Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/25/12 ‘From Foal to Steed’

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Gambling on your future is not something that we would recommend. We instead advise you to take into consideration and take precautions to better your chances of ascension, not slowing, not quitting and not ignoring your responsibilities to make the reality that use you choose for yourself made manifest by your thoughts, words, intent and action. This is what we advise to you; we advise you to take stock in yourself. Analyze and categorize yourself and the many facets and aspects of yourself. What is it you consider an accomplishment, and by accomplishment we do not mean awards, trophies or contests that you have won or the amount of money that you have been able to earn. What we mean by accomplishment is what areas of yourselves have you been able to sharpen, to increase your abilities within yourself and to work, deal and socialize with others.


For instance, what we are asking you is in what areas do you feel you have improved upon throughout this, the only incarnation that you can remember at this time. (We only ask you to focus on this lifetime, for you do not remember others and of course cannot consider this in your analysis.) So in what areas do you feel you have shown weakness or deficiencies? What areas do you see that have needed  attention, experiences and lessons to help you improve upon these areas, and which areas do you feel have received this improvement and which areas do you feel continue to need lessons and improvements? This should be an easy question for you to answer in some cases, and others an answer to this question will come to you only after careful thought, consideration and reflection upon your entire lifetime, not just adulthood, but going back as far as you can remember to your very early and formative years as a child, for it is here where many of your lessons have begun for you.


We have not waited for any of you to reach certain ages to begin assisting you to learn some of your lessons that you expressed you felt you needed to learn for your growth in this lifetime. In some cases, we began your education since you were a toddler, as you refer to this age period. Can you remember that far back? Do you remember experiencing deficiencies in certain areas of your personality or how you have interacted with others? If you can compare those early years with the being you are today, do you see change here? Have you experienced growing and maturing in any of these areas?


You may feel that some of your growth can be attributed to simply growing older and maturing, we surely understand this, and this in some cases may certainly be the case, but we tell you to not always take this for granted, because some of these lessons were learned and learned the hard way through experience and lessons and not through the simple process of maturation. We wish to make this clear that many of you have shown certain deficiencies from early childhood through adulthood in one or more of your previous incarnations, and the simple and natural process of maturation did not solve these problems for you. Therefore, we strongly advise to you to consider all of your personality attributes you possessed as a child and compare them to the person you feel you are today. This is very important, and we would appreciate greatly if you shared your responses with us throughout your online communities as again, we will be monitoring them for your responses as we feel this is a very important exercise today. We also advise you to continue this exercise of careful reflection of the entire span of your present incarnation.


We thank you for your valued input today, and say to you that your responses to our queries are very important and are vastly improving our understandings and abilities to assist you through this very important and what may be difficult period of your journey. As we have said, you are heading now down the homestretch. There is a pack of you running together in the lead and there are also many of you trailing behind this pack, but we tell you that you are all so close to finishing this race and we, the members of the Galactic Federation of Light and your ascended family, will do all that we can to guide you to the wire.


We have been monitoring your progress for eons of time, for countless centuries now. For some of you, your journey has taken you from a young foal to a great and powerful steed, and we see your progress and marvel at how far you have come. If you could see how far you have grown, matured and strengthened, and how wise, learned and experienced you have become in so many different and vital areas you would fly, for this accomplishment would carry you down this last quarter-mile of your homestretch. You would never allow any obstacles, no matter how seemingly formidable, oppose your last strides in any way. You would see all obstacles no matter how mountainous as just another challenge for you, and you would lift this mountain as if a boulder above your head and toss it far from your way. This is what you would do, and this is why we are taking such time and care to explain to you just how far many of you have come and how very close you are to the finish line.


Combing through your histories we can clearly see where you may show deficiencies in certain areas. The time has come for you to resolve all of these issues no matter how major or minor. There is no time like the present it has been said, and this has never been truer than now, right now. For some of you there will be no tomorrow, and by this we do not mean the day after today. We are presenting to you metaphor, and we make this clear so there will be no question tomorrow when you do not experience a certain event. What we mean is there is no future time period for some of you to get this inner work done. It must be done now. It could not have been done in your past for certain reasons, and this is always understandable, and it cannot be done at certain intervals of what you perceive as your future. It must be done right now. This is your window. Take full advantage of it.


We are here en masse to assist you. You have never had assistance of any kind at this level, of this magnitude. There is absolutely no reason that every single one of you cannot overcome each and every obstacle before you, whether these are internal matters or external matters with you it does not matter, there is nothing too formidable for you to overcome. Have we made ourselves clear here? We wish you to understand the level of urgency involved, of how each and every one of you needs to right now drop everything in your lives that is not vitally necessary for your survival and focus on the work that you need to do to better yourselves, to improve upon some areas, to drop habits and tendencies and negative thought patterns and patterns of behavior that are serving to weigh you down into the lower dimensions. What is it that does not benefit you? What is it that is keeping you from experiencing your higher self in a higher existence?


We feel many of you have clearly defined what these areas are and we ask you, are you going to work on these areas and if so when, as we remind you, there is no tomorrow for many of you, that this work needs to be done now beginning today as soon as you finish reading our message to you. There is no better time and there is no other time but now for many of you. We say again to you to share with us what it is that you feel serves you not, that acts to weigh you down and we will try, but we cannot promise, to devise for you some sort of game plan or lesson or experience that will help you overcome this deficiency, this problem. We are your friends and we are your family, and we do not wish for one moment to see any of you fail.


Fail is not a word that we recommend you use often. This is a word that should only be used in the context of ‘I will never fail’, and we feel it is even better to avoid the use of this word altogether and instead choose ‘I will succeed as I always do, as nothing can or will stand in my way from achieving each and every goal I set out to reach. I am a powerful and eternal spiritual being and I will let nothing ever stop me or slow me from experiencing everything that I wish to, when I wish to and how I wish to. This is my declaration.’ We suggest to you to state this declaration each and every day, several times a day if you feel it is necessary to remind yourself who you are, what your strengths are, what you want and what you will achieve. We feel this will help many of you greatly overcome what are for many of you your final obstacles before every dream that you have ever had becomes your magnificent reality.


We are your fellow dreamers and creators of the Galactic Federation of Light.




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My Most Painful

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I have been working on my most painful and underdeveloped part of me for the past six weeks. I am making progress I never thought could be possible. Everything involves the courage to follow the deepest longings of my heart. I appreciate all the help that is given, and I ask it to continue until Ascension. Thank you and Mahalo. Namaste.

: )

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I think you pretty-much 'spelled it out' right there, my compadre - "Everything involves the courage to follow the deepest longings of my heart."


You're on track, Reiki Doc. : ) (& btw, that is very cool that you're a Reiki practitioner. Hit me up for a chat some time.)


-Vigor & Vitality-


Thank you

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I am using my time to meditate and contemplate. I have experienced great things this way and feel I am learning quickly. I have devoted as much time as possible to clearing negative energies and meditating. I have invoked my higher self and any other willing positive presence to help me.
I will continue to dedicate myself to my own evolution going forward. The only hindrance I have that keeps me (and my mind) distracted is lack of finances. I am working to manifest this change as well, but will always accept help with gratitude.
I am looking forward to a time of abundance and lack of worry in regard to finances that will free me to totally immerse myself in ascension related activities.
Thank you so much for your support !


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: )

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Hey friend. The first thing I want to respond to is your comment that "time is running out"...


I don't know what exactly you mean by that, but if you mean what I think you might mean (which is that you believe you must ascend on December 21 or else you'll miss your chance entirely and be "stuck" on "turmoil-laden" 3D Earth), I want to advise you to not fret about that. I do advise you to keep working on yourself and forgiving yourself and improving your relationships with the people in your life, but as for this whole December 21 thing...


Do you really feel (not think, but FEEL) that Existence would only give people one day to ascend? Now, I'm no expert on the subject and I'm not saying I know what will or will not happen for sure, but...try this - focus deep within your feelings, and really feel the Holy essence and powerful yet soothing Lifeforce deep within your heart and soul, and see if you get any insights about the LIKELIHOOD of Existence only giving Humanity one day to ascend. That's all I'll say about that subject for now.


And for now I'll leave you with this - "time" is not against you, and I feel it's nothing you should worry about. Just do whatever you feel you should do; keep following your highest interests, intuitions and joy in the Present Moment. (Is working to enhance and improve yourself one of the things that you're genuinely interested in and that you truly enjoy? If not, then you won't "get very far" with that...)


"The more you enjoy the PROCESS ITSELF, the faster it will go." - Bashar


"To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour."  - William Blake


-Balance & Resonation-




Time is on our side

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Do you remember the song

Tiiiiiiiiiiimmme is on our side, yes it is now, Tiiiiiiimmmmme is on our side...

Your message made me think of that. I wish I knew how to post it here.



Taking Stock

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I haven't read the entire message (yet) (kinda "drifting" a little tonight =P), but the first paragraph has some incredibly wise and IMPORTANT IMPORTANT info.


It is INDEED an immensely great idea to "take stock" of ourselves in the way that our Star Compadres suggested in that paragraph. I couldn't stress this enough even if I put myself on "auto-blabber". = ) It is VERY good advice. Don't "overanlyze the sh*t out of yourself"; the point is not to worry or fret or get discombobulated by your own sporadic analysis; the point is to analyze yourself enough to where you can determine where you 'stand' at this juncture, while simultaneously staying "in tune" with the Divine resonation/joy deep within your heart and soul. : )


"You can do iiiit!" - The Water Boy


-Acceptance and Power-



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Right on. =]]

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YW. Thanks for reading and enjoying = ]


We are indeed together in this project. It's an individual effort for each of us, and it's also simultaneously a collective effort for All of Us. We're all 'in this' together.


& I'm glad "YOU CAN FEEL IT", because tuning into your feelings - your inner sensations - is how you strongly connect and harmonize with the Oneness, aka Existence, aka All of Us, aka the Collective Consciousness. (<< Consciousness is by no means limited to the mind. The mind is only a part of consciousness, and 'Total Consciousness' is inherent deep within what I call your 'Inner-Self'; ie, the correlative, conjunctive and co-operative combination of your heart/soul/mind/'inner energy-body'. IMO, a great method of connecting deeply with your/our Total Consciousness/Inner Self is to tone down, completely silence, or 'detach' yourself from any noisy intellect in your head, and  to really tune in to your inner-feelings. The intellect is a great tool, but there's no reason to over-use it or for your mind to be constantly 'chattering' away. When one real-izes that she or he is not her or his intellect but that he or she is instead the Conscious Entity who is AWARE of his or her intellect [<< among other things that she or he is also Aware of], then she or he is able to deeply tap into her/his/our Inner-Self, and he or she will soon understand just how easy it is to be deeply harmonized with his or her Unique Individual Self, while simultaneously harminizing with Our Unified Self. [So in other words, you can be yourself  while also being with doesn't have to be one or the other.] I believe that by deeply connecting to your/our Inner-Self, that will naturally balance the total YOU- your mind/body/soul/physical senses/inner-senses/emotions/intuition will gradually harmonize with ease, and soon you'll notice a profound difference in yourself - you'll have much more vigor, vitality, enthusiasm, stronger health, immune system, your coherence will be clearer and sharper, you'll be more conscious and aware, and you won't tend to 'over-think' as is a steady-yet-exquisitely-enjoyable-and-satisfying ride when there's balance.) = ]


-Cheers to Balance-


This is me

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Let me see ,no tomolrow if the nitty gritty doent come out in black and white today.Wow what a set of question's.I'll just start as for back as i can remember.I remember my mothers love and protection that is what gave me the will to keep going.I never never wanted to let her down.she was alway there for me though tooth and nail.she would take a beating for me anyday insted of watching me get beat black and blue from head to toe. ,at lest that is how I would like to reamember the past.My Dad whas very abusesive ,And it made me tuff,  and tought me humility ,Idont reamember any fisicle pain ,just the humileation ,I was fearless in my indevers.I dont know if was a qwest for death or a qwest for invounerbillity,evil canevil was my second rollmode next to the increable noble the hulk was ,and how he set thing,s strait .I wanted to turn into the hulk and kick my dads ass up and down the street.I was never scaird of my dad .to give you a cuple of agamples I was punished for burning my lag the morning after the first rocket went to the moon ,I was fasinated with fire and woke up early the net morning and found a box of matches,stud them up on my PJ's and light the macth thinking it would shoot in the air,well my  PJ's cought on fire .and burned my leg for a long time ,the doc was about to ampyatate from the kree down.My mom got a secound openiun, the new doc reped it up and told me to stop playing with matches.well I got punished for that at 3 years old .Iwas not saposto watch the cartoons the next morning as my dad left for work.he was peeking thrugh the window wacthing me hobble to the tv to turn it on.he ran in the house and pulled  off his thick belt of and beat me till the planket where coverd with blood I dont think he thougt about my 3ed degree lag burn that went from my knee to foot.He would get like a reaging bull.After that i guess i desencatyesd to fisical pain.I needed to be loved more then any thing. my mom would sneak in at night and rube the bruses with alcahol and sneek me food.but enough with that.I think you get the picture. Its so hard to get to the point.when there is so many to get to.I could handel pain .I try not to think of those things.that bring up pain.but I guess my hole live has been full of things like that.where I wasw done wronge and sufferd hard.I have hade to learn forgiveness in order to move on,or just keep exscaping.Iam a very sensative person when it comes to people.My mome told me not to long ago that I hade a way with words that put thing in thre right perspective.definding her from my dad.I am a artest and musical inventer/hair styest/healer/Ive learnd how to perswade the neck and head conecktion that is defferrent then people have had done before.Its been said that it is magical.I am realy good with people becouse I am frank with them,and i try to keep it enjoyable no matter what.Ive made a few mager mastakes  last year that left me lost .all I know is I'm still here .My life cam to crashing halt in many ways and started a new life in others .many people now what happend and I think the hardest part is not making to much of it .I was trying to figger if it made me a bad person.We are put in the wherdest posstions .It tought me to stop drinking and realize that i on then ice.And if i start getting self righchus this jump's up in my face and sets me stait.I am a member of neo think and the books have changed my life for the better by many fold. I am head of state with Jill Reed running for USA president .This is my qwest to bring peace to the wourld.I am so ready for this new biggest weekness was not being fullfild .I learnd to be happy with what I have "My love for life".I could yous more help with every thingthat life has to offer like who am I what did I come here for ,how can i get where Im soposto be .how to love uncondistionly. what the thing that goes way back with my life?Inevr realy had a direction that rung the bell of my sole.intell neo think ecept my two children that where taken from me at 3 and 6 I never new life intell I hade my son rain then I hade anther son graylin.I pryed so much that thy would be bourn healty,becouse of all the drugs that I've done in the past.they where so perfict that I hade the fight of my life just to keep my last name on the berth certificit.People go nuts when they are trying to take what is not there to take "envey".when some just dont wont you to have it.Knowing it will never work out for them.Ive learn to never give up on what god has given you .Now it down to the cell's in side my body.I have mature in so many areas many with not being missled my my impussess that have controled me up tell I fuond out about the galactic federation of light it resinated deeper then any thing so far in my life.Ihope that this was not a wast of your time reading this and time you have invested .love forever Frank E D'Angalo Jr.

Reading your post wasn't a

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Reading your post wasn't a waste of time at all. In fact I couldn't stop reading because the themes of your life mirror mine in many ways. I know how you feel when it comes to harsh fathers, but we knew what we were getting into being born into our families. They taught us needed lessons for a purpose I think is coming in the near future. forgive and give it all to love:)


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4dangelo, Frank, Ed, whichever you like to be called,

This is Astreia. You saw a lot more violence than I did, and at a younger age. You must be a very strong soul. I want to say that I am impressed with the way you opened up to this and told so much about your life. I re-read most of it again today.

Some of us come to earth for pleasure, enjoyment, and we do all get some enjoyment in our lives. But some of us come as gentle warriors, and you are a gentle warrior, in my opinion. And a very brave and strong one.

I am quite empathic, and the first time I read your story I was horrified at what you'd had to go through. As a child and as a father.

You said that you have learned never to give up on what God has given you. That was a hard lesson for me, myself, because I was very stubborn and scared.

I just wanted to reach out to you and say "Good job, man." You lived through all that and you still believe. And you searched until you found us. And WE are your real family.

But you may be surprised someday if your father and mother show up being kind and loving to you, for if we are all One then perhaps they have learned, too.





Ah, "confssions"

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As a child, I was selfish and impuslive, but my heart was in the right place. I was brave. I do believe you were guiding me then because I knew things that I could not otherwise have known, and I am grateful.

I used to believe that the devil lived in the sunroom in the house where I grew up - that he was there only at night - and I used to go into the sunroom at night and say "I'm not afraid of you!" and stay there as long as i could until I actually did get scared and go running out. I also saw faces in the dark, ugly faces, and I would tell them to go away and they would. Later in life I was able to use this "practice" to help release earthbound souls... if I am understanding this correctly.

I saw a lot violence but was not beaten like some of the people have been describing here. I was humiliated a lot, and so I was not confident but rebellious instead.

I was a 60s "wild child" and that continued for a long time. But I did not choose people who were famous or impressive or any of that - I chose people who seemed to need it.

During my illnesses, I have been fairly upbeat and have shown physical courage, but in other ways I have not shown physical courage. I have not, for example, taken part in any protests because I did not want to be tased, sprayed in the eyes with pepper spray, beaten, dragged off to jail, all of that. I just know I couldn't handle it.

I am generous and thoughtful, but still cautious because I have given to people who did not appreciate it and who were angry with me because I was the giver. It's hard to explain because I don't quite understand it, but they I believe misunderstood what I could do for them and what I could not.

My illnesses started when I was very young and I have had many near-death experiences. There were times when I was suicidal, and then I came to the conclusion that if you really want to die you should be able to do it without using any "props" - just leave the body without harming it. And I studied the egyptian book of the dead, and meditated on death, and then one day all of a sudden I was outside, looking down at my body. I felt compassion for it and imemediately was back inside.

More recently I made a prayer and said that I was not ready to die yet, and said, "I am re-upping for another tour of duty on planet earth," and within a month I was having life-saving surgery. So I think I am beginning to get my "new assignments" now and just hope i can do a good job.

I must admit to having been proud of my cute body when I was in my twenties, and to being proud of my education until recently. Now my body is no longer "cute" and my education was really more for the "old" world, so I am eager to learn about what is happening now and yet to happen. Re-training is in order...

Thank you for asking this question because it has made me understand that I am quite a different person than I was, and I am grateful for that. I'm nicer and calmer now and able to truly love.