Blessings for 2012: June Video

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Blessings for 2012 (formerly Blessing the Time-Wave): 
As makers of the Healing Mandalas calendars, we create a mandala and meditation blessing for each month. These mandalas, and all Bell & Todd images, begin as Nature photographs that we transform into energy-charged blessing art. The Blessings for 2012 video includes the healing mandala for the given month, and three other forms of Bell & Todd Nature images, along with contemplative readings and soundtrack, sequenced to create a multi-dimensional blessing experience. 
Each month's meditation begins with a grounding process and then focuses on three different style of images, delivering three powerful vision-gifts-- a Prosperity Blessing, a Nature Message, and an Empowerment Meditation. 
As you watch the first part of the video, you will receive energies you can use for personal healing and raising your vibration. Having lifted your own vibrations through this process, the second part of the video focuses on you sending the blessings to anyone and the whole world. We recommend that you watch these videos once each week to keep absorbing and sending these blessings. Your active participation helps co-create the bright future we all want. Thanks for watching and sharing these videos.
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May you be blessed every day of 2012, 
Bonnie and David