Incredible Progress for the Light in the O.R. 10/1/12

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I set before you a series of baby steps for Awakening that indicate enormous momentum of change for Medicine are taking place:

Miracle 1: The Awakened Scrub Tech
My favorite female surgical technician has been someone I was not sure was 'okay' to let know about the work in this blog. Although stated herself, 'I am really into UFO's', I held back. Others in the O.R. were learning about me, and keeping it to themselves. I just sensed that it would be 'too much' and 'too early' at the time to let this one 'in' on 'what is going on right under her nose' with this work. Well, yesterday she sent a message, with a link to what was yesterdays' blog. The time was right. I responded with full links to Disclosure As We Know It Today. She was okay with it.
When she walked into my O.R. briefly  to do something for work, I felt her aura--it is waking up, coming online, and confident in the Light.  This one will do big things,  I thought, and big things are good.

Miracle 2: The Request Case 'Reunion', part 1
In Pre-Op Holding I was treated to a wonderful 'reunion' of sorts: the aunt of one of my neurosurgical patients was herself to undergo neurological surgery, and had requested my services for the case.
This is huge for my career stability, to be requested and in demand for my care. Her niece had undergone staged procedures on both sides, with my side being the right. I was not available to her for the left side, and she had been disapppointed. She pointed me to both scars, and the 'Reiki' side was noticeably better healed than the 'un-Reiki' side. She was like a walking commercial for Intraoperative Reiki! Everything went well with the case, and I delivered the patient safely to PACU.

Reiki in Hospitals, and A Hospital Without Medicine:

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Reiki is a little bit like the Spanish Language. There are differences in the way it is done, almost as vast a difference as our local Mexican 'Spanglish' from the rapid-fire Espanol of the Puerto Rican that takes all of my concentration to understand. Like Spanish, all of the three forms of Reiki have found their way into the Medical Center. Let's refer to them as PedigreeMutt, and Lolo (which means 'crazy' in Hawaiian).

Reiki in the Doctor's Dining Room

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I just used the distance symbol to place Reiki in the Doctors' Dining Room while the Keurig Machine was making my cup of coffee. I bring my own mug and k-cups, as it is pleasant to do after call on OB. It is next to the suite of call rooms.

I gave Reiki to open the heart center. And Karuna Reiki, too. It was soaked up like a sponge. I got a sense this reiki was to awaken those healers to their call, their Purpose from the Pre-birth plan agreement. My hands burned hot with reiki, and my body coursed with its flow of energy.

As I was finishing, I sensed the presence of angels. They agreed to maintain the vortex of Light that inadvertently opened up in there.

Use your reiki to claim the Light. Wherever you are. Wherever you go. Be like dogs marking their territory. Lift that leg and make your presence known! For the Light that is!

You can do it, Light Workers! Whether by formal distance reiki like me (forward and backward in time...that is Reiki II), or salt like Kau'ila , or whatever else you know, go for it! Make some Light today!


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Love is the Solution For Everything! One Lightworker, to one task, at a time...

Something to Add--Reiki Explanations on Raising Your Vibration

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Last night I read an article in the magazine, Whole Living. It was the January/February issue, titled: All in a Day's Work on page 54. The writer is Alice Oglethorpe, and I think she did an excellent job putting it together.

The article guides us to make healthier lifestyle changes at our place of work. For example, straightening your desk, or having a local farm bring boxes of produce in for people who are too busy to shop right.

I feel that as a Reiki Practitioner I can explain WHY some of these tips are helpful in an energetic way. Let's go over them one at a time:


the article says--Researchers at Tel Aviv University found that when people had good relationships with their office mates, they were less likely to die in the following two decades than those who didn't have a strong workplace connection. A study at the journal Occupational and Environmental Medicine, says a lack of unity at work increases your risk of becoming depressed by sixty percent.

ReikiDoc says--of course. Your energetic systems interact with others at work through daily events at the office. Your auras combine to form the collective 'consciousness' of the workplace. MBA's call this 'team spirit' and come up with exercises to build it. They find it gives synergy and people are more productive when they are happy. Energetically speaking, when you are with people with  a like vibration, you will not be as stressed because nobody and nothing is sucking the life out of you energetically. It builds!

PUT A PLANT ON YOUR DESK (read more at:

My 26 Years of Usui Reiki

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My 26 Years of Usui Reiki


K-O-R Technique of Usui Reiki

Channel: The Council Twelve

Many schools of Reiki and thoughts about Reiki have come into being since I began my life with Usui Reiki.

Permit me to share my experience.

My Reiki life began in 1986 in New York City with my initiating master Michael J. Hartley.

I had never heard of Reiki back then, but the very word ‘Reiki’ caught my attention and I went to a gathering to find out more about this hands-on healing process.

I was impressed but had no financial capability to take the first level and even though Michael offered to make payment arrangements, I was walking out of the meeting and I was stopped in my tracks and found myself walking back and said let me work this out and I want to learn this healing art.

The process was set in motion and I now am 26 years into this powerful healing method.

Reiki has brought incredible paths that opened up to me beyond the actual practice of ‘hands on’ work.

As a practitioner or initiating master one is bringing in the Universal Life Force Energy or Reiki and that energy brings about balance in the recipient as well as the channel. Reiki brings about spiritual growth and presents new paths and persons in our life that expand us.

Consciousness is where I believe healing takes place and Reiki truly uplifts ‘consciousness’ to the spiritual planes and then assists to unfold and present experiences/teachers/paths that continues this spiritual process.


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