Turning up Inner Guidance

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Spirit is trying to speak to us in so many ways. We receive from our senses, such as feeling, hearing, seeing, and knowing. The world around us is communicating too with special messages that are there for the noticing to awaken our awareness, and with the awareness of our soul's knowing. The most simple and pure inner guidance is from a feeling excitement we that have inside, from our wanting and desiring something. 

Nothing is More Important than How You Feel

Most of us could use practice in noticing how we feel. Culture trains us not to notice or express how we feel and this causes some bottled up emotions that harm us. It also means that we may not hear our most primitive yet accurate form of inner guidance and listen to it. Guidance is there to help us have a most delicious, juicy life! Guidance is the transmission of our soul's knowing which is aligned with love for us, and love for all, leading us to navigating our human experience with ease and grace.

The Spider and the Swirl

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Last night I decided to place a few gemstones under my pillow to seek insight into my current situation and mission. I chose Nuumite to eliminate any psychic manipulation, negative energy or facades. Black Kyanite for dream recall (very difficult for me - even if I'm woken up immediately with a journal beside the bed I can't recall) and healing dreams, as well as connecting to spirit guides. Sodalite for understanding circumstances, cancelling out environmental energy pollution and uniting intuition with logic. Finally, I selected Rhodonite to assist with a traumatic past and a recent abandonment by my fiancé. With the stones under my pillow I went to sleep.

I "woke up" in the same room that I was in. I would have sworn that my eyes were open the room was so detailed, but in retrospect I realize they must have still been shut. Dangling on a long thin silk from the ceiling was a spider with very spindly legs. It was a light tan color. Intuitively I was unable to tell if the spiders was dangling down towards me, or had been "sucked" up out of me and was retreating on it's cord. I also couldn't tell if the "watching" was protective or harmful in nature, as my overriding fear of spiders colored the entire experience. I wanted to sit up immediately and smash it and was horrified the sanctity of my rest/bedroom had been violated (Really, this basement is rather prone to spiders.)

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