Turning up Inner Guidance

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Spirit is trying to speak to us in so many ways. We receive from our senses, such as feeling, hearing, seeing, and knowing. The world around us is communicating too with special messages that are there for the noticing to awaken our awareness, and with the awareness of our soul's knowing. The most simple and pure inner guidance is from a feeling excitement we that have inside, from our wanting and desiring something. 

Nothing is More Important than How You Feel

Most of us could use practice in noticing how we feel. Culture trains us not to notice or express how we feel and this causes some bottled up emotions that harm us. It also means that we may not hear our most primitive yet accurate form of inner guidance and listen to it. Guidance is there to help us have a most delicious, juicy life! Guidance is the transmission of our soul's knowing which is aligned with love for us, and love for all, leading us to navigating our human experience with ease and grace.

For example, we may stay with a situation such as work, people or environment that is not making us happy because we are not in touch with how we really feel. How many of us have done this? Feelings and emotions are good things to know, they are our emotional guidance. With data points on how we feel, we are able to make decisions that are better for us and take ourselves to where it feels better. We have more days that are the "Best Day Ever" because we know how to listen to our finely tuned emotional guidance system. 

We need to know what feels good to us and what feels bad. Some would translate this into a feeling of lightness in their body or a heaviness in their body. Would you like to learn how to feel this more? Practice by thinking of love and peace, with imagery of a beautiful spot that you like. Feel that, then feel the feeling of war and strife. Compare how your body feels when you feel the two feelings of War/strive and love/peace. What is the difference between the two? 

These could be called frequencies or vibrations. Your body is creating a waveform, a vibrational wave of energy through your system. Incidentally, your vibration sends ripples out to others feeling you. A great way to change the world is to start with yourself and change your own vibration! A positive vibration generated from within emanates in the world.

Playing with frequencies as feelings helps us get used to knowing how we feel, and then takes us to vibrationally mastering how we feel. The energetics within create our outer reality. Think about that-- happiness is an inside job, as we know. What you put out comes back to you which is called the mirror effect.  

Some tools we can use combined with awareness allow us to master the energetics of our inner being. We can use affirmations, intentions, visualization, listening to music, dancing, being in nature, laughter, yoga, quantum jumping, meditation, and other ways to change our vibrational space. Before we do that, let's first get good at noticing how we feel. Then we learn how to create a better vibrational space for ourselves, through moving toward what feels good and moving away what feels bad. It is as simple as that, really. 

Expanding the idea of inner guidance, to something more complex, is to speak of meditation, dreams, and synchronicity. Synchronicity could be seen as our higher self or alternate multidimensional selves, all aspects of us speaking to us. It could be seen as the universe speaking to us. 

Synchronicity is a highly significant occurence that is coincidence but beyond coincidence because of the meaning we elicit from it. Synchronicity offers signs that we are in the greater flow of the universe which is a good place to be. It makes us feel like we are attracting luck and support from the world. 

The signs can be simple like a repeating triple digit number on a license plate that has meaning to us. Maybe we have heard of angel numbers and can look up the meaning. If it is a synchronicity, we will  feel that the sighting of the number means something and that it is directly speaking to what we are currently experiencing in our lives. The little wink from the universe gives us hope and confirmation of the universe supporting our individual path. It helps us feel connected to the universe and everything in it. We start to attract opportunities. Or we accidentally attract the right information, the right healers, the right keys that unlock what we were challenged by and help we need appears. Sometimes we didn't even realize that whatever shows up even existed! It can seem like a miracle when this happens. We had need of it and the universe brought it to us. This is bigger synchronicity and even greater confirmation that we are loved and supported by the universe. Everything wants to help us.

A Cosmic Perspective

Meditation expands our consciousness while bringing messages through. We expand to feel we are the universe, and even a microcosmic version of the universe exists within us. Imagine stars, perhaps your stars of orgin, inside your head, visible from the outside through an opening in your third eye. The message for me, in receiving this image, is that the feeling of home, our original home of the stars, is actually within. In tapping into your multidimensional aspects and whole multidimensional being, you are connected to the greater universe. What you experience energetically is sent to them and they send to you in states of meditation, when you ask for that connection. To be multidimensional being is to accept that you exist on many planes of consciousness. Our limited mind has a challenging time understanding what this could mean. 

Aspects of us are intertwined, and also a greater whole that is one. These aspects want to communicate with one another. Tuning into the state of receptivity for the messages to be received is to tune into your greater multidimensional self. 

See the image of a message in a bottle floating on the ocean of all that is. Being multidimensional is to be a drop or a wave in the ocean. We cannot really separate ourselves from the greater whole of the ocean as a part of it.


You are a greater part of the universe, and you exist in your energy field and multidimensional aspects beyond the physical body that is the usual definition of self. The message in the bottle is a part of you, also a part of the greater universe speaking to you. Images serve as messages for some because they are encoded. That means you unlock the meaning of the image which is something a multidimensional person can do.

Our dreams are like this- we have movies play out every night that show us about ourselves and our connection to the universe. Life wants to talk to us. Life wants to collaborate with us, support us, communicate, and help us. 

Turning up our Frequency

How can we develop this side of ourselves? How can we turn up the receiving of messages? Tuning out of a lot of popular culture, especially that which lowers our frequency. News and negative programs we watch 

passively can make do this by bringing in less trust and more fear. 

Getting in a higher frequency that feels good however we do it, and also in meditation allows more receiving of messages from the universe. 

Meanwhile, being in solitude and being in nature helps with receiving. Our inner voice speaks softly, and it speaks as an aspect of us, as our intuition. True guidance seeks to empower us and recognizes us as creators, so that we step more into our power. As we meditate, it is good to declare ourselves as sovereign and ask that to hear only aspects of us, and our higher self, or guides and angels speak to us with the caveat that only that which is in alignment with our highest and best interests and the highest good to be present. We can say this aloud, and we can ask that the energy fill us and be around us that is US, and all others leave that do not have our highest and best interests. That way we are picking up on pure, true guidance for us. We can declare our sovereignty and our connection only to source and as divine creators. The process of discovering our inner guidance and enhancing it is not so we depend on what is outside of us but that we attune more to our own inner voice and knowing. The voice is that of our own heart and of feminine, intuitive expression that requires receptivity to notice.

Heart the Receiver

Our heart is the the receiver of information. It is the bridge within our bodies of heaven and earth. And as divine beings on Earth, it helps to focus on our hearts as the center of our being.This is one way to focus our meditations. We are called to be embodied in the physical instead of escaping our physical vessels in meditation. 

Speaking of focusing on the heart, receiving and following your inner guidance takes you to feeling what is in your heart, to act, and not look back. It is being okay with not understanding why we are called to do something or go somewhere or read a certain book or call somebody. It is surrendering to  our divine path that we ourselves created. The confirmation from the universe is more signs and synchronicity. We can trust guidance that arises as spontaneous action beyond thought. The impulse to action arises from the center of being without interpretation. A knowing what to do comes upon us. We act spontaneously and know in retrospect that our Higher Self was leading us through our heart space to a certain action or knowing.

A feeling of dropping linearity in our lives and living more abstractly, allows us to find the intuition coming in and to trust it. The mind is there to support the hearts knowing and vice versa with a merging of the two. The minds supports in visualizing, and it could be visualizing what is beyond the physical reality. Some sense that this opens us up to more magic and manifestation. 

Meditating with another and sharing what we are seeing and experiencing multidimensionally is another way to enhance our receiving.Two or more people receive together in a playful meditative experience. Quantum jumping, entering the Akashic Records, or journeying and meeting one's guides are things we that I do with others which allow more messages for each of us and sometimes for the group. We expand our energy fields and feel ourselves multidimensional beings and the universe. We feel oneness with one another and our world too, which is such a wonderful frequency for receptivity. We find out how to be our best selves with receiving this guidance, or should I say inspiration.


Inner intuitive guidance helps us to live an inspired life and express ourselves. We are able to make decisions with this guidance. We are inspired for creativity, whether we express it in writing or art or music. We can transform our health through more receiving of inner guidance. We are happier and full of more well-being via the attunement that we open to, which is getting into a different state of being than a normal waking state of existence. More is possible from a different state of consciousness and for receiving it helps to be meditative, in the Theta State of brainwave activity, and in a higher frequency than normal. 

It is being attuned to what wishes to come through from the invisible realms that is aligned with your divinity. In short, it means taking time out of regular life and distractions to listen to the still inner voice instead of what is in the outer world. Through inner guidance, we allow more blessings in our life and we bless all through our beingness, with our authenticity and joy for living on the planet. 

In this, see the importance of discovering your inner guidance and take time for allowing it to come to you. Through knowing you are infinite, multidimensional and everything wants to communicate to you, a new world awaits. All consciousness has a perspective and we are all part of the greater consciousness, the consciousness of oneness. 

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