express how we feel and this causes some bottled up emotions that harm us. It also means that we may not hear our most primitive yet accurate form of inner guidance and listen to it. Guidance is there to help us have a most delicious, juicy life! Guidance is the transmission of our soul's knowing which is aligned with love for us, and love for all, leading us to navigating our human experience with ease and grace.

Core Dispersions

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Core Dispersions

Intellectual properties condoned on bypasses, which are given from somnambulistic levels of trance, become transparent in nodes, coalescing momentarily with key(s) codes for us to gather/attend to/towards, for a general understanding of what hyper velocity factors has sub settled within its fabrics.

More so individually, advances made at predispositions, on contemplating inner grid activity, condones to times of greater/higher openings, inherently given from synaptic modules which are core dispersions of the actual thought commands given in coherencies.

What transpires in moments of achieving the generated/general greater flux/fluctuations from inherent/coherent designs, are coalescing in core dispersions, while higher grid transparency, nodes in excess to undulated formations of our intellectual properties while condoning to inner stasis/states of being which allows us to contend/assimilate and construct abundant programs which helps humans in restoring their inherent abilities which are predisposed life after life by gradually having sub set venues, in which our choices, which are concurrent to our timelines can become exponentially advanced, as for when we are in process of expansions, usually on awareness, becoming self-aware of all that which you do, and question and have remarks, and understandings on which your choices change occasionally as decisions have to be made (Interactions).

Reconnection to: Infinite Divine Financial Abundance, Abundance, Prosperity, Plentiful, Wealth, Perfect health, Opportunities, Creativities, Success, Clarity, Guidance, Wisdom, Knowledge, spiritual gifts, Inheritances, Manifestation and more!

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Reconnection to: Infinite Divine Financial Abundance, Abundance, Prosperity, Plentiful, Wealth, Perfect health, Opportunities, Creativities, Success, Clarity, Guidance, Wisdom, Knowledge, spiritual gifts, Inheritances, Manifestation and more!

This has been reconnected with Infinite Matrix, Infinite Crystalline Grid, Infinite Harmonic Universe, Infinite Sacred Geometry, Infinite Rays of Creation, Infinite frequency and vibrations, sounds and colors, connected to the Infinite Heart of Mother/Father of Creation of all that is.

Purified with the Platinum Ray and Charged with it into the Infinite Crystalline Grid and Infinite Matrix Infinite Heart of Mother/Father of Creation of all that is. Then reconnected all crystalline Girds of cosmos, galaxy, universe, solar, planetary, humanity.

All  Counter Acting All opposing the white light, effecting this has been disconnected from this until fully 100% transformed to light. All have been put into Platinum cube containers to be purified.

Enjoy New Energies



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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Vulnerability

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Angel Wisdom Monday, June 10, 2013


It takes great courage to dare to open your heart and allow your true self to be exposed and yet it is this very energy that leads you to the rewards of being completely free. To be vulnerable is a sign of great inner strength, for you know that you truly are safe and that there is no need for protection. There is no need for masks and barriers when you bravely step forward and let your true self emerge and let others see your divineness.

Have patience and don't try to force things to happen, allow them to unfold in their own natural way, like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon, you are ready to fly. Unmask your heart and be open as this allows you to empathize, be compassion and to love, truly, madly and deeply.  It shows you a path to a better way and it is a journey only for the brave. Dare to be vulnerable as it is indeed a sign of great strength and completeness.

Affirmation: "As I bring down my barriers and dare to be vulnerable, I find I am stronger and more able to love and give of myself completely and unconditionally."

And so it is.

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels


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