Surrendering to God one way or another!!! Bring it on!

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Well God tried everything else .... God does NOT exist without LOVE.


Feeback loop system.


God or YOU? 




So the wrath of God and the Seal opens.....


Will you listen now, or scrooge are you still counting your money?  





No more lessoning the effects of ascension. 


Will you listen to God now, with extra ordinary events  that you CANNOT CONTROL.


Game over.


How does the power of God feel today?


You are not worth the agony.  I leave you in your own agony that you no longer will be allowed to make.  Uncreated are you. And so it is.


Hows that Esoterics, of the power of the word,  You are also uncreated misusing Gods Power.  For YOUR OWN GAIN.

13:20 Calendar (12.26.12): HUMAN CRYSTALLINE AWAKENING

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13:20 Calendar (12.26.12): HUMAN CRYSTALLINE AWAKENING

ART: “Golden Spiral” by *Lirulin-yirth,

SONG: “Crystal Cavern” by Tra'zae Lewis-Clinton,

“Come On, People! Raise the Vibration!”

♥ 11:11 MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN (Word of Love, The Way of the EarthStar, Universal & Spiritual Laws of Creator):
DAY: INYAN OYATE, The Stone People; The Crystal People Speak in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF KARMA & GRACE, Mercury, Hummingbird Day, Sacral Orange Star, Essence of Light. “The Stone Relations have released to the human beings the MEMORY OF ANCIENT TIMES.....The very Crystalline structures within the Molecular awareness of your Being are awakening with treasures told and foretold.” Code for the Day:

★ 12:12 UNCI IKTOMI WICAHPI WICOHAN (Word of Alignment, The Way of the StarSpider, Universal & Spiritual Laws of Universal Mother):

12-12-12 Global Group Meditations List & More

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What are your plans for 12-12-12? I'm definitely having a Cleansing/Healing bath tonight, see recipe below!  

I send you Love, Light & Peace, Joy~*




The Pleiadians are saying there will be a series of Illumination Waves coming onto the planet on 12/12/12. They are asking you to open up to new alliances with pre-agreements that you made before you came onto this earth plane. In order for you to be able to fully take in the energies of the Illumination Waves that will be coming onto the planet on 12/12/12, you need to open up and create new energetic alliances for yourself..

My Journey On The Road To Shambhala

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Ultimately, this is about my breaking through some barriers on the path to full consciousness. It's a celebration of the Joy I now experience.

Published on Oct 15, 2012 by GalacticCentral

Presented with LOVE by The Galactic Free Press.
WE ARE ALL on the Road to Shambhala - LOVE is Everywhere Present!


A Channeled Letter to the Newly Awakened

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Dear Fellow Traveller:

Welcome to this Journey of the Light. You are in the process of waking up from a long sleep, the Illusion of Life which you had agreed to experience for the betterment of your heart.

All is not what it seems. Here are ten simple steps to let yourself know that  you are truly on the correct path. The Spiritual Progress that you make is allowed at your own pace, this is 'self-study', and you will have forever if you wish to be completing them.

1) You shall notice an inexplicable connection to Light

2) You shall experience changes in friendship based on a common Light Level--you will attract those into your life who are of a Higher Vibration, and release those who are of a Lower Vibration.

3) As you Learn you shall experience this 'Step Up' process repeatedly.

4) You will start wanting to have Healthier Pastimes, Diet, and Exercise.

5) Your connection to Gaia and her Living Creatures will take on a new depth.

6) In your Mind you will begin to Question, your Heart shall become an important detector of Truth (what is Right for you shall 'resonate' strongly with you).

7) Others will become drawn to you for your Light. Unfortunately, some from a Lower Vibration might find it uncomfortable to be near a Newly Awakened One, and will go.

8) Your Heart will begin to 'pick up' on the intent of others, just by being in their Auric Field, and Presence. This is normal as you begin to experience this.  Normal in every way.

Sananda Illuminates Your Path: Letting Your Light Shine, Becoming a Brilliant Beacon, Performing Spiritual Maintenance

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Sananda Illuminates Your Path: Letting Your Light Shine, Becoming a Brilliant Beacon, Performing Spiritual Maintenance, Stating Intentions, Respecting God/Source's Plans, Living to Be an Example
 Two Channeled Messages Below Ashtar's Trinity Project Information


cancer woke me up!

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I was diagnosed with cancer in October of 2011.  It was strange... It was like I already knew.  I had moved from Detroit, MI to Bend OR, with a feeling that I had to be here for some reason.  I had this strange feeling like time was running out. I moved here with my small broken family knowing no one totally following my heart in 2010. My children and I were living in a DV shelter, I was on the path of finding stable housing and work for myself and my little ones when I was slammed with the diagnosis. Modulo Blastoma, I had a craniotomy Oct,20,2011. During the time between Detroit and before going into surgery, I had prolific dreams and visions that had led me to start following my heart or "soul path". After the surgery I was thrown in to a sort of "mania" I was having audio and visual hallucinations. Or so I thought.  After some time of craziness of being terrified certain and uncertain constantly changing every 5 min I voluntarily went in to a mental ward in hopes that I might get the answers to why I was getting these strange visions and info downloads. I was there for less than 24 hours when I was asked to leave, They told me what was happening to me was not mania or psychosis.  I ran from chemo and Radiation but when CPS told me that if I didn't comply with my doctors wishes to treat they would keep me from my kids I broke down and endured 31 days of radiation and chemo together, then agreed to continue treatment.  The visions and messages stopped!  I didn't dream.  Today I am half way threw chemo and CPS is out of the picture so I have decided to stop treatment.  I'm starting to see my purpose again.  I know there is an awakening, it's real and I am so glad that I'm not alone!  Thank you thank you thank you to all who are getting the word out.


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