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Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, Interviewed by Joel D. Anastasi


Greetings beloved earth beings from the Temple of Sun. We’re going to take you on a journey today to the Temple of Sun in concert with the Goddess of Liberty. So take a deep breath. Join with your Christ Consciousness. Join with your I AM presence. Join with Archangel Michael, the legions of the Blue Ray Angels and the Goddess Liberty to join us in the Temple of Sun.


What is the Temple of Sun dear ones? It is a temple that existed in the time of Atlantis. It was the western boundary of Atlantis. With the destruction of Atlantis it was etherically recreated in what you call the island of Manhattan. So, in effect, the island of Manhattan is and was an aspect of the Atlantean islands. And this Temple of Sun, our Temple of Sun, has been recreated in an etheric format over the entire island of Manhattan – what you call Manhattan today.


You are not alone – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn April 29, 2013

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Source: Sirian Heaven, 4/29/13



You are not alone, my child. You can’t but see us, but you are surrounded with countless helpers – Angels, Guardian Angels, Ascended Masters and my beloved Archangels who are my direct children with the Divine Father. They are all near by. Sometimes you can feel them, scent them, but they are still invisible for you. They are ready to give you every conceivable help that is permitted. They aren’t allowed to act against your life contract but they will guide, heal and protect you. However you know already that they have to respect your free will. They aren’t allowed to act without request. So, don’t be afraid to ask them. They can hear you, I can hear you too, and we are all waiting to hear your call. We are only one thought away from you. We don’t have visiting times, we are always there for you, my child.


Small Things

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Source: The Creator Writings, April 28, 2013



The things that have the most impact on your existence are not huge, Earth shattering moments. The small, almost imperceptible, things happening on a daily basis all around you have far more influence than you will ever know. Open your eyes, my love, and see them for what they are……golden opportunities for positive change.

~ Creator


The Proof You Need Lies Within Your Hearts: Pleiadian Message, channeled by Caroline K.A.

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Posted April 8, 2013


We are the guardians of light.  We come to you today where all matters pertaining to the heart are of the greatest importance.

It is time to gather yourselves in balance, and in light as you go within on a daily basis, if not more.  Your connection with spirit, and the essence of your true identity is now being made known to many of you, as your awakening is proceeding at an accelerated rate.

Within these new-found realizations coming to you now, many are eager to know more, and you often ask for physical proof as to what the higher realms are showing you.  Dear ones, we say to you in all sincerity, the proof you need lies within your hearts.  It is only from within shall you completely align with the truth of what is, and it is you, the creator human, who choses what to do with the information you receive in manifesting and creating your reality.


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