Daily Tarot Reading ~ 2/2/13

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We are teenagers, now in the Golden Age. We've made it through infancy, childhood (boy, they grow up fast) and now we think we know it all and it's up to us to put that knowledge into action. Since cups represent the emotional and spiritual side of things (think, inner) we are being asked today to take a look at how we are doing personally in the Golden Age. How are we handling our emotions? Are we in touch with our emotions or do we indulge ourselves in them, and get lost in fancy daydreams? Are we spending enough time being alone with ourselves, comfortably? Are we going into our heart to understand? Are putting what we've learned into action, or are we spending too much time in introspection? How are our relationships holding up in the new age? Are there any where it's time to let go and move forward? Knights are all about finding the balance between polarities. We need to be able to balance our emotional and spiritual life with our active life. We need to understand the situation with the heart, and then move into action.




Personal Tarot Reading 1-6-13

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I did a personal tarot reading, but I thought the message from my Higher Self might be valuable to others as well:



I just finished a Celtic Cross tarot card reading for my current environment and I can't even put into the words
the feelings I got when interpreting it. I made some initial notes about the cards, and then asked to connect with my
Higher Self (HS) to compose a interpretation message. I also have a Phrenite stone that I keep with my cards. I
held this when asking to connect with my HS.



If you're interested in getting a tarot reading of your own check out Ataraxia Holstics on Facebook. Or email ataraxiaholistics@gmail.com. Love & Light - R



My Guardian Angel...

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She is my Guardian Angel with the Green Eyes and the wavy brown hair

I AM my Guardian Angel with the Green Eyes and the wavy brown hair

The Angels bustle around me as they tie ribbons in my hair

They gloss my Lips with Rainbows and make them glisten in the Sun


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