Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 7/12/12 ‘We Play for the Same Team’

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Did scientific study ever sub- seed your development and progress in any way? No it did not. Scientific study, research, examination and experimentation have always led to greater understandings of the nature of yourselves, of the world, and even beyond into the universe around you. We of the Galactic Federation of Light have also been conducting research here in your world, but this is not why we are here. We are here in offers of our assistance to you to help you find your way, and once found, help you now create what it is you want from the crystal-clear canvas that you have manifested to paint your dream portrait upon. We did not come here for scientific study, research or even exploration, as there is nothing that we wished to learn that motivated us to team together millions of individuals from thousands upon thousands of worlds and other alliances throughout this universe to travel all the way here in order to conduct this research. We are conducting this research and these studies, and in a way, infrequently conducting experimentation here in your world because this is beneficial to your people as we are devising better ways and higher standards for your people, and as such, an understanding of your mental and physiological processes are very necessary before we can even begin to discuss plans to implement projects and programs to better assist you increase your living conditions here in your world.


We do not take any of our studies that we conduct lightly. All are initiated and conducted through the highest standards of our scientific, medical and research teams. We have not come here haphazardly with a loosely fitted joining of beings from throughout this universe as this would not benefit you, as well as our efforts here. What benefits us and you greatly is to have come here prepared with a highly trained, sophisticated and experienced team that has been handpicked over a long and very meticulous selection process where only the finest, sharpest and most seasoned minds and wills have been chosen and added to our rosters. No stone was left unturned and thousands of planets were selected for this recruitment process, and we are highly confident we have teamed with some of the most talented, dedicated and experienced professional minds anywhere in this, or perhaps even other universes.


The beings that are here now as members of our team are the highest skilled representatives in their fields from throughout this entire universe you can be assured of this. Considering this, would you ease your fears and your concern that you are not in qualified hands when it comes to these programs and projects that we wish to initiate here in your world, and even in the infrequent examples when we are conducting research and surveys of your people? We feel that your race has chosen to worry and be concerned about so many things, some real, some imagined, some overblown and overinflated, and we say to you that adding to your burden by concerning yourselves with our abilities, our professionalism, our integrity, our purpose and our levels of experience is certainly not worthy of your time and energy spent on such thought. We say to you be confident in our abilities, feel safe in our talents and our experience, for your people are in a very equitable partnership with a highly skilled team of dedicated, experienced, knowledgeable, caring and kind individuals who are the most talented and most highly recognized experts in their fields from their individual planets. Do you now feel a little more at ease hearing this from us today?


We have detected through our monitoring services of your publicly accessible areas of your online communities where there have been a few of you who have voiced your concern and your fear of our mentioning of our research that we are conducting here, and some of you have taken this the wrong way and have been falsely led somehow to believe that the purpose for our mission here is for the conducting of research and experimentation. As we have just made clear, this is certainly not the case whatsoever. As part of our efforts here some research must be conducted to understand you better, to understand your world better, to find out what it is that are the problems here and to find feasible, logical, adequate and efficient solutions to these problems. Do you understand better, dear ones, that our research and studies are merely one small aspect of the larger picture which is our mission here to assist your world experience what it is you collectively and individually choose to experience, and if it is upgrades to your society and your systems through programs that we can offer then this is what you shall receive, nothing more and nothing less? You call the shots. It is your world and we have always respected this and we will always respect this, as we also have our own worlds and we expect others to respect our boundaries and our rights as well.


We look so forward to moving ahead with these projects we have spoken with you about from time to time. The day is now approaching very rapidly when the playing field will be cleared of sufficient numbers of the members and minions of your criminal cabal. The playing field has already been tilted greatly on an angle that favors our team together with you, the people of Earth. We now feel very confident that we can move ahead with our plans to rendezvous with a number of your people that have been selected through one of our programs where we have monitored and followed your online discussions that have been posted publicly throughout your Internet, and we have compiled quite a list of the members of your world who we feel we would be comfortable working with, who we would feel safe working with, who we feel would make a positive addition to our joint teams to begin the initial projects that will break ground, if you will, and begin to right the ship which is your world floating majestically on the sea of space.


There is nothing that we cannot achieve together. There is no obstacle, difficulty or damage that has been done to your world that we cannot overcome, defeat or eradicate. We can do it as long as we are working together. If we continue to work separate from each other we do not see the successful conclusion of many, if any at all, of these projects. We feel you do not possess the tools or the knowledge in certain scientific fields to accomplish these tasks on your own, and we also will not and even cannot in some cases complete all of the projects that we feel are necessary here in your world unless we are working with you, for it is your planet, and only at your hands can these accomplishments be achieved, for what would your people learn from this experience if they did not repair the damage that they are partly responsible for causing?


Remember, life eternal is a journey that takes us all through experiences that we can and do learn from. This is what is transpiring here in your world. You, the people of Earth, are being given an incredibly blessed opportunity to learn so much and to grow so much beyond your current levels of understanding in so many different areas, externally from yourselves and your world and even internally, as you all are learning so many personal lessons and increasing your understandings of your human vessels, physically mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We wish to see you garner the full potential of everything this glorious opportunity presents you, and we do not wish to overstep our bounds and take away any of this experience for you by taking over workloads that you can certainly complete yourselves. There are very many of you and we, through our surveys of your people, have come to the conclusions that a great preponderance of you are willing and even eager to work with us on these many projects and we certainly will not take these opportunities away from any of you by completing these tasks by the use of our own personnel.


We will, of course, be with you every step of the way, teaching you the proper function and use of our technologies, and we have already come to the conclusion that a vast many of you are very fast learners and your intelligences are often far beyond the limits of what some of you feel you possess. We feel your people are a vastly intelligent race of beings, and if it were not from the unrelenting efforts of this criminal cabal that has blanketed your world in darkness, oppression and recession for so many eons of time, perhaps our services here would not even be beneficial to you as you may have already achieved all the advancements on your own that we have come here in offers to you. We are going to find out very soon just how much you are capable of accomplishing and you are going to find out just what we are capable of accomplishing as well, and we both are going to find out what we together as one team can accomplish. We are very confident that we are going to surprise each other when we are working together, and discover that the sky is not even the limit when we work together as a team and set out to accomplish any goal or task here in your world.


Show your faith now that you trust us, that you are willing to work with us and that you see our motives and our purpose here are of the highest of integrity, in love and in service to our Creator and to you, our brothers and sisters. Show us you care enough about your planet and your fellow humans by doing what you can to overcome some of the fears that you may be experiencing at this time. Show us you can find ways to properly manage these fears and emotions that trigger inside you when you here of extraterrestrials, spacecraft, channeling, and the projects we will begin together once we rejoin each other in happy reunion. This is one obstacle that there are those of you who have not yet found a way to overcome. You must find a way to get over these unjust fears of us, of outsiders, of those you perceive erroneously as strangers to you.


We are not strangers to you. There are hardly any beings in this universe that are strange to you, as we are all connected and interconnected and we are all one part of one well oiled machine which, through the complimenting of each other, our skills, talents, experiences, knowledge and wisdom runs and operates smoothly, bringing joy, abundance, love, togetherness and wonderful experiences for each and every being who is a part of this great mechanical machine that is this beautiful and perfectly functioning universe. Help us keep this machine well oiled and perfectly tuned. Overcome your fears of us, of those who you may not remember and who you may feel are strangers in your home, and let us get on with the work that we must do together to bring to your world the changes and advancements that we all know are vitally necessary for your continued growth and the fruition of all the hopes and dreams of your people who, through so many lifetimes of challenges, struggles, hardships and disappointments have earned and deserve something so much more, something so much better, more prosperous, more beautiful, more clean, more uplifting, more enjoyable, more memorable. This day has come; allow it to be. Allow yourself to feel comfortable with our presence as we wish to feel welcome by you, our own family after all.


We are your teammates here to join forces with you, our brothers and sisters of the planet Earth. We are the Galactic Federation of Light.




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I Knew

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     I've known for a year or more that you've been around watching my progress.  I don't mind.  As a matter of fact, it's quite comforting to know I'm so protected and cared for.  I realize you've been trying to be inconspicuous, playing like you're just a regular person walking by where I live saying hello, or showing up in electric utility trucks as I'm out and about walking everyday.  We wave at each other, but still no communication except for hello.  So, you see, many of us "know", and it's okay.  Many of us are ready to actually meet you face to face.  I know I am.  As a matter of fact, please tell the good looking man with whom I've seen and said hello to several times to stop and chat with me next time.  I believe he knows who I'm referring to. (smile). 

My love and blessings to you all with a hearty thanks.


Love and Light, d'tewa

I concur

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I though I already told you guys and gals to "come on down," you may land in the field across from me or my living room as the wife is now with you and the kids are away. 


For us, you want to see "them?" Train your thoughts, words, actions, feelings and attutudes on what you DO want and remove these all from what it is that you DO NOT want. 

I believe in you dear galatic

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I believe in you dear galatic federation of light and  I want to help you.

Much love and light.


As already stated, I am SO

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As already stated, I am SO ready for this meeting and the projects and education that we will undergo together.  The timing has never been more perfect for me than it is right now.


Love & Blessings to you All!

If you read this then please,

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If you read this then please, please do consider me as i to would feel very comfortable working with you, I would trust and feel very safe working with you, I would feel that i would make a positive addition to your joint teams to begin the initial projects.

Again If you read this then please do consider me and i will look ever so forward to hearing from you or seeing you face to face.

Love & peace.