Emotions in Realtime

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Here's all the proof you need to see how your emotions affect your heart, very interesting experiment I think everyone should try.


goto the google app store and download this free app called Instant Heart Rate




Then while using the App, think Loving Thoughts, Gratitude, Etc.  and watch the reaction, and then think of something that makes you angry, I thought about the Cabal, but it was really hard to muster Anger anymore, I'm assuming that's a good thing. LOL


Just try it out, very interesting the realtime response, it works by your camera measuring the variation of color in the tip of your finger.   Very accurate as well, because I clocked it manually. 


Just thought I would share that with everyone!


I send loving light to you all!



Let Your Feelings be Your Guide

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"Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide"


A Prayer for Your Soul



The light of all eternity shines with me now

My feelings light up my life

How I find my way is determined by them

They illumine my path and show me who I am


When I was young, I felt so many things

Then came the day when I could not stand the pain

My world was chaos then, filled with sorrow and grief

So I closed up to protect that fragile Self within


Fran Zepeda ~ Sananda ~ Stay Centered in Your Heart and Your Divinity ~ June 25, 2012

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Sananda ~ Stay Centered in Your Heart and Your Divinity ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ June 25, 2012


Sananda 6.25.12:


Greetings, fellow Lightworkers! A new era has begun, a new beginning for you; it is only for you to embrace it. Many things behind the scenes are transpiring. You will be able to feel it if you go into your heart. You do not necessarily need to know all the details, but if you can accept it in your heart, you are well on your way to a new life, a new beginning.


Dear friends, there is so much you still are not aware of and the coming days will reveal more and more to you. Take it in stride and remember to stay centered and in your heart. Whatever is puzzling to you, just run through your heart like it was a decoder device. Allow it to sift through and come to awareness there.


My dear beloved Lightworkers, you don’t even realize as yet the enormity of what you have accomplished. Time will tell, as they say, and it will sink in more. For now, keep leading with your heart and your love for all Beings, including the cabal, for they need it now.


I would like to address some more points to help you in your ascension process. You know by now that you are changing in form quite a bit. The crystalline structure of your bodies is becoming quite settled and prominent. It is causing you to want to eat lighter and purer, and you will notice that fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes will give you the high-vibrational energy you need.


Copyright and piracy.

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Copyright and piracy.


First off piracy supports where humanity and this planet is headed in the long run, the life where you don't have to pay to get music you desire to hear, and the artist making the music doesn't need to support capitalism or any other current societal standard from this and other nation's on this planet, in order to continue living and supporting themselves and family. The whole copyright law infringement war is full of beings who are pitching tents and throwing temper tantrums over the fact that that which they've put their whole being into , to support and attain their inner dreams.


Piracy goes against the grain of the greedy, selfish beings on this planet. You stating that you aren't greedy or selfish, how about you go give some inside information in regards to what you know about the corrupt , hypocritical beings working in the government. (right now it is absolutely impossible to go without the use of currency in order to continue living.)


Fran Zepeda ~ Yeshua ~ You Are Love ~ May 22, 2012

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Greetings, Souls of the Earth, my beloved Lightworkers, and all of Creation!


There is much said about Love. Love is the highest vibration. It makes up everything, it is in everything, it is of everything.


You know this, but have you stopped to observe it in action in your World around you? It is in the beautiful song of the birds in your garden, and in the forest or woods where you walk and enjoy the beautiful offerings of Mother Earth. It is in the delicate petals of the fragrant flowers you so love to enjoy. It is in the beautiful sunsets all around your World.


Most of all, it is in you and it is of you and it is You. Love is You. It has never left, dear beloveds. It is being uncovered and discovered everywhere inside and around you. You know this, but do you take the time to feel it in your hearts constantly? Do you breathe it and stoke it like embers in a fire, and do you see how much the warmth can color your whole reality? Take the time now to breathe it and stoke it and spread it throughout your heart like a furnace ignited with all the good that is in you.


My dear friends, you have made so many changes in your World already. You feel it in your hearts, and in your bones and it is in the air around you, that magnificent yet sometimes subtle fragrance of change that some do not yet embrace with as much Grace as we see many of you doing. What a wonderful spectacle it is to see from our perspective!



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Dear Friends and Family,


Lucas (4) shares his Valentines Song "my magic is my giveaway" with you.


He sees all children singing this magic heart song together...


With singing together we create a frequency shift !


Feel free to feel how he feels ... sing along ... in-joy ... pass it on ...


Together we create a child heart tsunami !


Light and love and peace and joy, harmony and gratefulness


Lucas & Mystery Live





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Diana channels:

Mother Earth speaks:


You are a Starchild that came to Me on Earth to experience your Self.


Your body is given to you as a temple. It is a temple for a Starchild to experience life on this precious Mother Earth, that I am. Make space and let it only be inhabited by your Higher Self.


This temple is there to honour Me, Mother Earth. It is your personal earthtemple in which you connect to me. Your temple is from me.

Honour your temple so you honour me. Look how you nourish your temple. Let it be shining purity. With which frequencies is your temple truly vibrating?


Your temple is pure nature so let it be natural. Let it move in natural rhythms in which the earth, the sun and the moon are moving. Especially as a woman you connect to the moonwaves.

Artificial times, food, lights and sounds are lowering your vibration. They are  transmitting square-cutted waves that overlap your natural vibrations. That disconnects you from Me, the Divine Mother Earth. It is all about vibrations and resonance.

Tao Of Domestication

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We as a human race have evolved from primordial era to the beings that we are today. Not fully understanding our roots or who we really are as a species. We re always asking who am I? We search outside ourselves for the answers deeply looking to identify with something that we can see, hear, touch, and smell for proof.



What if the proof has always been apart of u? What if we have always had it within us all along? What then? If it were to stare us in the face and say here I am. Would you accept it for what it truly is? Or would you chop it up to nothing more than a coincidence and keep searching franticly.


I found myself asking the same questions over and over again who am I? why am I here? What is my purpose? Do I have one? Until one day I decided to listen for the answer. To stop listening to what everyone else had to say about who I am.

To my delightful surprise there it was coming in loud and clear.


Ok so I think I need to back up a bit here because it didn’t just happen that way. A lot led into this moment not everything I understood at the time either. Some things were very confusing to me and I struggled to understand it all.


What I am speaking of here is that voice inside your head guiding you in every moment. Not the one that feels yucky in your belly however the one that fills your heart with love and you just feel it in every cell. Until the other voice chimes in sometimes saying things like (what? Are you crazy? Do you really think this is real? Don’t be so stupid).



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