Jodie Foster final hearing - from Contact 1997

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Uploaded by classyfilms on Jun 12, 2008

Jodie Foster describes her "journey" into space in this final sequence from Contact 1997. James Woods is the tough interrogator. Matthew McConaughey looks on.




Its funny that you should

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Its funny that you should post a clip from that movie when the messege was that you cant rely on subjective experience. It was also written by Carl Sagen, who beleived in an objective universe that dosn't comply to human will. The exact opposite of this websites beleif.

Contact, Jodie Foster....

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I think the EFFECT of that movie was enormous. Many people watching it realized for the first time that we CAN stand up and say we believe in something other than what the machine tells us. I don't know what Carl Sagan believed about this movie, nor do I care. When I saw this for the first time I felt my heart swelling and growing and perhaps that was the point, not whether the universe was portrayed as objective or subjective. I, for one, thought that it was lovely that the otherworlders chose to show their love to her in the form of her father, whom she was missing so much. As for science, even the "objective" is "subjective." There is that phenomenon known as "researcher bias" that is part of our minds, but not part of our hearts. The key is:  does it work? (not does it conform precisely to what i would like to see...) 1997 was a long time ago and this was ground-breaking then.


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I think we need to rent planes all over the country and let them drag signs behind them that just say.... BREATHE!!!




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Thank you, Maggie!


I think you're

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I think you're watching with 3D eyes. But I hope you enjoy the clip regardless of what you think the message is.

Much LOVE to you.



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Your sniping is duly noted. Does that make you happy?
Much LOVE to you.



Your inability to handle

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Your inability to handle anyone who disagrees with you is noted as well.

what the heck is happening to us all?

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It seems like ANYwhere I look...ANY face book group...almost ANY place where people are allowed to voice their opinion..there is a sense of, well, not quite anger but it sure is in that neighborhood! I have never seen as much negativity and sniping and ego reactions as I have this past week to 10 days!  I have been poking around just reading and watching 'conversations' and thats putting it mildly...almost out and out battles of wills and words. I dont partake but I sure feel it.


Im not sure whats happening in us because each of the 'discussions' begin as an attempt to share something ...good intentions seem to be at the begining but BAM!!! it flies out the window as soon as somebody just disagrees. Everything has SO much passion in it...both sides seem so driven to convince the other to see the error of their ways. Its kind of amusing to see how very very nicely they can find ways to express their judgment or criticism. Like I saw here...there is a 'bless you' posted. I know its intended as a real blessing...but its kinda wrapped in not so much of a blessing in the words. Its EVERYwhere out there! 


I myself sniped at my husband more often then I like to admit the last couple of days...seems like stuff just flies out of my mouth before I can stop it. I have made more than my fair share of apolgies. There is for sure a new energy ...a passion that seems to maybe not quite have found its place in us. Im just guessing.


I have stopped reading certain groups postings....way way way too much anger. I have started reading some new groups that are about peace and love and ascencion...its feeds my soul and lifts me up. I know that I am creating my own reality own 'illusion' and that is THE most important thing right now.


So...I feel better. lol Maybe somebody can enlighten me as to whats happening...what energy is making some of us so passionate about things? 


Thank you so much for having a place of learning and sharing...and sometimes...venting!


God bless us every one!!!  PEACE

You sure got a different

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You sure got a different message from that movie than the rest of us... Of course, you believe your's is the "actual message", and that we're mistaken.

The movie leaves thing open and questions unanswered. Nobody proves her subjective experiences were false, and she herself says, "everything I know as a human being, everything I am -- tells me that it was real".  If you want to doubt subjective experiences, perhaps you should start with yours? You seem to be viewing things through a filter.

I forgot something!

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Rain...Im so sorry...I forgot to thank you for posting this video clip! This is one of my all time favorite movies. I cried uncountably time each time I saw it. It changed opened my mind and my heart. It was awesome to see this bit again and Im going to find it to watch the whole thing. The timing is right for it I think.


Anyway...thank you so very much! You are appreciated!