Letting go of perceptions

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The arrival to the fifth dimension is an inner journey.  Our perceptions of what ascension is, what is entails, involves, and means limits our experience to what ascension beholds; limitless creative power of your world.  Any expectation bestowed on our physical world that is let down immediately creates the experience we are not creating our world, when in fact we are. 


The date of Dec 21, 2012 signified an important date around the wolrd, on a collective level, the death of the world or the birth of a new one, and if you take duality out of the picture, it was simply a unifying date of to take gaia out of duality, and the collective into unity. 


As part of the old collective, we were either waiting for some sort of radical change to produce proof to us that there was a re-birth or to others the end of time.  They both did happen, we just need to wake up to what has occured.  Also, there are others that remained unconsious to any occurence but are slowly being forced to wake up to some other sense other than their ordinary senses which percieves the world around them. 


Constantly we are bombarded with everyday occurences from society, friends, and loved ones that attempt to instill their reality to ours.  It can be difficult to let go of 3-dimensional dynamics that effect your flow of source between you and your world.  We are given a choice here, remain in 3-d or transcend into 5-d when needed and transmute the energetic dynamic of 3-d into creative force of source. 



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Finally someone passed along the idea with SANDY to offer the military ships.



(USS WASP, and two others.WASP is very similar to the ESSEX and BONNIE RICHARD, over in SASEBO.)


Ive trained with them.Never thought I'D need or my area would need heros like that, like I trained to be. Maybe I was supposed....well a lot of things were supposed to be in SASEBO. I cant change what happened when I transfered to the IKE.


INGRATEFUL BASTARDS comes to mind but I will save the insults. The NAVY is ran from BIG NAVY, a ADMIRAL in DC who cares more about WARmonging than PEACE it seems.Even amongst the ranks.


What is soon to come will mirror what happened in BANDE ACEH, for those that dont know, heavy downpours hit the area in the Philipines very hard massive landslides occured, many homes and people were wiped out.(2005) I still have pics from there (no I dont keep the gory shots, but thanks for the view)


I was there, aboard the ESSEX, much like those three ships coming here to New York/Jersey areas. I was on deck loading helocopters and people...unloading the ammo crates to replace them with blankets and rags and such. Congress says it wasnt OIF, I beg to differ. They also say we didnt earn the humanitarian award TWICE, AGAIN, I beg to differ.I WAS ON DECK.


You cant HELP PEOPLE in DIRE NEED by whatever means necessary and NOT get that award.EVERY person on deck, between decks, counts.EVERY ONE.


WHOEVER said ONE PERSON CANT make a difference was LYING. ONE is a part of a TEAM, which gets the JOB DONE.


Yes, this isnt some 'just paint the walls mission' at some School which will get slammed with water and high tides later on.(why they dont use Latex paint, I dont know) THIS is REALLY SAVING PEOPLE. REBUILDING PLACES.


Healing on all Native Americans completed, Plantary Healing Done, Ascend into 5D Happened.

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On October 17, 2012


I was asked by Black Hawk to do healing work on his tribes this past summer in July. I released the land and did a healing, I also did healing on the people of karma, all trauma. I felt many tears on my face from him. When we were done he was fill with joy.  Yesterday I went to my customer to do healing work on her and there be hold my customer was chosen to represent in the physical form to speak and accept all the work to do on all healing, forgiveness, to all parties involved, on all native American people that came to me to do a healing on all the people. They were all healed yesterday. He brought so many people for the healing to her home it was over whelming with energy.  There were just tears of joy flowing from everyone yesterday. It was very draining from this as I am a blue-Ray, I was transmutting all the pain and suffering last night and most of the today for these people.


Then after this around yesterday 4 pm during this session as we were healing the land and all of creation, and the planet, where some of these people came from. I was now feeling the earth start to tip to west and gravity pulling, as I then remembered to ask to have being shown I to  grab the blue and red crystals, I had put into place on Thursday.  I had put the red crystal in the north pole and the blue crystal in the south pole.  I now was being asked to bring them together to the center of the cord of the earth. When the were united in the middle of the core of the earth they turned purple. I then felt Gaia return to straight up, then to rebalancing, and aline her.

When I stood up the energy was so very different, I was grounded differently, there was peace, and love energy was flowing everywhere. When I left my customers house I could feel the calmness, and peace everywhere. We Made it, is what I heard. I could hardly believe what I was feeling.

Reminder - Mission Statement for 2012

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Calling All Lightworkers, Starseeds and Wayshowers:


A Mission Statement for 2012




I am coming to life. I am waking up. I am awakening to my True Self. I am! I am! I am!


I am coming out to greet the world, to share my story, to be a man/woman, to be a contributor, to be a helper, caregiver, supporter and guide. I am a guide to the New Age. I have been here before. I know the way. I can retrace my steps. I can be who I came here to be.


I am coming out of my shell. Sometimes I take action. Sometimes I can’t do anything but wait and pray; then it’s time to just listen. I can only move when I am being urged to move. Some days I am half asleep, groggy, stumbling around, unsure of what to do, unsure of where to go, within that fog so to speak. I appear to be stumbling around between worlds.


I am releasing my hold on 3D and have already planted one foot in 5D. I have just lifted my other foot off 3D and am about to plant it as well on the 5D landscape. That makes me nervous. Because when I do plant that second foot, I say goodbye to 3D forever.


Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/26/12 ‘The Decree of Your Creator’

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Swiftly sweeping you towards your new reality are your hopes and your dreams for a better world and a better life for you and those around you. It has been many long eons since many of you could call a world that you live in safe, secure, prosperous, even beautiful, as much of your planet has become scarred and marred in certain ways.  We see for you many changes on your horizon, but all of these changes do not come for free without some kind of effort and some levels of responsibility for your roles as caretakers of your new world. What we, the Galactic Federation of Light, propose is that each and every one of you take an active role in not only the shaping of your new world in its design, but in the implementation process where these changes will take place. What we mean by this is we would like to incorporate the efforts of every single person on your planet, although we realize this is very ambitious and would be quite a task and achievement. We also feel this is a goal at least setting for ourselves, to give us a marker to shoot for.


Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/25/12 ‘From Foal to Steed’

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Gambling on your future is not something that we would recommend. We instead advise you to take into consideration and take precautions to better your chances of ascension, not slowing, not quitting and not ignoring your responsibilities to make the reality that use you choose for yourself made manifest by your thoughts, words, intent and action. This is what we advise to you; we advise you to take stock in yourself. Analyze and categorize yourself and the many facets and aspects of yourself. What is it you consider an accomplishment, and by accomplishment we do not mean awards, trophies or contests that you have won or the amount of money that you have been able to earn. What we mean by accomplishment is what areas of yourselves have you been able to sharpen, to increase your abilities within yourself and to work, deal and socialize with others.


For instance, what we are asking you is in what areas do you feel you have improved upon throughout this, the only incarnation that you can remember at this time. (We only ask you to focus on this lifetime, for you do not remember others and of course cannot consider this in your analysis.) So in what areas do you feel you have shown weakness or deficiencies? What areas do you see that have needed  attention, experiences and lessons to help you improve upon these areas, and which areas do you feel have received this improvement and which areas do you feel continue to need lessons and improvements? This should be an easy question for you to answer in some cases, and others an answer to this question will come to you only after careful thought, consideration and reflection upon your entire lifetime, not just adulthood, but going back as far as you can remember to your very early and formative years as a child, for it is here where many of your lessons have begun for you.

I just went into a Light Box

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This is the story of a meditative experience I had of going to inner Earth and getting into a Light Box:

I was guided into Agartha. It looked different in colors from earth, not as solid, more shimmery for all the trees and buildings and land formations. There was a laboratory office, and I was there. I was to be placed into a healing Light Box. I did not want to go. I was afraid, and I wanted someone to hold my hand. I was told this was not possible. I was put in, the lid was closed, and I started bawling.

They took me out and had me play on the swings like I did when I was a child and I loved it. I got upset and said, 'this will not do!'

Then I was back in the Light Box again, and I was given a cat to hold. But I am allergic to cats. I never played with a cat in my life, I don't know what to do! So it transformed into a dog, my first puppy, Ottavio. I was also given a soft blue baby blanket by Blessed Mother Mary. As they were closing the lid, I had concerns:

Will I still be me? I want to be me?
My children? My pets?

What will I look like after?


More is at:


Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/24/12 ‘Defeating Final Challenges’

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Distancing yourself from parts of your past and your lower selves may be a challenge for some of you, but it is challenges you have come here to face. Many of you did not come here for an easy ride, for this would not have garnered you what it is you wished from this experience. Take every challenge that comes your way as a golden opportunity, for this is what they are, opportunity after another in succession. These opportunities, if successfully utilized, will gift you with all that you have ever wanted in the end. That is what they are, each and every one of them, and if you could see them in this light it would give you the proper mindset to begin to find ways to defeat these challenges.


Seeing these challenges and tests of your strength and your will as more bad news, as more reasons to quit, to get down, to feel things are never going to change or get better is not a conducive mindset to success. This type of mindset is more conducive to failure, and it is not failure any of you have come here for or any of you are used to in your universal lives. This type of mindset to quit, to fail, to bemoan, to allow challenges and obstacles to get the better of you, to stop you, to impede you is a mindset that some of you have only picked up after you have journeyed here, for if these were your demeanors and your attitudes and the traits that you would have demonstrated you possessed, you would never have been chosen for these assignments in the first place.


Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/23/12 ‘Health & Well Being Programs’

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Holding on to your dreams is a sure fire way for you to remain focused, to stay the course you have been traveling and to receive just what it is you have always wanted. To give up now, to forsake the dreams you have preserved inside you would be such a shame, as you are just a step or two now from the entrance way of the great kingdom that you have longed for, in some cases, for many eons of journey. There is nothing and there is no one that can stand in your way but you. Do you realize this? Do you realize that it is only you and your choices that could possibly stand before you and all that you have dreamed of, all you have ever wanted? It is you and you alone who are the guardsmen, the gatekeeper of this paradise, this kingdom, the realms of the higher dimensions.


So what is it that you are choosing? What is it that is keeping you from experiencing all that you wish to experience? it must be something, or else there would not be so many of you concerned that you may not ascend when the time comes for this great leap in your consciousness, in your reality, for if there were nothing in your lives or about yourselves that you felt was weighing you down, then each and every one of you would today be showing nothing but faith, confidence and surety that when the time came for you that you would be fully prepared and will have earned your right to step through the gates of this blessed kingdom.  



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