Exorcism prayer and 15 lost souls sent home just now

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3/7/2019 9:25am

I have a tear running down my face.
It is not mine.
It is someone's sorrow.

Am I to address it? N

It is a lost soul? Y

Am I to do my exorcism prayer? Y

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let those who have ears to hear, HEAR.


15 lost souls were sent home.
0 demonic were sent home.

One of these is Delos, who recently committed suicide.

I heard him say, "Thank you."
He is waving his left hand at me as he has turned and is going home to heaven.
more goosebumps.

What Does it Mean to Connect Multidimensionally?

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I wish to make you aware of an important date coming soon, emphasizing what we may be called to do together. Why is the 8-8 important? August 8th is called the Lion's Gate or the Infinity Portal, connected with the Star Sirius, and also the double numbers of 8 and 8 representing infinity. 2015 is also an eight number if you add up the digits as numerologists do, which means it is the 888 portal to infinity. I am seeing that it connects to a grand orchestration by our universe, and our solar system to beam light onto planet earth in a way that brings keys and codes that help us evolve. The light codes come into the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid in Giza, anchoring this light to earth. Light carries codes, which is light in-formation or light information. The Great Central Sun is transmitting, and it is a grander orchestration for life on earth to receive, along with the planet herself.



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In the first time of humanity’s history , there is a mystical practicing discipline of straight talk about God realizing itself , teaching the stated principles coming to the upper world, go into exactly Universal Center, enter original nature; furthermore really high up , exactly and clearly, not confused about ways and concepts ; empirically out of body experiences. It states that coming to the exactly original home, then back again into the earthly world with sacred living, becoming Living Masters, Living Enlightened Being, Living Saints in the world

In the first time, there’s North Star imagination to guardian body and demonstration that physical body is the induction part which is small cosmos exist in the big cosmos, with 7 divine power centers in high world and physical body. Therefore we can explain and convert our karma, bodies, destinies, simultaneously smash primitive superstition occults, open scientifically ways to conduct spiritual revolution, spiritual and beliefs culture; remove old backward mystics, even reactionary demon and wizard types for human steps into a new evolutionary ladder .


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Celestialism - Great Discipline - Heartful Cultivation (THIEN DAO DAI PHAP TAM CONG - abbr. Thien Phap - Celestial Discipline) is the occult cultivation program combines spirituality, due to The Father Almighty God taught. The Grand Master works abide of Hierarchy Spirituality to save sentient beings with ideal of humanity’s Great Unity. Celestial Discipline is Celestialism’s Occult Practice Way. 
Thien Dao (Celestialism) is Celestial Way – God Way – Cosmic Way - the forever, timeless universal laws - not religion. Religion is the only mean of helping humans to be enlightened. 
There are numerous disciplines and ways to realize truth. 
Dai Phap (Dafa - Great Discipline – Great Way) has three disciplines: The Way’s Discipline, Prime Discipline and Occult Discipline. 
The Way’s Discipline belongs to Celestial Way (The Creator’s Way) - these are the laws of the universe and nature, in terms of Celestial Book. 
Prime Discipline belongs to The Way Book –Teaching Book –Law Book – Ceremonial Book –  Human Book –Intelligence Book -Trust Book (Earthly world: people’s perception and following the natural laws to live and cultivate). 
Occult Discipline (this Celestial Discipline) belongs to Coaching Book (cultivation method for enlightenment and merged with nature, The Creator’s Way; as the method of united Heaven-Earth-Human, Man united with God). 
Three Disciplines is consolidated so The Way is united, Heaven-Earth-Human are consolidated.
While still not enlightened and follow the truth, everything is also brute, decadent, dubious, mess, most lives might not know who you are, where you come from. Timelessly, The Creator’s Way does not change, only Prime Discipline, Occult Discipline in the Earthly world (lower world) change, be different so make human society, Earth change. 

4-18-13 TRUTH IN LIGHT – From the Heart of God and Company of Heaven to all in this NOW moment

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I am remember

In this hours and moments of "battle" with Dark and Light, KNOW the LIGHT OF GOD prevails at all times.  No matter how the outside is shifting, it is within that we must connect to Source, to our Heart, to our Creator and KNOW the LOVE we are.  Despite man to misuse the energy given to them, we must rise to a higher space of vision, truth and consciousness.  Not condemn, hate or move into fear or anger...difficult, challenging, yet possible and imperative.  

As we hold LOVE FOR ALL we raise the potential to move into the realms of love together.  LOVE HEALS EVERYTHING.  LOVE IS GOD.  LOVE BALANCES EVERYTHING.  To evidence this truth, hold the love without wavering.  See all awakening to the Truth of Love all over this beloved planet.  Humanity is on the verge of massive positive change as the final aspects of darkness exhaust their final energies.  We say to ALL beloved beings.  Find your sacred space of most high within your HeartSpace and Be love.  Stand in Light and Truth that Freedom truly is within.  Soon this will be the way on your planet.  Fear is NOT the ruler, only that of the illusion.  The Grand Source and Director of ALL is Love and the foundation is returning to such.  

Hold on to Faith of greatness yet not seen by the eyes yet known by the heart and soul of every being everywhere.  We are ONE.  WE are LOVE conjoining.  
The time is NOW to choose Love over all else. Exhibit the silent power of love from within and radiate to all places, spaces and humanity.  We will walk this walk together now into the new realms of higher living, of living from the heart.

BRAVO, Risa's Esoteric Astrology, BRAVO! .....and HEAVEN HIGH, VEGA OF LYRA! ★

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BRAVO, Risa's Esoteric Astrology, BRAVO!

“falling like rain”.....“tantalizing”.....“radiant”.....“points of icy light”


Lyrids/ Lyrids meteor party/ Vega Star / Lyra Constelation / Lir Takımyıldızı/ Alpha Lyra

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