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Daily Tarot Reading ~ 2/3/13

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Judgement reminds us not to focus on how others are doing at this time. Remember, ultimately all of us are on the same path, we are just moving at different speeds and some of us like to take the scenic route every once in a while. Instead of judging others, this card asks us to, like yesterday, look within ourselves to judge what is not working or whatever does not fit into your life at the present. Judgement shows us that hope is never lost. It's never too late to shed what doesn't resonate with you and make a fresh start. In fact, we get this chance with each new day (of course it can be done at any time). Questions to ponder today are who do we want to be? How do we want to make a difference? What do you need to release, let go of, or forgive yourself or others for in order to make it happen?

Daily Tarot Reading ~ 2/2/13

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We are teenagers, now in the Golden Age. We've made it through infancy, childhood (boy, they grow up fast) and now we think we know it all and it's up to us to put that knowledge into action. Since cups represent the emotional and spiritual side of things (think, inner) we are being asked today to take a look at how we are doing personally in the Golden Age. How are we handling our emotions? Are we in touch with our emotions or do we indulge ourselves in them, and get lost in fancy daydreams? Are we spending enough time being alone with ourselves, comfortably? Are we going into our heart to understand? Are putting what we've learned into action, or are we spending too much time in introspection? How are our relationships holding up in the new age? Are there any where it's time to let go and move forward? Knights are all about finding the balance between polarities. We need to be able to balance our emotional and spiritual life with our active life. We need to understand the situation with the heart, and then move into action.

Daily Tarot Reading ~ 2/1/13

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Today's Daily Tarot Reading: The Sun

I was definitely supposed to pull this card this morning. Clumsy ol' me, when shuffling the deck it managed to almost slip out of my hands. I had to flip the deck over to get them back in order and this... card was on the bottom. So I shuffled some more, cut the deck and lo & behold, I pull the Sun. Here's what I felt after pulling this card:

I felt that it was important that the first card of February was the Sun. It seems to tie in with my monthly reading that this month is a month of great (and hopefully visible!) changes. We need to start the month by stepping into and embracing our true selves. What is it you enjoy? How do you want to spend your time in the Golden Age? Start putting that together and get to work on it. The Sun shows us that anything you undertake this month, if you put the necessary effort into it, will be successful.

As mentioned previously, I get the feeling that February will be a month of great changes. The Sun shows us that perhaps hidden information could come to light soon. This could be on a personal level, or at a larger level. This is why it's so important to know who you are and what you want -- so that you are not blindsided by potential unveiling of information. When you have a good idea and understanding of yourself, it's harder for others to knock you off balance.

The Time Has Come

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This was an interesting reading. Laying the cards out, I was so excited. I believe that there is the influence of both Mother and Father God in the reading (the Emperor in position 3 and the Queen of Cups in position 6) as well as the influence of Gaia/Sophia (the Queen of Pentacles in position 8, the Outside Forces position).

I struggled with this reading after laying the cards out. I think my mistake was that I went immediately to my book, instead of forming my own initial interpretation of the cards. I worked with the book for a little while before become frustrated that I wasn't able to put a fluid writing together out of it. Then, I was interrupted by our wiener dog barking at the mailman. So, I took a time out, took some deep breaths and returned to my writing. I flipped a fresh sheet of paper out in my journal (maybe that was part of my problem too. I first started taking notes on my laptop. That doesn't go as easily for me as pen and paper.) and the following is what came out. I believe that the first part of it is my Higher Self. In the latter half, I was visited by another being (in rewriting the channeling, there is possibly a masculine energy who spoke to me before the feminine. This is getting more & more exciting. Wheee!!), who I'm not entirely sure the identity of. It was definitely feminine and very loving.


A Little Inspiration for my Weary Soul

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The day may dawn when fair play, love for one's fellow men, respect for justice and freedom, will enable tormented generations to march forth triumphant from the hideous epoch in which we have to dwell. Meanwhile, never flinch, never weary, never despair. ~ Winston Churchill

I don't want to, but I have to.

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I don't know what I'm writing when I start this. It has something to do with my heart feeling cold, though.


There's a positive and negative to everything. I haven't been meditating daily, like I know I should. I'm recogizing the differences now. Postive and negative. Dark and light.


When I don't meditate, I'm cold. I know I'm cold. My heart is cold and mine and that's it. I recogize others, but I don't really seeeeee them.


When I do meditate I am warm. I am kind. I am compassionate. I am miserable.




You heard me, I am miserable.


That doesn't make sense.


When I do meditate, I am giggly and I am nice and I am warm, I am so warm. My heart is warm and soft. I wake up in the mornings and cry and cry and cry. I don't want to keep living in this 3D world. The thought of getting out of bed, and going out in 3D rattles me.


So when I don't meditate. I still smile. I'm still kind, but I am hard and cold.


It's not something I think that others notice the way I do. They still see the smile, they still get treated kindly. But not as kindly as they could.


I don't want to venture into that 3D world, but I have to.


When I don't meditate, I can get by. I don't have an aching feeling in my heart, a longing for something better.


What's worse? I'll tell you.

When I don't meditate, there's nothing pushing me. I'm "content", for lack of a better word. I don't realize that aching and longing, it's hidden inside of me. Buried in the layers of density from 3D living to keep it hiding from me, so it's not there to give me that motivation.


I don't want to go out in the 3D world, but I have to. I have to because someday, I won't have to.


Does that make sense?



Personal Tarot Reading 1-6-13

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I did a personal tarot reading, but I thought the message from my Higher Self might be valuable to others as well:



I just finished a Celtic Cross tarot card reading for my current environment and I can't even put into the words
the feelings I got when interpreting it. I made some initial notes about the cards, and then asked to connect with my
Higher Self (HS) to compose a interpretation message. I also have a Phrenite stone that I keep with my cards. I
held this when asking to connect with my HS.



If you're interested in getting a tarot reading of your own check out Ataraxia Holstics on Facebook. Or email Love & Light - R



Holy Energy, Batman!

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I'm feeling weird today. I think that I knew something was up yesterday, that there was a lot more energy. I was hesitant to take a personal day so soon into the year... but I did and went shopping with my sister. We got frozen yogurt and it was delicious. I think that's why I didn't notice anything yesterday. I was having fun and my vibrations were higher. Today, though, I am sitting in my cubicle and my heart feels like it's a ballon in my chest. It makes it uncomfortable and a little hard to breathe, but it's not something that I'm afraid of. Synchronistically, a little after feeling this I saw the Earth Allies' message about the energy of today. Just before this feeling in my chest, I was insanely aware of myself. I was sitting in my chair, I mean really sitting there and just taking everything in. I can feel it coursing through me and it is intense. It's overwhelming. It's exhilarating. This is the start of something new. New ideas. New hopes. New dreams. New reality. It's coming, my dear and you can't stop it. You can't hurry it either. YOu must be patient. Oh but it's so hard to be patient when I'm hearing that our New Age will be wonderful beyond comprehension. I just want to comprehend it!

Happy 2013!

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Hello friends, and Happy 2013! It’s going to be a great year, I can feel it. I don’t have any resolutions, per-say, but I do have some self-improvements. I tend to try and change too much at at a time, so I am trying to take it easy (it’s not going very well.) But here are a few items I’d like to try for the new year:

- In bed by 10:00 and up by 6:00 every day
- Meditate daily
- do my lessons each day

Not to mention my HUGE goal of getting out of the corporate workplace and starting my own holistic business. With that in mind, I’ve set up a donation page. There, you can find more about what I’d like to do and how you can help. As a thank-you I will add you to my Reiki Blessing list.

One thing I’d like to do more of in the new year is get in touch with my God-Self. So it was just my luck that I was inspired by my Higher Self to do a daily affirmation practice. I plan on meditating with the affirmation for 15 minutes each day. I probably won’t make a post about it each day, unless something profound happens. But I will do a weekly post about it. Mostly likely on Tuesdays, since that is what today is! Some weeks I may even get ambitious and make a video post, holy cow!

I’m guided to start with an affirmation to accept myself just how I am, part of which was quoted by Shakti Gawain and pulled from the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Spirituality & Health -

I am worthy of love from myself and from Spirit. I can call on Spirit anytime I need or want extra clarity, wisdom, knowledge, support, creative inspiration, love or companionship.”

Love & Light and Blessings for a wonderful 2013.

Give Love A Try

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Note: I am not usually into writing poetry but I was guided this morning to write this poem. I received confirmation that my guides and angels were working together with me on this when I unknowingly posted it on my blog at precisely 11:11. Feel free to share freely, with proper credit. Love & Light, Rach


my heart is breaking
the angels cry
a nation is mourning
questioning why


answers won’t come easy
some may never be found
for now, we can open our hearts
to let the sorrow drown


we can argue about guns
and we can argue about motives
yet all the while
families and friends speak votives


my heart is breaking
and the angels cry
what difference could I be making?
my mind gives no reply


it’s no small feat
to fix a world broken
but i’ll start small, and
continue until everyone has woken


it’s a fact i know that
true change starts within
so i’ll start with a smile
and call everyone my friend


and someday i know
this philosphy will expand
to include one and all
in each and every land


my heart is mending
the angels tears are dry
we’re all in this together
let’s give Love a try


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