#VIDEO: READING the STORYBOOK, "Walk Now In Beauty; The Legend of Changing Woman" by Janine Canan, illustrated by Ernest Posey ❤

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#VIDEO: READING the STORYBOOK, "Walk Now In Beauty; The Legend of Changing Woman" by Janine Canan, illustrated by Ernest Posey "The story of the Navajo Creation Goddess, Changing Woman, by poet Janine Canan, exquisitely illustrated with contemporary “sand paintings” by artist Ernest Posey."

Multidimensional Memory and Perception of Time

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Milky Way Lately I have been forgetful and another multidimensional friend is too. Her family says she said stuff and she has no recollection of saying it. it is like she goes somewhere else and does not recall. Why is this, she asked?

Is it part of the ascension process? Or am I losing my mind? We have been exploring why this is. I ran across information from Dr.Suzanne Lie who connects with Pleaidians and Arcturians and brings back information. She speaks of how we have multidimensioonal aspects of self in other places and dimensions. We usually go there in our night bodies while sleeping and wake up with the memory in a dream sometimes. Or we visit in meditation.She says that increasingly, we are bilocating and "going" other places in awake consciousness, even everyday experiences. One woman spoke on the radio show about how this happened to her as she was at a work meeting and remembered, for split second, the feeling of coming back into her body. This would explain the forgetfulness.


When we travel to other places, there is not time there.That is on earth, as a collectively agreed upon construct that is not real. My guides are telling me in meditation that time is a spiral. It goes around on itself. I am not sure what that means right now, though.

Being... Thankful

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I am thankful that I can Be thankful without considering a reason to be thankful. Reliance on a reason is confining. I want to be thankful therefore I am thankful. And in some dark spaces that is called for. Therefore neither the outside or even the inside is my director. I am my director.
Not things, circumstance, or emotion. Choice. 12:12
And I am therefore neither the outside or the inside.

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The Only Lightworker-Operated Arts and Entertainment Magazine & Ning Presents: Upcoming 2014 – The year of “Unity, Love and ‘Getting Off’ Creatively”

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The Only Lightworker-Operated Arts and Entertainment Magazine & Ning Presents: Upcoming 2014 – The year of “Unity, Love and ‘Getting Off’ Creatively”
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42 is Now, X is Here

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On the night of December 31, 1999, I met a beautiful frosty blue man. He came from NowHere.

He told me, "The only thing significant I really need to know, is that X=42 and that the rest of the night would turn out to be nothing more than a bunch of bad jokes and puns." and walked back to the NowHere from which he came.

He was right about that night. He was right about this life.

So I say, 42 is Now, X is Here. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

42. In Shambhala did King Suchandra transmit the teaching of the Wheel of Time, Kalachakra, as it is called. Invoking the Nine Great Lords of galactic destiny, Shambhala prospered in abundance and wisdom. When came the seventh ruler after King Suchandra, Queen Visvamati, the people of Shambhala ascended as one into the paradise of the fifth dimension, where their wisdom continues to water the rivers that flow beneath the gardens of the righteous.

-The Telektonon of Pacal Votan
The Talking Stone of Prophecy Which Unites the People of the Dawn with the People of the Book


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