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In the first time of humanity’s history , there is a mystical practicing discipline of straight talk about God realizing itself , teaching the stated principles coming to the upper world, go into exactly Universal Center, enter original nature; furthermore really high up , exactly and clearly, not confused about ways and concepts ; empirically out of body experiences. It states that coming to the exactly original home, then back again into the earthly world with sacred living, becoming Living Masters, Living Enlightened Being, Living Saints in the world

In the first time, there’s North Star imagination to guardian body and demonstration that physical body is the induction part which is small cosmos exist in the big cosmos, with 7 divine power centers in high world and physical body. Therefore we can explain and convert our karma, bodies, destinies, simultaneously smash primitive superstition occults, open scientifically ways to conduct spiritual revolution, spiritual and beliefs culture; remove old backward mystics, even reactionary demon and wizard types for human steps into a new evolutionary ladder .

In the first time, there’s a spiritual science based on advanced quantum physics, scientifically, exactly and fully determine the physical structure of the soul, astral , thought , consciousness,etc. ... to have perfect method to astral and karma removal, physical body, mind and soul improvement, light body activation and flying directly to the Universal Center, permanently escape reincarnation which is the dream of numerous religions and disciplines throughout history .

- Concepts and methods are described in documents are simple , easy to understand , so everyone can learn. At the same time, in the first time in human history, Celestial Discipline is a supreme mystical way which is widely free teached, no longer a mysterious, secret culvtivation ... to have spectrum and salvation to the mankind .

- Celestial Discipline is not separated with other disciplines and completely full linked, highly advanced systemized to a higher level than Supreme Tantra and Supreme Yoga which are the human and Buddhism’s highest cultivation ways. Meanwhile, Celestial Discipline advances higher universal principles and completely possible integration, go directly to Universal Center - God , turns body, mind and soul into God in Universal Center, instead of merging imagination of the Tantra’s Vairocana. Celestial Discipline practitioners be also able to sanctify to a small star in the High Realms to verify their karma killing.

At the same time , with the abilities of extremely high- flying, practitioners can out-of- body travel everywhere in the universe, see cosmic secrets, visit different places have lives and spiritual realms.

Celestial Discipline practitioners use the Discipline’s Theories and Intelligence Book to transform and learn to become Creators themselves , reform environment, nature , society and invisible realms, universe , their futures. This is the highest achievement of a soul in the earthly world.

Celestial Discipline’s qigong (prana cultivation) is higher than other disciplines’ occults because of Cosmic Cultivation. Daoism practitioners can use noble powers as maximum. Reiki and other qigong disciplines use supernormal energy through hands and legs as maximum. However, universe improvement, rain and storm breaking, demon and vampire regulation, salvation of billions of deaths are only in Celestialism’s Occult Discipline.

Celestial Discipline’s Level 7 is radical, proactive Void engagement and go into Nothingness, within that we can use sexual killing and transformation; also actively metabolize ambience nothingness, or use our mind to transform ambience abide with new principles and create a new universe.

Celestial Discipline practitioners do not use noble powers as we use our divine powers. Occultism use mind as maximum, in the meanwhile Celestialism’s Occult Discipline use consolidated Divine Cosmic power as we are Saints and Divine Beings so we can salvate ourselves and other lower souls.

- As the most important thing, Celestial Discipline is not only the mean for mankind’s reincarnation liberation after dying, but also as an efficient mean to build Heaven in this world . So that normal life and cultivation way are not separated. The practitioners are citizens as well as Living Saints contribute to the world. These are Supreme Masters establishing Heaven and New Golden Age in Earthly World .


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