Proponents of discomfort

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Proponents of discomfort

What brings us about to understanding what these may be…? While we say discomfort has as effects “general anxiety” from choices we may have, while change is in progress or coming upon us.

What seems impossible to get to from moments where individuals are having events in management of what causation might be in after the event, which implies posting anything in general which may not be normal to others... What seems hard for us to understand is how this may be affecting you... Should you not know what you are doing then simply the implying effects which those probabilities of having it manifest, created, posted, has as effects something greater in the future views of individuals reading it…

The possible understandings that comes from it may shake some minds, but about that we say its advents to new probabilities... While having mercy on eventual prospects to pertaining matters at hands they deem those important in the near future but selective to your adaptations it would be wise to let them go to that information instead of posting it in pertaining matters, “waiting for something in return”. Since the concepts may be at large, either waiting for something in return or not wanting any change much more than what can be accepted from those post after some individuals reading it.

The world views, the prospects, they have greater effects if we hide what it is... Not hide… But simply keep in a secure place where we know where the information is and can have people view it as readily as available and have eventual means of bringing about possible views of it in the future by people looking into those things on their own consent...

THE SEVEN SACRED FLAMES by Phillip Elton Collins

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Explained by Adama, Father of Humanity and High Priest of Telos, Lemuria
Received & Written by Phillip Elton Collins
Co-founder of the Angel News Network
Beloved Humanity (God being Man) upon the surface of this laboratory of learning love, planet Earth, we of the energies and consciousness of the Inner Earth Civilization of Lemuria come to you at this crucial time within your ascension process (raising your frequency of existence to advance and in order to join us) to once again offer daily tools to assist your process and journey returning to your divinity.  There were those of you who believed that your ascension would automatically take place during 2012. At this time we wish to review and introduce to many the purpose and continued gift of the Sacred Flames  and how to apply them within your weekly calendar. Ascension is an individuated process of inside out, not outside in. You are all destined to arrive at your ascension. You are all in the process of ascending.  How and when you arrive is your freedom of choice and will.


The Angel News Network Weekly Message 12-15-14

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Welcome to The Angel News Network


   Bringing the Wisdom and Teachings of the Divine Realms to Humanity




Each week we share with you messages that come to us from higher realms. In the messages,teachings and lessons we receive, we are guided to move into our heart, to love honor and value ourselves. And from our heart we can truly, honestly and transparently LOVE. 


The December Leap of Light

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New Earth Frequency Update

Blessings and love to each of you within humanity of Gaia. We are the Unified Whole Command of the 144th dimensional frequency of Light with Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein at your service in this present moment.

Now that the month has moved into the last part of the year it represents so many octaves of light that have occurred within the planet during 2014. The changes within each of you are key to the next phase of Gaia’s evolution into 2015.

This month of December will prove to bring forth frequencies of light into each of your hearts and minds to prepare you for the upcoming year. It will represent your ability to take what you have learned and apply it within your role upon this Earth. The act of understanding and sensitivity towards others will be essential as humanity will be experiencing great shifts of awakening within their journey upon Gaia.

HS Message - The Rebirth

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by April Bender

A Hearty Congratulations is in order!!! This last month has seen the commencement of your beautiful rebirth into a heightened Multidimensional Oneness of Self state (the prelude to donning what many have deemed full Christ/Buddha Consciousness or ascension). The great in-breath period of May 27 through June 11 or so, brought not only enormous Inner Shifts, Transformation, and Restructuring but also a culmination of the Resolution, Reclamation, and Soul-Retrieval Sequencing Process - for you as well as other Warriors of Light. For countless others woven into the 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, the sequencing process has only just hit its stride. But for those of the first hour - (or the nodal points of the Higher Collective Mind/Web) your time has come, as by now you undoubtedly know.

Embodying the Golden Flame of Resurrection ~ Lord Buddha

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This is the transcription of the LIVE call within the Clarion Temple of Oneness with Lord Buddha on April 7th, 2014.


It is I, Lord Buddha at your service. It is my divine pleasure to be here in the Temple at this magnificent time of creation upon Earth.

As the Planetary Logos of this beautiful Earth of Gaia, it brings me great pleasure to come into the Temple and to express myself in the essences that Meleriessee allows me to do. I will bring to you what it is that I am here to express. And I give to you my sincere appreciation and gratitude in these moments.
Why do you think that you are here at this time?


I am not only referring to your existence on Earth at this time. I am speaking about this moment, at this time of coming together, in this beautiful Temple of Light. There are many Higher Selves that participate in these frequencies and are bringing forth these energies unto the Physical Self. Hopefully one day we will arrive in this Temple and see many souls in physical form joining us for these beautiful ceremonies of Light. I ask each of you to look within yourself to see how truly special you are, for the awakening that has happened, for the creation of your Light, and the divine continuation of what is occurring for you in every moment.
We are coming upon the beautiful Festival of the Christ. It is a beautiful time for each of us in the spiritual realms, as now physical human conditioning opens up to our essences in a completely different manner than ever experienced before. Sometimes, it is taken for granted by some individuals that we are here to assist them in their continual upbringing of Light within their own Physical Self.


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