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The "Brass Ring", Manifestation, and Lessons from Spirit

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I tried on a brass ring that had been a gift from a religious mother. Things are currently strained between us, based on 3D religious constructs. However, the inscription is the important part, the part that reads "I will always love you". The ring, I believe, has the apperance (if not composition) of tarnished brass. It's been a few years. On my walk earlier today, I saw a homemade mix CD in the bushes with a similar sentiment."


These experiences stood out for me as I read Brenda Hoffman's post earlier:


I have been incredibly exhausted lately and unable to leave an unstable temporary housing arrangement. I've been feeling frustrated and pushed to my breaking point, unsure if the arrangments to leave in the future will work out at all. I didn't connect any of my experiences this morning to the post, until I started feeling uncontrollable urges to find any excuse to leave the house. 


Before leaving I chose the shirt "If not now, when?" in a deep purple. I asked spirit to show me a sign that my family was with me by using that color. A purple hair tie on the sidewalk marked the exact route I had planned to take to my destination. On my return to the house, I decided to take a slightly different route. I saw painted on a dumpster in that color the words "the boys are back in town" with a beach ball, as if there would be a party. There were also numerous hearts, mixed in with my favorite shade of blue. 


X1.7 Flare

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Space Weather Message Code: ALTXMF

Serial Number: 187
Issue Time: 2013 May 13 0206 UTC

ALERT: X-Ray Flux exceeded M5
Threshold Reached: 2013 May 13 0204 UTC
NOAA Scale: R2 - Moderate
Potential Impacts: Area of impact centered on sub-solar point on the sunlit side of Earth. Extent of blackout of HF (high frequency) radio communication dependent upon current X-ray Flux intensity.


For real-time information on affected area and expected duration please see 





Never Again - April 29th

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Corresponding with the April 29th hearing on Disclosure that is occuring in Washington, DC is another less mentioned event. The National Holocaust Museum is in the middle of its 20th Anniversary Tribute to Holocaust and WWII veterans. The museum closed early the preceeding Sunday and will be closed all day on April 29th (to the public). 


"Never Again" - Indeed, never again will we, as humanity, rise up in slaughter of one another. Never again will we act in fear, prejudice and separation to cause pain to other Divine reflections of ourselves. Today we say goodbye to the old world and step into our golden light as co-creators in the 5th Dimension. (


What a perfect and synchronous illustration of saying goodbye to the trials that we faced, so that we can welcome the abundance of the new into our lives. As one people our hearts ache for those that suffered, but our eyes sparkle with a promise ensured: Never Again


Reading: April 9/2013

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Reading Lisa Gawlas' blog earlier that talks about a three day period of transformation ending, in new doorways, on the 11th. I chose to do a personal reading, using each of my decks to add clarity to the overall picture. I wanted to learn more about how I should be integrating the energy that is coming in. 



I decided to do a personal reading today to see how I was doing specifically on energy integration. I drew a number of cards that were aligned with the theme of this blog post.


Sirian Starseed reading:

8 of chalices (gratitude for what you've learned/success)

9 of crystals (enjoy success/abundance)

10 of crystals (enjoy abundance without fear of loss)


Spirit Animals:

Ladybug - abundance, good fortune, waves of prosperity

Spider - write to insprite/englighten others

Cardinal - balance spiritual pursuits with physical pleasures

Condor - step back to see the bigger picture before making decisions



Pay attention - signs, repetitions and inner guidance

Synchronicities - notice them to increase

Time to move on



Connect with nature

Dietary change

Love life - question involves love life

Son - (younger male)

New home - (moving is a step in the right direction)



Healing the past - enter future with clarity and strength

Being in the flow - I am in flow of the universe

Revealing radiance -- My light illuminates the world


Mayan Oracle reading: 

Adventurer's quest - crossroads, vision/destiny, projections and lessons

Realm shift - the universe is one hologram/web, expanded view of reality

Crystal Healing Links?

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I am specifically looking for a link that was posted in tinychat in the last few months. One of the chatters runs the site and it has information on crystal and gemstone healing. If you have ever posted a link to such a site run by you on tinychat, please comment the link below for me.


Also, if you anyone else runs such a site they are welcome to post as well. (Though, I do encourage them to drop by the chat room and say hi!)


Finally, if you have other quality resource sites that you would like to post on the topic, please feel free to do so. Specifically, I would like sites that approach crystal healing from a vibrational and ascension related perspective (that which includes all 12 chakras, not just the first 7 that are recognized on many traditional Reiki/healing sites.



Thanks very much for any help you can provide!


Namaste :)

NESARA or bust?

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It seems like, while all the talk among lightworkers lately is about NESARA, there has been a lot of talk in my immediate household about money recently as well. Generally, I have never found myself without the resources to get through my life. I have always had a place to live, clothes to wear, food to eat, and enough to spare for entertainment, vacations and spirituality. I tended to keep very good track of my finances as a child, and was taught good money managing skills in school and by my parents. All of this came very naturally to me and I was never quite the impoverished student that I was expecting to be at some point. In fact, I generally managed to do quite well for myself.

Being unemployed, in a foreign country, and dependent on the good graces of people that I am still getting to know has put money in another perspective. One of the them is currently dependent on parental aid, and the other is about to be between careers and considering going back to school. Additionally, socioeconomic discussions appear to be a major stress factor. I considered a recent entertainment only purchase and wondered if it had been a wise investment. It appears that the stress of others' finances was starting to get to me. Just them I looked down on the street and found a $20 bill.

This is the second time that I have manifested $20 when I have been feeling stressed about money. It appears to be the denomination of choice when spirit wants to send a message. I walked home feeling just a bit lighter. I don't know when the current finacial system will end, but I do know that GOD will not forget about any of us. :)



Light Language Grid (48/144)

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I am hoping that someone can link me up with some more information on the Language of Light - specifically more information on working with the sacred geometry of the 48 or 144 shapes/colors. It is talked about on numerous blog sites, however, for the most part it is only listed with the appeal of paying to have a reading done. I am more specifically interested in books or tutorials on how to work with the shapes. I do not believe I need to connect with a 'teacher', as I have always had access to the information that I need through my guides. Currently, I seem to be having trouble locating much. This is what I have found and perhaps someone else can link me to more information? 


With gratitude, in love and light. 






I currently own this book: (highly recommended)



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