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Inspired By Ascended Master St. Germain

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network


For a long time the world has been “ruled” by the human mind. Where has that gotten us? In spite of the amazing advances humanity has made, the world still does not allow equality for all. Many are fighting for their right to be equal and free. Much of the world lives under oppressive governments, a few controlling the many.


We still believe war and killing each other is acceptable behavior. Our way of thinking really isn’t working very well. In fact, if things stay the same we most likely will not survive as a planet or species. It is time to wake up, or else.


No wonder the planet has now activated an aspect of its divine soul plan that allows an ascension process to move into a more advanced, higher frequency existence where the behavior of the past is simply not allowed. The payoff is we get to live forever to serve the forces that created and love us eternally.


This new way of being is the result of the human mind, at long last, returning in service to our all wise heart. This is our divine destiny.  Our heart holds all the wisdom that we need to grow and expand that is not contained in the intelligent/knowledgeable human mind. This heart wisdom is the result of all past and present wisdom being stored in the DNA/RNA of the etheric heart and passed on from reincarnation to reincarnation. The collection of knowledge becomes wisdom as it accumulates.  Maybe we need to know the important difference between wisdom, and Intelligence/ knowledge. To know something does not make us wise. Our history proves this. Data needs to be stored and used over time. Welcome to the terrific thinking heart.



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Holy Inspired By Ascended Master St. Germain

By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network


In a world where a small percentage of the population continues to control the majority perhaps it would be helpful to begin a discussion about power. We sense and know the 1% cannot and will not continue to control the 99% if we are to advance as a species and support the survival of our planet. There are many awakenings throughout the planet demonstrating self-em-power-ment. We all have experienced ourselves abusing power or being abused by it. Our incarnational cycles seem to be a good mix of both. This is how we learn what we came here to learn.


What is this thing called power? From whence did it come? What is the real purpose of power? How can we make better uses of power than we have in the past and present?


Now is the time to stop our inequality, separation and confrontation forever by an improved understanding of power and making new choices concerning the constructive use of power.


Two Wondrous Way Showers

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Holy inspired by Jesus, The Christ Consciousness, and Ascended Master Saint Germain


By Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network


Many of us are aware we are moving from the worn out old to an unknown new. Our planet and ourselves are now being given a most divine gift to awaken to our true selves and purpose in Being (here). To let go of duality and confrontation that have kept us separate far too long. To now join in Oneness and We Consciousness to fully activate our divine soul plans, planet and people alike.


A precious pair of Ascended Masters, who once walked this Earth as we, are vital links to this process of moving from the mercurial me to the wondrous we: Jesus Christ and Saint Germain. As we further awaken more and more is being revealed, beyond our religions and past metaphysical studies as to who these devoted ‘Sons of Source’ truly were and are.


Divine Discussions: Temple of Sun

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Channeled by Phillip Elton Collins, Interviewed by Joel D. Anastasi


Greetings beloved earth beings from the Temple of Sun. We’re going to take you on a journey today to the Temple of Sun in concert with the Goddess of Liberty. So take a deep breath. Join with your Christ Consciousness. Join with your I AM presence. Join with Archangel Michael, the legions of the Blue Ray Angels and the Goddess Liberty to join us in the Temple of Sun.


What is the Temple of Sun dear ones? It is a temple that existed in the time of Atlantis. It was the western boundary of Atlantis. With the destruction of Atlantis it was etherically recreated in what you call the island of Manhattan. So, in effect, the island of Manhattan is and was an aspect of the Atlantean islands. And this Temple of Sun, our Temple of Sun, has been recreated in an etheric format over the entire island of Manhattan – what you call Manhattan today.



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