"This is the first day of the last 20 day periods called IZKALLI, Resurgence..." ƸӜƷ ♥

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"This is the first day of the last 20 day periods called IZKALLI, Resurgence..."
-Mazatzin Aztekayolokalli

IZKALLI: Resurgence of TOTLAZPTLALNATZIN--Our Beloved and Respected Mother Earth

DAY UNTIL SUNSET: ZIPAKTLI: Crocodile, the Beginning of Evolution of All Living Beings. The Initiator, Number One Even, with No Number Two. Watch, Follow, or Wait, but Get Out of Their Way. Companion to XOCHIPILLI as TONAKATEKUTLI, TONAKAZIUATL, Photosynthesis, the Male and Female Rays of the Sun through the Plants to Give Us Life.
-TONALAMATL, www.aztekayolokalli.com

Art:  ZIPAKTLI,  http://tiny.cc/tx4jsw


Burning Through Unconsciousness

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Last summer, I was at a rodeo, expecting a good time, when the people we were meeting showed up with an unexpected guest. I had never met this lady before, and after introductions, we all sat down to enjoy the show. A brief moment passed and she started making unbelievably rude comments to me, over the heads of two other people. I tried ignoring her, probably playing the victim, I wondered why no one else seemed to notice. So I remained polite, which was probably the wrong thing to do, because it seemed to egg her on...Anyway I reached the point where I just got up and moved, wondering why my companions would want to have someone so negative around them. I was glad to see the evening end.

Time moved on and I moved on through my spiritual journey. I realize now that she was rather blatantly teaching me to set boundaries or speak up. But you know what they say about hindsight....lol.


I don't want to, but I have to.

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I don't know what I'm writing when I start this. It has something to do with my heart feeling cold, though.


There's a positive and negative to everything. I haven't been meditating daily, like I know I should. I'm recogizing the differences now. Postive and negative. Dark and light.


When I don't meditate, I'm cold. I know I'm cold. My heart is cold and mine and that's it. I recogize others, but I don't really seeeeee them.


When I do meditate I am warm. I am kind. I am compassionate. I am miserable.




You heard me, I am miserable.


That doesn't make sense.


When I do meditate, I am giggly and I am nice and I am warm, I am so warm. My heart is warm and soft. I wake up in the mornings and cry and cry and cry. I don't want to keep living in this 3D world. The thought of getting out of bed, and going out in 3D rattles me.


So when I don't meditate. I still smile. I'm still kind, but I am hard and cold.


It's not something I think that others notice the way I do. They still see the smile, they still get treated kindly. But not as kindly as they could.


I don't want to venture into that 3D world, but I have to.


When I don't meditate, I can get by. I don't have an aching feeling in my heart, a longing for something better.


What's worse? I'll tell you.

When I don't meditate, there's nothing pushing me. I'm "content", for lack of a better word. I don't realize that aching and longing, it's hidden inside of me. Buried in the layers of density from 3D living to keep it hiding from me, so it's not there to give me that motivation.


I don't want to go out in the 3D world, but I have to. I have to because someday, I won't have to.


Does that make sense?



Holy Energy, Batman!

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I'm feeling weird today. I think that I knew something was up yesterday, that there was a lot more energy. I was hesitant to take a personal day so soon into the year... but I did and went shopping with my sister. We got frozen yogurt and it was delicious. I think that's why I didn't notice anything yesterday. I was having fun and my vibrations were higher. Today, though, I am sitting in my cubicle and my heart feels like it's a ballon in my chest. It makes it uncomfortable and a little hard to breathe, but it's not something that I'm afraid of. Synchronistically, a little after feeling this I saw the Earth Allies' message about the energy of today. Just before this feeling in my chest, I was insanely aware of myself. I was sitting in my chair, I mean really sitting there and just taking everything in. I can feel it coursing through me and it is intense. It's overwhelming. It's exhilarating. This is the start of something new. New ideas. New hopes. New dreams. New reality. It's coming, my dear and you can't stop it. You can't hurry it either. YOu must be patient. Oh but it's so hard to be patient when I'm hearing that our New Age will be wonderful beyond comprehension. I just want to comprehend it!

13:20 Calendar (01.03.13): HEARTH = FIRE-LIT HEART

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13:20 Calendar (01.03.13): HEARTH = FIRE-LIT HEART

ART: “Heart on Fire” found on http://tribesofcreation.wordpress.com/

MUSIC: “Fire of Love” http://www.tribesofcreation.com/songmusic/FireofLove.mp3

“Fire of Love
This fire is the power
Of love and forgiveness
This fire is the power
Of kindness and gratitude
This fire
Burns everything
That stands in the way of love
This fire
Is healing the nations
This fire
Needs brings purification
This fire, this fire
Is love”

“Come On, People! Raise the Vibration!”

♥ 11:11 MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN (Word of Love, The Way of the EarthStar, Universal & Spiritual Laws of Creator):
DAY: MELCHIZADEK, Invokes the Flame Imperishable in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF NATURE, Jupiter, Whale Day, Indigo True Vision Star, Essence of Truth “Thus a law was created upon Turtle Island that should seven generations of a family be indigenous here that the Spirit of the Land would consume their Tree of Life and bring forth Grandmother Turtle Wisdom.” Code for the Day: http://tiny.cc/hezcqw

13:20 Calendar (12.29.12): HEAR THAT? GAIA’S STAR HEART IS HEALING!

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13:20 Calendar (12.29.12): HEAR THAT? GAIA’S STAR HEART IS HEALING!

ART: “The New Gaia-Light Activation Key Codes” by Gaia-Dawn Core Heart, http://www.gaiadonheart.com/

“You remain in the joy of creation and the creation of joy. Beloved Heart, at this pivotal instant of awakening, Be-come One, Be-come the Core One... Be-come the One Core-Heart.”

MUSIC: Donny Hathaway - Voices Inside (Everything is Everything) Live, http://youtu.be/lSdglxtW8Lg

“Come On, People! Raise the Vibration!”

♥ 11:11 MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN (Word of Love, The Way of the EarthStar, Universal & Spiritual Laws of Creator):

13:20 Calendar (12.24.12): There's EVERGREEN in that HEART!

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13:20 Calendar (12.24.12): There's EVERGREEN in that HEART!

ART: “Christmas Ornament Felt Holly Swarovski Pearls Decoration Felted Wool” by Kristie Ann, http://tiny.cc/yvmupw
(Holly is an EVERGREEN! YAY!)

MUSIC: The Holly and the Ivy, http://youtu.be/57l6dSbVppM

“Come On, People! Raise the Vibration!”

♥ 11:11 MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN (Word of Love, The Way of the EarthStar, Universal & Spiritual Laws of Creator):
DAY: MINISUNKA WINYAN Otter Woman in the SPIRITUAL LAW OF INTUITION, Heals Emotional Body and Heart, Earth, Turtle Day, Red Root Star, Essence of Love. “It is through the heart which is the GREEN LIFE OF LOVE that you do enter into the gates of that thymus which indeed is known as the SACRED HEART.” Code for the Day: http://tiny.cc/8veupw

★ 12:12 UNCI IKTOMI WICAHPI WICOHAN (Word of Alignment, The Way of the StarSpider, Universal & Spiritual Laws of Universal Mother):

Yeshua: Be At Peace With Your New Selves ~ Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ December 17, 2012

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Hello, Beloveds. It is amazing to see your progress already. Many are lifting as we speak, absorbing the Light and riding the wave of ascension. You are doing splendidly. You are not alone in this process, as we have been saying.

You each have a team of angels, archangels, and/or ascended masters who are assigned to you for this entire process. They have been there all along, but full attention and purpose is now aligned with your Being for a successful and mind-blowing experience of ascension. I say that not to alarm you, but to prepare you for the most exquisite experience you could ever imagine, dear ones.

The more you open and receive right now, the more it will be complete and perfect for you. What I mean by that, is of course to tell you that ascension is assured, but your full experience of it, your smooth experience of it, and your highest experience of it will be dependent on how much you let go and receive. We have been saying this, but we want you to relax and enjoy the ride as much as possible. There is nothing more important than your complete surrender and openness.

Many of you are completing your clearing, and do not worry; you do not need to do it all. Just do your best. There is no amount of unresolved issues and karma that will stop you from ascending and much can be cleared now with just giving yourself complete and utter Love and accepting it from Creator and us. You have made it, dear ones; you have traversed the treacherous part of your journey already, and now it is just for you to enjoy the crowning glory of it.


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