The Bridge to the Heavenly Kingdom, Enter the heart!

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Good Morning Beloved, it is always a pleasure to meet with you. We come today with information that will assist and empower the limited consciousness to a state reconciliation with the divine within oneself.

To begin, we will ask the Great One, to assist in this process, and begin the transmission.

(In meditation last evening, the energy was overwhelming to a point of tears.

I was mentored not to move from the candle or the meditation until I cleared all of my thoughts of separation that were not aligned with the higher aspects of myself.

It took about 15 minutes to calm the mind and get to a place of peace and calm. This felt most comforting and unusual, the feelings that transpired from this meditation left me open to receive all evening in dream time what I am about to share with you today. ) messenger’s words…

Beloved, the bridge to the heavenly kingdom is about centering in the heart. If your heart is open, you can receive the many gifts that hold pure bliss and fulfillment of any purpose or dream.

We are here to drive home the idea that you are your own creation. In that your thoughts create who you are in this now moment.

You are at this very point in time where you were guided and meant to be. Through your thoughts and actions.  A dream, is placed in the mind and you are living that dream. You may not remember it in your mind. However, your body knows, your heart knows.

Truth in Light - Calling your home

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There is a grand intensity of increase in the energies coming in and through us.  Do NOT fear that which is happening as many souls will now leave this realm.  We speak not only of the human soul, but of your animals, mammals and those of the Devic Kingdom.  They too are ascending with you in both physical and non physical realms.  There is nothing to fear.  All is in a grand state of elevation of frequency.  Mankind is taking another step up per se.  Life as you know it is becoming more real and alive.  The truth is unfolding before you and it may be unpleasant to see for man has lived in the shadow of himself not knowing the Light of thy Creator.  

Release attachment to things, people, places, situations and beliefs.  The puzzle pieces of your reality are now showing big gaps, holes and nothing may make sense...as you human mind in no way can grasp the level of quickening that is happening as you are shifting right along with the grand mix.  Your heart is the place that knows and is at peace with all that takes places.  Your heart is your connection to your highest truth.  Your heart is your path to your I AM creator connection.  Take, make and honor your time of going within to be ONE with All That Is.  Find your peace that is within you and is soon to evidence itself in your outside experience.

Archangel Zadkiel: Your Heart Is The True Power In Your Life. Allow It To Lead The Way ~ Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ July 14, 2013

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Archangel Zadkiel:


Hello dear ones, I AM Archangel Zadkiel. I wish to give a message today to all you children of the Galactic Sun, purveyors of Peace and holders of Love.

My dear ones, much is afoot. Much is behind the scenes waiting to burst open and I am here to help you decipher it and to receive it into your hearts as truth.

See yourselves for who you are now, dear ones. Hold that dear to your hearts and move forward with it into the sunlight of truth, that all-pervading air and breath of truth. For the time is now to receive it fully from within and hold it as sacred ever more. Hold it and see it clearly now, dear ones.

I am here to help you clarify for yourselves what is true for yourselves once and for all. Listen closely to your heart now and I will help you hear it more clearly. Let nothing else invade or pervade the clarity that is sitting there.

Journey to Open Your Heart, Activation of DNA and Lightbody: Free Webinar Offering on July 29

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grand alignment, Star of David planetary alignment, Lion's Gate, merkabaJump into possibilities and potentials as we take the next big leap in evolution by Returning To Your Divine Blueprint. We have reached a major turning point in the shift of consciousness and are now taking our first steps into the higher octaves of Light. We will be facilitating some new activations that will assist and align with the new energies as we move forward in the ascension process. We have a full line up of wonderful activities/offerings for this special event which will take place on July 29th and this also marks the Star of David planetary alignment so this will make for a very special event. The activities for this webinar will include Guided Meditation, Heart Opening, Diamond Light Body Activation, Full Energy Clearing and Recalibration, DNA Light Code Activations, Light Language Activation and to complete this magnificent event we will be launching a exciting experiment in honor of the new energies now available so join us for a magical Experience as we reclaim our Divine Essence.

You are invited to an exciting co-creative experience on Monday, July 29th at 7:30 pm EST. That would be 6:30 Central Time, 4:30 pm PT. For those in the UK, it would be 12:30 am after midnight in the London. EDT is -4 GMT to figure it out in your time zone.

Yeshua: You Have Reached Yet Another Marker In Your Development ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ July 5, 2013

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Hello my dear beloveds. I gaze upon your magnificence, your increasing brilliance of light and sparkling divinity. I am in awe of your power and your resiliency and your commitment. It is to be commended and admired for this was not an easy road you chose to embark on.

But in the truth of that is also the startling revelation that within you is everything that you need to allow this mission to come to fruition. For in the struggle comes strength and an opportunity to gather and tap more strength and resources.

It is the secret of creation, to be able to tap that power within, to meld with Source and allow for Light and Love to prevail in everything you focus on. It is in allowing for that God Spark within you to grow and morph at will. And to allow your essence to grow and prosper in the moment of Now.

For you are discovering that your essence comes into fruition not by trying but by allowing. To revel in your capacity to glow and spread your Love Light to all around you is a privilege and a right you have and are discovering with each passing day.

4-18-13 TRUTH IN LIGHT – From the Heart of God and Company of Heaven to all in this NOW moment

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I am remember

In this hours and moments of "battle" with Dark and Light, KNOW the LIGHT OF GOD prevails at all times.  No matter how the outside is shifting, it is within that we must connect to Source, to our Heart, to our Creator and KNOW the LOVE we are.  Despite man to misuse the energy given to them, we must rise to a higher space of vision, truth and consciousness.  Not condemn, hate or move into fear or anger...difficult, challenging, yet possible and imperative.  

As we hold LOVE FOR ALL we raise the potential to move into the realms of love together.  LOVE HEALS EVERYTHING.  LOVE IS GOD.  LOVE BALANCES EVERYTHING.  To evidence this truth, hold the love without wavering.  See all awakening to the Truth of Love all over this beloved planet.  Humanity is on the verge of massive positive change as the final aspects of darkness exhaust their final energies.  We say to ALL beloved beings.  Find your sacred space of most high within your HeartSpace and Be love.  Stand in Light and Truth that Freedom truly is within.  Soon this will be the way on your planet.  Fear is NOT the ruler, only that of the illusion.  The Grand Source and Director of ALL is Love and the foundation is returning to such.  

Hold on to Faith of greatness yet not seen by the eyes yet known by the heart and soul of every being everywhere.  We are ONE.  WE are LOVE conjoining.  
The time is NOW to choose Love over all else. Exhibit the silent power of love from within and radiate to all places, spaces and humanity.  We will walk this walk together now into the new realms of higher living, of living from the heart.


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ART: "Eye of Ra" by CQ illustration, http://cqillustration1111.deviantart.com/


STAR CODE★: http://tiny.cc/ctvopw
THE STAR ALTAR OF CREATOR'S HEART✡: Maka Wicahpi Wicohan, p.277-284, http://tiny.cc/wy90sw

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