Galactic Interplanetary Waves = Ripples Through ALL Dimensions (As Upon Earth, then Outward to All Dimensions and All Universes)

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Galactic Interplanetary Waves = Ripples Through ALL Dimensions = Your Ascension (As Upon Earth, then Outward to All Dimensions and all Universes)

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                         ASCENSION CLASS 47

       by SANANDA (Lord Jesus the Christ, Ascended)
              channeled through Rev Deb Wright
                       "The Domino Effect"


This is the lesson that you shall have concerning planetary,
galactic, universal, All That Is ascension.

Galactic Federation of Light Message - April 29th 2012.

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Discouragement, disappointment and uncertainty. These are all emotions based on fear. Fear has no place in the higher realms, so those of you who are experiencing these emotions at this time need to recognize these feelings for what they are, and ask for assistance in ridding yourselves of them. We can help you with this.

We realize that many of you are awaiting your own personal experience of first contact with us, many of you already have, and we have learned much from these initial contactees. Subsequent meetings will therefore be much more favorable, as there were many difficulties for us to overcome in arranging meet ups with you all, but experimentation with our technology upon your world has opened up many new options to us. So we anticipate that subsequent meetings will be a lot easier to organize and more beneficial to us all. 

Fear not if the call has not yet sounded for you. There is ample time for these meetings to occur; the way that we view time as such, so do not panic if nothing has happened for you yet. With events occurring all over the globe, to remove and relocate the last of the Dark Cabal, the time for us to step up our visitations to Earth are about to increase.

Galactic Federation of Light message - April 1st, 2012.

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Time is drawing near. The Dark Cabal are on their final roundup, and the path is being laid clear for your final stages of ascension.

Those who are still unsure of their purpose will now be shown what it is that is required of you at this time. Many of you have already received communication from us and are aware of your mission here, it is now time for the remaining Lightworkers to be provided with their missions so that they can begin their tasks in earnest.

Many of you will have noticed increased activity in your night and day skies. This will continue and become increasingly abundant, as we wish to convey our presence to every inhabitant of planet Earth. We have decided that gradually increasing our sightings is the least fear-induced way for us to reveal ourselves, as soon our sightings will become commonplace, and everyone will know that we are here and are real.

This is when the true face to face contact will begin in earnest.

Many of you have already experienced initial contact with us, through the spoken word, through dreams, and for a few of you - physical contact. The physical contact will increase, as we feel that this is a more believable way to dispel the doubts many of you still have - dreams and voices can be explained away as imagination. Physical contact cannot.

So, we ask each and every one of you to please remain open to receiving contact from us, as this is an integral part of the ascension process. Yes, many of you feel that you were sent here to do it on your own, and that we are 'interfering' with your mission if we step in to assist but this is purely  your 3D egos speaking.

My 26 Years of Usui Reiki

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My 26 Years of Usui Reiki


K-O-R Technique of Usui Reiki

Channel: The Council Twelve

Many schools of Reiki and thoughts about Reiki have come into being since I began my life with Usui Reiki.

Permit me to share my experience.

My Reiki life began in 1986 in New York City with my initiating master Michael J. Hartley.

I had never heard of Reiki back then, but the very word ‘Reiki’ caught my attention and I went to a gathering to find out more about this hands-on healing process.

I was impressed but had no financial capability to take the first level and even though Michael offered to make payment arrangements, I was walking out of the meeting and I was stopped in my tracks and found myself walking back and said let me work this out and I want to learn this healing art.

The process was set in motion and I now am 26 years into this powerful healing method.

Reiki has brought incredible paths that opened up to me beyond the actual practice of ‘hands on’ work.

As a practitioner or initiating master one is bringing in the Universal Life Force Energy or Reiki and that energy brings about balance in the recipient as well as the channel. Reiki brings about spiritual growth and presents new paths and persons in our life that expand us.

Consciousness is where I believe healing takes place and Reiki truly uplifts ‘consciousness’ to the spiritual planes and then assists to unfold and present experiences/teachers/paths that continues this spiritual process.

A message from the Galactic Federation of Light ~ 10/3/12 We are Here to Help~

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We are the Galactic Federation of Light.


Photo of Cloud Ships Will Harader


There is nothing new to report at this time, the Dark Cabal are continuing to be rounded up.


Keep an eye on your News programmes to see for yourself that these occurrences are actually taking place.

However, we would just like to make clear something that has recently been brought to our attention. There seems to be quite a bit of dispute between the inhabitants of Earth who have awakened feeling that they are here to undertake their missions by themselves with no outside assistance, and those who are welcoming our offer of help and support.


Yes, you all signed contracts agreeing to come to Earth to assist with the Earths ascension to the 5th dimension, but it was always a role of assisting. We would not send you all to Earth, unawakened and unaware, and expect you all to just fend for yourselves.



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