CHRIST MICHAEL ~ New Year's Day Update

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New Year's Day Update
By Christ Michael thru Candace
Jan 1, 2011 - 6:04:19 PM
New Year’s Day Update
Christ Michael thru Candace
Good evening beloveds, well it’s evening for Candace.  Yes I realize this is January 1st and we are a bit behind. (for some now it’s Jan 2nd-C)  The work goes on.  The issues are not fully finished on our to-do list, and that’s ok dear ones, because when this goes live, it will be close to perfect. Perfect won’t happen, but we have to lessen the problems.

Now as we have taught you, we have been doing a lot of replacements all over the globe in various political offices,  and  in the media.  Candace has mentioned now the announcement/teaching process will if we can, run about 3 months.  It will be a glorious but difficult time.

KUTHUMI ~ The Light Path

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The Light Path


I Kuthumi come forward again, to guide you forward, to embrace your true Soul Light with the loving power of God, the Creator of all that is, Universe upon Universe, Light upon Light. On your wondrous planet you also have great power to create, to step into your full Soul Light.

Are you ready my friend? Do you choose to let go, to release your past totally, fully, and prepare to walk a new path. You face a new year in your linear time. A fresh start. I ask you how many suitcases of baggage will you take with you? Some of your suitcases will contain baggage of long ago. Old experiences you have placed deep within you, only remembering when one of your senses triggers the deep anger and resentment you so carefully tried to conceal from your mind. You see these deep memories all contain a level of anger, sometimes so subtle you don't see. You mask it with guilt, self hate, injustice, pain. Yet I tell you under this is anger, still, waiting to be awakened by a smell, a word, a feeling, a visual picture.


2012: The End is Nowhere Near

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2012: The End is Nowhere Near

a message from Owen Waters
Tuesday, 21 December, 2010  (posted 30 December, 2010)
The closer we get to 2012, the more you will hear, “The End is Near!”

Throughout history, there have always been sects warning that the end of the world was imminent. 2012 seems to hold a special attraction to a wide segment of end-time believers. The main concern springs from Mayan cosmology, which indicated that a significant number of cosmic cycles are due to come to a close on December 21, 2012.

The last time I looked, when a cycle ends, a new one begins. It's not the end of anything other than the old cycle. So, 2012 is not about fanciful disasters or the end of the world.

Looking Back @ 2010

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Looking Back @ 2010

Wednesday, 29 December, 2010  (posted 30 December, 2010)
The numerical explanations of the powerful energy within the year 2010 were exact and self-fulfilling. They actualized the need to achieve and reach for something far more than expected. They ask one to look to a future that can only be seen through a pinhole in time and space laced with possibilities.  The sacred triangle stands on its own 3 legs as humanity receives their personal capstone which opens the gate of man using the sacred name of God, which is the sound of their own birth name.

2010 is a conversion point. It asks one to do the great work they were birthed to do.

SaLuSa ~ 29 December 2010

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SaLuSa  29-December-2010


As you approach the New Year, you are to all intents and purposes bidding goodbye to the old systems of control and containment. They are about to collapse, as they no longer carry the power to sustain them for much longer. You are therefore looking back on the last year of duality as you have experienced it for millennia of time. Some how and at some time it had to end to make way for the new energies, that are bursting to come forth and cannot be held back indefinitely. In so doing the chaos may grow but see beyond it to your release from the veil of darkness, so that you may invite the Light to be firmly established upon Earth. We are fully supporting you in these momentous changes and you will soon see a new direction for the better enter your lives. You will not and cannot be denied your victory over the dark Ones, as the Light is the most powerful energy upon Earth.


KRYON ~The End of History

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The End of History

a message from Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll
Monday, 20 December, 2010  at Seattle, Washington  (posted 27 December, 2010)
At the top of every channeling page is a statement that it is a transcription of a live channelling, and that it has been "added to" by Kryon for the printed word. This is common for channellers, that the live audio would be only a starter for a fully transcribed "expanded" channelling. Sometimes the audio is only the "seed" for expanded information due to time constraints and the difference between hearing and reading. This is the case with this very profound channelling about how Human history is changing. Kryon went on to add at least another 20% to the live event. So if you ever think the live channellings are the same as the transcriptions, think again! It's good to do both.

AA RAPHAEL - Talking about Health and Changes to our bodies

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AA Raphael - talking about health and changes to our bodies
By AA Raphael thru Peter
Dec 26, 2010 - 6:18:46 AM

AA Raphael - talking about health and changes to our bodies
Dear family,
I had a 2 hour session with AA Raphael this morning. I was quite surprised as it came out of the blue for me, but got explained later, when my wife, who is in the USA with her family right now, told me that she asked Raphael last night to help her with some health related questions she had, and if she'd be not able to receive, if he could please talk to me instead. I guess he could and he did.
It is not a Christmas message, but kind of a medical update about what's happening to our bodies these days. This was to be shared, so here is what he said:
This is Archangel Raphael speaking.

Special Christmas Message from Mike Quincey

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Channeler: Mike Quinsey

Hi Friends,

This year may not have fulfilled its promise, but that is all the more to look forward to in 2011. It will undoubtedly be a year of many surprises, and we shall finally see the fruits of all the effort put in to bring Light to the Earth. It will be most illuminating as the truth surfaces in respect of the dark Ones, and their plans are revealed for all to contemplate. Better still we should learn of the plans of those that have come to free us from enforced imprisonment.


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