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Double Intuition Cards

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Before moving to a new city at the end of next week, I decided to spend the remaining balance on a gift card I had. I decided to purchase a new Oracle Card deck and was looking at the ones I did not yet own - aiming for a bit of diversity and perhaps some new guidance. I already had: Dolphins/Mermaids, Mayan Language of Light, Fairies, and Spirit Animals. I prefer the smaller 44 (this number has been recurring for me since I was a small child) card decks, which are easier to shuffle, to traditional 72 card tarot deck. 


I decided to pass up the Raphael angel deck, even though I am rather fond of Raphael. I also passed up two other decks focused on healing - including a tempting forest-based tarot deck. My healing is coming along rather nicely and instinctively, I don't need any messages about it or to mess with it right now. :) 


Angels and Saints, another tempting choice. I had recently discovered my family geneology was an offshoot of Eastern Catholicism and I have always identified with Brighid as my patron Saint. On a recent vacation I found myself, on the railing of a cruise ship, speaking to a Puerto Rican man about never being separated from the Christ-like love in our hearts, and so not having anything to be afraid of. I also have some dear Catholic friends and resonate with a few bands that draw their heritage from their. Nevertheless, it wasn't quite the deck for right now. 


There was also another somewhat generic Angels deck and an Archangel specific deck. However, the Archangel deck featured 15 Archangels - a number that doesn't quite fit with how I'm being guided right now. It didn't seem a fit at all. I have many strong Michaels in my life that care for me and I know that Michael is a strong guiding presence in my life, but I also passed up that deck because it was a bit too specific. 


Oracle Reading

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Okay, it's admittedly been a while since I've cracked open the oracle decks. However, feeling particularly lost this week I decided to give it a go. As usual I gave it an overexuberant amount of shuffles - just to make sure I got all that energy in there. While shuffling I got a few pops, but just continued on as normal.


[3 cards popped - 1 flipped over]

[1 card pop]

[drew 3]



[left] Card 1 of 3

Be Yourself - be your authentic self to connect with your personal power


[center] Card 2 of 3

Love Life - your question involves your romantic life (it did), positive changes assured


[right] Card 3 of 3

Winter - (recurring card for me) answers/affirmations lie in the winter months (that would be Dec, Jan, Feb in this hemisphere...



Popped card 1 (flipped) of 3 [placed cards off to right side]

Spiritual Teacher - life purpose of teaching others about healing and spirituality


Popped cards 2 & 3 of 3 (blind)

Marriage - (currently single)

Son (have not yet had a child in this timeline)



Popped card 1 of 1 [placed card off to left side]

Children - your life purpose involves children (strong connection to the Sudbury Valley teaching model for the last two years, previous employment working with children and online technologies, close connection that wants to be a school teacher)



Winter coming up again and again in every arrangement I draw. Decided to go with another deck (Mayan Language of Light Oracle): 


1) Realm Shift (ah yes, blocking us from seeing what will happen)

2) Resolution of Duality (yes, we know this!)

3) Akbal (always this card! Appropriate for a goth, I suppose)



Namaste friends. I am excited to be learning new skills with you all!

The First Time I "Died"

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Reading over this post made me think of an experience to share:


We (bf at the time and I) decided to go out drinking on New Year's a few years ago. This was after drinking at home all night. We walked. We probably shouldn't have been served anything else to drink, but we were. Walking home that night at a certain point I'm not entirely sure what occurred. 




I woke up on a couch, covered with a blanket and in front of brickwork (fireplace or used to be one, had a mantle still). It was a crochet knit blanket, definitely hand made. I immediately assumed we must have gone to a party after clubbing. I was usually the first to pass out, so I wasn't surprised to be alone. Obviously someone was taking care of me - I was safe, warm and comfortable afterall. A dog, definitely golden colored - possibly a lab or retriever from the size (medium to long hair) was looking at me when I woke up. 


I stood up and looked around the living room (hardwood floor), which was connected to the kitchen and one bedroom. I walked around and didn't see anyone, so I wandered off to find where everyone else had 'crashed' for the night. Downstairs appeared to be deserted to and there was no upstairs. I wandered down to an office/den area and saw a computer. Being a nerd my first instinct was to login to MSN (later confirmed by viewing the messages I sent on a friend's computer that none of this was a 'dream'). I sent some (I'm told, chilling) messages asking for help and asking where I was -- still probably really drunk. I logged off and walked back upstairs.


World Peace

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Reading Mike Quinsey's message from SaLuSa today I was reminded of last November. I had just been promoted at work and was a staunch atheist. I didn't really believe in 11:11 or anything like that. However, I had always practiced some form of paganism since I was a teenager so I decided to put my full intention into the stereotypical World Peace. Afterall, I had accepted that the Jehovah's Witnesses weren't going to save me, so I might as well be an optomistic atheist.


Fast forward to this Spring, reading the profile of someone leaving the company I work at. Her life goal was listed there World Peace. This was a few months after I started awakening - deeply set in fear, but suddenly sensitive to all these new energies. The connection was immediate and certainly not lost on me. 


As I read Mike Quinsey's message this morning, it was not lost on me again.


With <Blue Stars>,



We are the ones we are waiting for

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Earlier this year I read a few sources that perhaps do not contain the full truth. However, a few points have stuck with me yet. One of them spoke of those waking up 'just now', late as it were. Certain channels have spoken out against this saying it is better for those to just stay asleep, as masters who have been awake for aeons are in play now. However, I feel this is not the case. This line reminds me that I AM - in reference to the short amount of time untilt he completion of the cycle and the weighty odds faced by those late to awaken: 


"Thank God, you're Christ"


We are the ones we are waiting for. 





The Luxury of an Instant "Why"

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Out walking home from a friend's this morning. I stopped at the edge of the sidewalk and left a note that said: 


"We are all children of God. You can never be alone when you are so loved. ~Namaste friend"  


and weighed it down with a coin. Looking back to take a picture of a purple flower growing there by the road, I noticed where I had left it -- In front of an alternative addiction treatment center. 


Lightbulb. Thanks for helping me not feel crazy this morning about all the things I do. In love and light - please let an affair with a friend be mended. 


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