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The Leo New Moon is one that we look forward to every year!  Anything Leo in the summer time! Leo is about fun, play, romance and honoring the child within.  This year however…that fun part is a little less easy to find.  This Leo New Moon is a bit dramatic and quit active and the energies leading up to this New Moon have been chaotic, intense and in some instances almost volatile. We have had many…very transformative aspects…happening in all the Full and New Moons over the last months.  We can see the many powerful transformations, with a bit of chaos added in, and the changes happening all around us.…in our own lives and also the lives of all humanity around the World.  The energies have been quit intense and are not easy for the body or the Earth to handle. 

We still have the Corona Virus and the New Variants spreading quickly…. And it feels like the rug has been pulled out from under our feet again.  Remember that we have to stay out of the fear.  We are supposed to be creating a NEW World…a new way of being and we can’t do it on an old foundation. Manifest peaceful and loving energies surrounding us and the Earth.

It is really important that we avoid negative emotions!!  There are really only 2 energies out there….Love and Fear!  Which do you want to send out to the World?

Healing the Wounded Psyche for Lion's Gate Energy

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Amethystia, the Lady Purity, Twin Flame of Archangel Zadkiel, and Mikaela, the Lady Faith, Twin Flame of Archangel Michael, team up in Soul Consciousness through their grounded aspects, Rosita Bolin in Sweden and Deborah Faith in South Africa, to bring to you an in depth view on healing your emotional wounds.

Emotional wounds can be so severe sometimes that people become so caught up in the emotional trauma that they find it difficult to overcome the hurdle.

Through their higher Consciousness, Rosita and Deborah offer guidance to help you gain a deeper and more meaningful perspective from a Spiritual point of view, on how you can move past the pain of your deepest emotional wounds. Once a deeper and Spiritual perspective and understanding is gained it becomes easier to accept the wounds and let them go so full healing can take place within the Body. The result is emotional freedom, and a light-ness in Spirit, Body and Mind.

Sunday Message: A wake up call for the Light Workers of the World!

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This is not my usual musings, but rather a message which I received and believe to be more important for today. Many of us are playing the waiting game. We’re waiting for something to happen, and we’re focusing all of our energy on that. We’re forgetting we didn’t come here to DO another life. We have a life, a perfect life in fact, which we left in order to fulfill a certain mission (purpose) here on Earth. While we’re fulfilling this mission it is of course permissible to enjoying the life we are creating here by doing that which we love. We are after all creative beings! But let’s not forget our purpose.

On Friday, with the Lions Gate, a higher frequency of Light started streaming in from the Cosmos, permeating everything and everyone, and the very air that you breathe. This Light is the highest frequency of Divine Love this planet has ever before experienced. It has great potential and will help bring about much change by bringing to the surface a lot of negative energy that has been stored in the memory banks of our mass consciousness for a very long time. It is up to us, the Light workers of the world to work in partnership with our Higher Selves to transmute this negative energy.

We are the grounded ones and it is up to us to INITIATE THE INTENTION. Our Higher Self will ensure that our intention is carried out.

The Hathors – Lion’s Gate Portal August 8th & 25th – THEME MAGIC – EXPANSION OF CONSCIESNESS

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The Hathors – Lion’s Gate Portal August 8th & 25th – THEME MAGIC – EXPANSION OF CONSCIESNESS

thehathorslionsgateWe are the Hathors, and we come to bring you a message. A message that a new MAGICAL wave of light is about to sweep your planet and YOU are NEEDED yet again. For the theme of the portal that is about to sweep your planet is MAGIC.

On August 8th of your earthly time, many will experience the incoming energies, for the Lions Gate will indeed open and allow the energy to come through to all the light workers. As this occurs many of you will experience the expansion of your energy body, your physical body and your consciousness. Many of you will experience yourself becoming denser and heavier, and yet larger than life, at moments you will feel as if you are about to burst, worry NOT, for what you will be experiencing is a collection of energies that you are then to anchor into GAIA on August 25th.

We the Hathors from the ancient order of light, are asking you to get ready and open your hearts wide, dear children of light and love, open your hearts for the beauty for the creation of your own selves awaits!

For the theme of the portal that is about to sweep your planet is MAGIC – as you truly open to the divinity within your hearts and soar up into the sky like the eagle free at last, free at last!!!!!! YES indeed it is true, for you have freed yourselves from all the agony of the past!

Physical Expression of Energetic Transformations

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Hi all.  Last night, early morning (around 12:30 am), I woke from a restless sleep and began shivering.  It was not a cold night (I live in an area when it is about 75-85 at night in summer).  I began feeling a pressure over my head and this flood of fearful/negative thoughts which didn't feel a part of me...rather outside of me, trying to push in.  I called upon my Angels and guides, and called Christ's Light around me.  As this was happening, my body began very vigorous trembling/shaking all over.  I put on a very thick robe, and it continued.  I ran outside into my backyard to ground myself and did my grounding and aligning visualizations.  My teeth were chattering so hard they hurt.  This continued all together for about 15 minutes.  Then, suddenly, it was over.  Extremely fatigued, I dragged myself back to bed.  My whole body ached. My mind felt at peace and I was able to fall asleep.

Did this have to do with Lion's gate opening up?  My body seems to react physically when there are energetic transformations happening either to myself, or to the planet (I think).  Anyone have any insights or thoughts?



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