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we aren’t nurtured in preschool about our natural potential to read the conscious energy of creation, ourselves, and of all life, on and off this planet. Beings (not only human, but also the plant realm, the animal realm, the thought realm, the body hologram realm, the soul body realm, the elemental realm , the realm where higher vibrational beings reside, and the realm of lower vibrational beings reside) both realms of higher and lower vibrational sets of consciousness (awareness) reside on the same level, its just that those vibrating in lower awareness, cannot see you for who you are, they can only see that which the ego projects everywhere, and uses that which is stored in the mind, as to what they know about you , and others.

The higher vibrating consciousness level, is one where you are able to see what i just pointed out, because you yourself experience that, even after the ego mind is gone, we will still have the memory of all our past experiences living within us, for no energy is destroyed, only transformed and re-used forever. this equation that supports the flow of creation which is a law and it’s non negotiable even when you negotiate it, it will always stand. The higher vibrating level of conscious awareness is the complete opposite of the lower and the energy contained therein is a support basin, for where this planet is going, where other planets are, and others are also going, and where all inevitably end up experiencing life in and on, and is that which assists you += all in living ethical lives for all eternity.

we’re also not nurtured in our natural ability to draw forth conscious awareness from within ourselves, which involves the entire drawing forth of the soul into the body hologram , which in turn integrates more of who we are into our body holograms.

Seen unseen seen unseen seen.....

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At home, you have a responsibility to yourself, to take care of all that takes care of your living space.

Clean/organize all dish(es), bathroom(s),shower,all floors,counter tops, sinks, cabinets, fridge(s),clothing,shelves,desks,trash,

All assesories, including all technological items,furniture, bed(under and around), cosmetics,closet(s),all area's outside the living space.This includes the lawn, the driveway, the backyard, the garage, the vehicle of transportation(s). To organize all of this, top to bottom, not

OCD style – that's insanity. Just keep it all in its proper place when it needs to be put back, keep it all organized and clean, not overly sterile like youre boy in a bubble, that again is insanity.

Cooking food = clean hands, clean dishes and silverware. The food itself whether its organic or fast food or a mixture of the two doesn't matter, so don't go all insane in your attempt to find the purest healthiest food on the planet and keep the pattern going, that would be insane.

Water = yes drink the best water you can get your hands on, but if you cannot, drink away. Drinking too much water = insane, same with food, and all over activities.


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we all have our very own personal, interpersonal,universal
communication station that we work with. like a shaman, only
a multidimensional eternal,similiarly uniquely equal being
experiencing cycles of life and death. not every being
reincarnates. the communication station is experienced
through your ability to willfully communicate telepathically
with anyone for a specific amount of time, the reason for
the amount of time you have to communicate with a being is
due to the fact that there are certain beings whom your
attention is directly needed to be in communication with,
beings will come in and out of your awareness during
these kinds of talks, but alas your main focus is
needed where its needed, when its decree'd so. its
an inevitable experience where the only choice you have
is the willingness to be with it in the long run.

you know what this is like, youre busy with work, your
focus is on getting the work done as effeciently as possible.
whenever youve made an error , you willfully address it
and work with it as best as you can to fix the error,
and whenever more errors are found you continually address
them until all errors have been fixed and then you are able
to move on completely unto the next area of focus that needs
your attention so you are able to bring in more light to
the planet. there are a lot of errors on this planet
that need to be fixed, but it doesnt mean that the errors
themselves are not part of the divine plan, because if they
werent, they wouldnt be there period. addressing your internal
experience is where the work is. no matter what it is, facing
it as it is, is the real work. so if you arent willing to
address your inner situation that needs work, you will be
addressed consistently into looking at it for good and
learning how to work with that which needs work both within

My 26 Years of Usui Reiki

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My 26 Years of Usui Reiki


K-O-R Technique of Usui Reiki

Channel: The Council Twelve

Many schools of Reiki and thoughts about Reiki have come into being since I began my life with Usui Reiki.

Permit me to share my experience.

My Reiki life began in 1986 in New York City with my initiating master Michael J. Hartley.

I had never heard of Reiki back then, but the very word ‘Reiki’ caught my attention and I went to a gathering to find out more about this hands-on healing process.

I was impressed but had no financial capability to take the first level and even though Michael offered to make payment arrangements, I was walking out of the meeting and I was stopped in my tracks and found myself walking back and said let me work this out and I want to learn this healing art.

The process was set in motion and I now am 26 years into this powerful healing method.

Reiki has brought incredible paths that opened up to me beyond the actual practice of ‘hands on’ work.

As a practitioner or initiating master one is bringing in the Universal Life Force Energy or Reiki and that energy brings about balance in the recipient as well as the channel. Reiki brings about spiritual growth and presents new paths and persons in our life that expand us.

Consciousness is where I believe healing takes place and Reiki truly uplifts ‘consciousness’ to the spiritual planes and then assists to unfold and present experiences/teachers/paths that continues this spiritual process.

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