A message from Amira, The new Extents. January 18th 2016.

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Namaste, welcome I oblige you to respond in kind manners, after we attend to this particular information. Firstly because it is imposed from a newer source or model, in which we are concurrently working with from a higher perspective. Secondly the outcomes of information in which we transpose different Interests within, can cause us to assemble a new active form of communication. Which means we have allowed for a higher probable enigma, which constitutes our interior processes of assimilation. What we concurrently hold dear to us, as we advance in constructs which helps us understand new fabrics, it will allow for an inner communion, showing synchronicity, beyond what we intend to find or learn as consciousness becomes active from other beings (Beyond the Veil of Forgetfulness).

What we mean by this, is that Mario is going to experience, many varying fields of knowledge, interposed through levels of conscious resonances, which unlocks the potential to verify the correct links, in physicality, which will bring us to the next summit, inherently governed by beings beyond the veil. More so we have acknowledge many differences, within the fields of conscious energy. The memorable extents which have allowed us to prosper, in fields of knowledge that have foretold of a greater future, for beings whom are living in 5th Dimensional energy. We allow for better maps, interior maps, which coagulates properties of our awareness as to allow the right formulations to begin for a link to concurrent forms of reality, which will be activated, by allowing simultaneous (concurrent) interpositions on the knowledge which we read and have assembled from our entire day.


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