Despite the Turmoil, Are You Feeling the Love?

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Source: BodyMindSoulSpirit.com - 6/4/13, Gregg Prescott, M.S.


by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

With the plethora of corruption, oppression and tyranny in all governments compounded by the main stream media’s continuing campaign to manipulate public opinion, do you still feel the love?

Every day, I update the alternative news on in5d.com and I have to wade through a ton of crap to find the few gems that exist, such as a cool UFO sighting, a new crop circle or something interesting that is happening in our galaxy or universe.  Most of the news that I post has to do with uncovering the truth that we all resonate with.

Visualization - Spiritual Work For ALL Beginners: Part 2 of 6

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Source: Intl. Starseed Network, 6/11/13, by Condolence



Namaste my friends, in the first article I wrote I was talking about how important it is to know the basics of spiritual workbefore you start trying the fancy stuff like astral projection, channeling, past life memory’s etc.

And I also showed you the first step “feeling energies”

This time I would like to talk about “Visualization”

Visualization is probably the most important ability you MUST have. Everything you do in spiritual work is based on it. Visualization is the most powerful skill and I know nobody who has mastered it to 100%. These 5 steps will help you to learn visualization to a degree that you should be able to instantly visualize what you wish.

Re~Hearter - Two Chat Sessions This Afternoon! Please Join Us.

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Please join us this afternoon! ALL are welcome.






heartWelcome to The Fifth Dimension (With Rain)

Tuesdays and Thursdays -- 2 to 4 pm Eastern
(11am to 1 pm Pacific)

I welcome ALL LOVE BEings to join us as we talk about navigating the Fifth Dimension together, flowing in the River of the Oneness Energy. We can't get lost if we co-create with LOVE.

Spiritual Work For All Beginners. Part 1 of 6 - Feeling Energies!

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Source: Intl. Starseed Network - Condolence, 6/10/13


Feeling energies.

Namaste my friends, what I often notice is that a lot if people, especially people that are new in spiritual work, start practicing but get really demotivated or even stop practicing spiritual work, because they seem not to be making progress. Me for myself had the same situation in the beginning. I just got into spiritual work and wanted to learn channeling and astral projection before I even knew the basics.

The basics you should learn before you start doing anything else are:


  1. Feeling energies

Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Vulnerability

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Angel Wisdom Monday, June 10, 2013


It takes great courage to dare to open your heart and allow your true self to be exposed and yet it is this very energy that leads you to the rewards of being completely free. To be vulnerable is a sign of great inner strength, for you know that you truly are safe and that there is no need for protection. There is no need for masks and barriers when you bravely step forward and let your true self emerge and let others see your divineness.

Have patience and don't try to force things to happen, allow them to unfold in their own natural way, like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon, you are ready to fly. Unmask your heart and be open as this allows you to empathize, be compassion and to love, truly, madly and deeply.  It shows you a path to a better way and it is a journey only for the brave. Dare to be vulnerable as it is indeed a sign of great strength and completeness.

Affirmation: "As I bring down my barriers and dare to be vulnerable, I find I am stronger and more able to love and give of myself completely and unconditionally."

And so it is.

You are dearly loved and supported, always, the angels


Out on a Limb - I Am God

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GFP Note: This is a wonderful, powerful clip from Out on a Limb. Please note that the astral realm and karma, which was an illusion of duality, were dissolved in 2009. And, there is no more reincarnation to this matrix. Now when people shift, they move to the ships where they are helping us with our mission.




Uploaded on Oct 16, 2007 By Slothia



A fragment from mini-series called "Out On a Limb" - 1987.
With Shirley MacLaine and John Heard.


My Higher Self: Using Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life

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Source: HealingandLove.com - Andrew, 5/26/13


Affirmations are very important and can create positive changes in your life. They are extremely powerful words or thoughts that you need to constantly repeat which will eventually enter your unconscious state and mind.

When this happens, these affirmations can become part of who you are. Affirmations can be positive affirmations or negative affirmations. Stick only to positive affirmations. The more emphasis and energy that you put into your affirmations, the more they will be part of what you believe in and part of your belief system.

But avoid negative affirmations as your unconscious mind cannot process or compute any negativity or negative statements. These are simply ignored by your unconscious mind. Make sure that you affirm only positive words and do not affirm any negative words.

Liberation of Humanity is at Hand!

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The Galactic Free Press Update: Liberation of Humanity is At Hand


Bringing Humanity Home Energy and Event Update With Love from The Galactic Center


The Real News and The Whole Truth



MORE than 3500 lightning strikes have lit up New Zealand's skies in just 12 hours May 22nd 2013


Greetings Love Beings, The Energies are intensifying just as we and many others have shared would occur towards the end of May. You can Feel the Electricty and Excitement in the Air[ and there's alot of lightening occurring all over the Planet, LOL]. We have Many Events Assisting The Light and Real Energy of Love on this Planet. From the Wesak Festivals, Unique Alignments with Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus Lining Up in the Sky beginning on May 24th. 


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Source: LifeCoachView.com - 8/24/12


The 5th dimension is totally different from the 3rd and from the 4th dimension.Differences of the 3rd and 4th dimension

It operates to a great extent in a completely uncommon way. Maybe, it seems unbelievable, but , it is quite real, because people live in this consciousness of the 5th dimensional schedule.

First of all the time in 5D dimensional consciousness is instantaneous, which means that all possibilities occurs in the same time and in the same place, at the same moment. Where is our focus, there is our answer. And of course, our attention is there. When we ask, we shall receive.

11 Important Tips To Raise Your Consciousness

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Source: CollectiveEvolution.com - 4/30/13, Alina


Lighten UpWhat does “raising consciousness” actually mean? It is often portrayed as some sort of super-human accomplishment that will grant us spiritual super powers… but it is simply about becoming freer within ourselves. The freer we feel within – not “because” of this or that – the LIGHTER we are. Becoming enlightened is simply about lightening up. We can now forget about becoming something more “special.” Raising our consciousness is simply the process of lightening up our load of baggage so we can move freely and fluidly as the light beings that we already are! 

Here are 11 tips and insights (with links to talks and guided clearing meditations) that have personally helped me lighten up my own load and shift my consciousness.

1. Be You in Every Moment

Yep, it’s that simple. Replace pretense with your presence. You don’t have to wait until you feel “good,” “perfect,” “enlightened” or wait for something to happen for you to relax into your own being. You don’t need to look at anothers journey and compare, judge or doubt yourself either. This type of thinking just tricks you out of the perfection of you in this moment anyways. No matter what you are feeling or what the situation is, just be you and let the rest unfold.


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