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Natural World Organization or New World Order?

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Today, I read the Manifesto for a perfect world.  It's created by Humanitad, a non governmental organization founded by Sacha Stone.  They have an amazing portfolio of administrators and spiritual support.

The premise is promising, filling the minds and hearts of all of us who are tired of the war machine, and the 3D energetic world.  Their "New Earth" promises everything that our high vibrating selves could want.  Just read it for yourself here:  The larger picture can be found at

My intuitive self started vibrating...and despite the seeming 'awesomeness', of their promise, something was not feeling right.

I want to know what your thoughts are on this project?  Are you all in?  Am I just being suspicious of something that seems 'too good to be true'?  Or, am I right to hold back?  And, why do they call it NWO?

Well, these are my thoughts.  I'm curious to know your well thought out comments.

Another this the "New Earth" that we will ascend to?  Something is just not feeling right about this.



Pope election: Vatican reveals truth behind colour of 'smoke'

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Following criticism that the smoke looked unusually dark and distinct compared with that seen before, a spokesman has admitted that it is not made simply of incinerated ballot papers.



Instead, the smoke is a mixture of chemicals made by adding cartridges containing potassium perchlorate, anthracene (a component of coal tar), and sulphur to the burning ballots.The Rev. Federico Lombardi added that the white smoke signalling a pope has been elected will be produced by potassium chlorate, lactose and chloroform resin.


New world order in a positive way

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Please forgive the mistakes in the informations given down. if i am wrong at some point please correct me so i can correct my mistake.



New World Order (In a positive way)


Hello friends. I want to share with you all my newest realizations.



this morning i was once more watching Matias De Stefano's video.( if some of you don't know about him; short info: he is a young enlightened person who is on earth

for preparing humanity for the evolution in a positive way. he answers the biggest questions of the existence history) . I will try to explain what i realized by using one of his examples.


subject: Learning trough hard way or easy way

info: we are all on earth for evolving to oneness by getting wisdom trough our experiences.

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