Tears of a Pleiadian Starseed: I miss you Pleiadians & Sirians!

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We came to this planet for a purpose, to assist our Families.

They call us Heroes, heroes who left their families to never see them again. Heroes who put away their identity, their energy and left their Plejaren body behind in a sleeping machine.  Heroes who left the Pleiades and never return.  Heroes who gave everything and never look back, we gave everything away to sacrifice and assist light in the Galactic War. We would never look back, but only remember our past, only remember our families and the most important remember why we’re here, remember our Mission…

Now we’re here on this planet, we aren’t got our original bodies, we aren’t got our Pleiadian or Sirian 6th dimensional  bodies, no powers, no functional DNA. Now we are in here, alone in a prison of the enemy knowing that there is a Galactic Army supporting our mission, they depend on us, if we win they win the battle for Light, but it’s not like how we feel, we feel Alone. In here with no weaponry, no technology no military assistance, no nothing but my Self Consciousness.

We are in here under the control of the enemy’s artificial intelligence, here in this Matrix, in this Net. Where our Galactic Brothers are enslaved and shut down. We got no Human on our side in here Humans become our enemy once this matrix identifies our identity. In here, the only Alliance is our Mother nature of this Planet, mother Gaia.

But we stand strong; we will bust this metrical system from the inside. We are a virus for this Matrix, we are Light, we are Star Seeds from Pleiades, and we are Workers of Light, Light Workers.

We wishing we could see our families from Pleiades, they probably forgot about us, how much time has passed, years, decades, perhaps hundreds of years? We are here, wishing we could see our family of light, wishing we could see the Pleiadians once again, it’s been a long war, a long ongoing war seems to never end.

But our work here seems to succeed; our work seems to make effect. Our enemy is retreating from planet as we wake up humans, many, and more and more every day they are being unplugged from this Reptile matrix. We are saving them, we win! We are setting them free, freedom is their right.

Our galactic brothers and sisters must be proud of all of us. We are human at this life time, but inside our minds we know we are Plejarens on duty. And we say we gave our eternal lives to accomplish this mission. Earth will soon have to be free, and the humans must soon have to see their dimensional reality the 5th. 10 years from now humans will ask themselves, “how long was I asleep?” and we’ll them “for 300,000 years”.  An d they’re going to ask us” Where were you when the enemy took over the planet” and we’ll answer , “we were fighting war after war to rescue you and we assisted as humans in your reality to save you” because we love you all, we love you.

Now I ask myself, where are the Pleiadians? Did they leave us behind? I miss you dam it!!

I’m a 19 year old human and I miss you, I Love you!! Pleiadians.

~Pleiadian Starseed- Jesse Loya



Dear 19 year old, i really

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Dear 19 year old,

i really hate to bust your memories as a pleaidian.

or as a royalty in the house of Atlantis............

or as Anubis, the great jackal warrior of Sirius............!

or a Hathor.....!

or whoever........whatever...........!


Is it possible that these memories are implants...........?


That these memories were implanted so that you don't go

around asking who you truly are......?  How you got into

this predicament...........?


You see,   linear time -wise, you can't be these identities.

Multidimensional time-wise, won't work either. These timelines

cycle in the now, one time not connected to the other.

Karma and reincarnation not possible. Will not pass



And you as Spirit that moved thru time-space......?

You, we, are not that Spirit. We are separate from that Spirit.

We were .....created this way for a single purpose. 


When I say 'separate"I mean... as energy beings we do

not vibrate within the frequency of Spirit.

We vibrate much lower.   that kind of Separate.


So, if you are not these identities, who are you.....?

And .........what can you do to tip the playing game in your favor....?



much love,,




I don't know why you try to

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I don't know why you try to convince people of this over and over again, you're really not helping. People have reincarnated into hundreds of human bodies, and that Spirit, which you claim they're "separate" from, is actually who they really are. Please, focus upon your own Awakening a little more and you'll realize this. Trying to convince others to share your illusions really isn't helping anybody.

If you vibrate lower than Spirit, that's your problem. If you're separate from Spirit, that's something for you to resolve. It's a little insane to me that you try to convince others to accept your imaginary limitations.

Tears of a Pleiadian Star Seed

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 Remember Jesse, we are all one! Therefore, we are not cut off from our brothers and sisters. They are all around us, but most important, they are within you! They live in your heart, they are connected to your core energy. All you have to do is empty yourself of the thoughts of separation, and ask your Higher Self to connect you with your family. They are always with you! Raising your vibration with unconditional love as high as you can muster it, will help tremendously! Love and hugs