Galactic War

Pleiadian Teachings: History of the Galaxy and Terra

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Earth was a beautiful place located near of one the galactic portals. It was a place where galactic species could contribute information and their existence. In the first age of Earth, life on Earth was barely starting to be born; it was an oxygen breathing planet. In the Galaxy the most powerful beings are oxygen and hydrogen breathers. The galaxy was once a peaceful galaxy, where life took birth in many planets, especially intelligent life. Many species became advance and started contacts, trades and alliances calling it the Galactic Common Wealth. One of the first most advance race were the Reptilians from the Draco stars, they were very intelligent and powerful beings, first in interstellar travel. The second most advance species were our ancestors, the Lyrans from the Lyra stars. There was once peace in the galaxy; the Reptilians were once a peaceful race that contribute with other civilizations and worked together to evolve.

The original founders of this planet are our ancestors, the ancient Lyrae people from the Lyra constellation, a distant star called Vega. Our Lyrae species originated a very long time ago, very old, one of the oldest species in the galaxy. Earth was to be a research planet, a Living Library, where different civilizations would study the evolution of life by seeding deferent species from different planets. Earth was once to be settling in clans by different civilizations, the first clans to settled Earth were the Reptilians. The Reptile Draconians settled Earth for a genetic research under the permission of the Galactic federations signed by the Lyraes.  They lasted on Earth a long time; they brought their species the dinosaurs.  Many other civilizations also settled their clans.

Tears of a Pleiadian Starseed: I miss you Pleiadians & Sirians!

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We came to this planet for a purpose, to assist our Families.

They call us Heroes, heroes who left their families to never see them again. Heroes who put away their identity, their energy and left their Plejaren body behind in a sleeping machine.  Heroes who left the Pleiades and never return.  Heroes who gave everything and never look back, we gave everything away to sacrifice and assist light in the Galactic War. We would never look back, but only remember our past, only remember our families and the most important remember why we’re here, remember our Mission…

Now we’re here on this planet, we aren’t got our original bodies, we aren’t got our Pleiadian or Sirian 6th dimensional  bodies, no powers, no functional DNA. Now we are in here, alone in a prison of the enemy knowing that there is a Galactic Army supporting our mission, they depend on us, if we win they win the battle for Light, but it’s not like how we feel, we feel Alone. In here with no weaponry, no technology no military assistance, no nothing but my Self Consciousness.

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