The Kindness For Free Movement

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If YOU could help change the world... Would you? The information in this short video may change someone's life. Will YOU share it?

Alchemy for Courage: The Power of Love

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Each of us have fears that drive us, even if we do not acknowledge them. They cause us to avoid situations. They cause us to not speak our truth, to live less than our full potential. It makes for a mixed energy inside that wants to go one direction, our soul's calling and the other direction, the voice of fear. Fear can be a friend. It can be a guidance system. It can also be the ego's voice that holds us back from our greatness.


Time nexus

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Time nexus

Flowing freely in abundance, what runs smoothly in our relationships has us wondering how a companion can take care in how we do things together. In simplicity having a human with you has many possible venues in which we can have as interactions none the less expressive experiences, emotional, condensed experiences sometimes, secrecy, allowance, exposure, doubts, conflicts, troubles, love, compassion, expectancy etc... These are all things which can be experienced in a relationship, tough some of them can be used in excess, while others are good some other things can be bad, or good at the same time.

When we are talking about a relationship as a couple, what makes us unique, is how we express ourselves in our togetherness, our experiences... If we are adept to fine tuning the fields which corresponds to some of the written words as compassion, or love, in a way it can traverse some potential links in which it opens us up to venues which were not there before, which is not always good, as we can manipulate, in other words try to control, this is not meant to be... We should be able to be free in all that we choose to do.

Opening to Greater Flux

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March 12th 2015 2:08AM

Opening to Greater Flux

General velocity factors, what abides in lower transmutable forms, formations, gives in extent to the probable future timelines, what some term the generated flux from core dispersions. In attendance programs… What seems to have given about a great number of consorts (Constructs in Formation), what resembles synaptic currents, undulated formation in probability factors, while conjoining greater systems at play for universalized account on prospects deviated within setbacks for the residual flux to abide in lower grades of transparency. Supposedly what consorts with its users innate potentiality in giving out a resurgence on occasional fluctuations which contemporizes trough velocity factors, what is needed momentarily for advances in our dispositions, for actualizations on contemporary thoughts, which abides in higher grade, transmutable content, for refinement in actualizations of the properties innate trough intellectual bonds in acquisitions to the synaptic flows.

Inherently, given in abundance, what seems to pertain to these intellectual properties in augmentations of the synaptic flows through modulation, gives about coherency in how we manifest or supress by choices, which are enacted from our surrounding activities…

Perspectives on accountants seems to have evolved to new heights in correspondence worldwide.

Contemporary the factions are at loose ends with the inner potentialities given from the “machines” core functions. Synapsis is a core attribute in the portending fabrics while we evaluate some of the residual flux, which helps maintain the general structure of these “channelings”.

The Dying of the Ego and Re-Birth of the Soul

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The transition process involves the dying of the ego and the re-birthing of the Soul. Similar to that of the Phoenix rising from the ashes, so are we as we transcend and ascend out of the illusion of the ego.

The ego is an illusionary aspect of your 3rd dimensional self. It lives in your mind and  IT IS NOT REAL.

It is through the ego that you are able to experience a FALSE aspect of your self. The ego however, will have you believe that this is you. It will lead you down the proverbial garden path.

It is the ego that creates every illness, dis-ease, dis-comfort – mental or physical. It is the ego that creates fear and all negative energy.

Love is the only antidote to negative energy.

There are times when you’ll feel so ill during your transitioning, that you may feel scared and even start to worry. Know that these feelings are due to negative energy being released. Negative energy can cause your body to feel as though it is dying. This is ‘normal’ as all negative energy will create within your physical body major discomforts such as dizziness, nausea, weakness, muscle aches and pains, muscular spasms, headaches etc. Symptoms may vary from person to person as no two people are alike, but know that all of this discomfort is negative energy that is being released.

Sub Set Deviated Fabrics

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Sub Set Deviated Fabrics

Some perpetual forms of awareness's... Trough galactic inheritances, what seems to abide from lower (TRIPs) Transitional Realms In Postulation's, seems to be giving us hints in how this totality (Formation) Planetary, Galactic... Comes to its own perpetuated fabrication.

What seems to "de-crystallize" flows which are adaptive trough us, abundant in this universe...? While corresponding matters evolve on truthful accounts...

What seems to postulate at greater ends... Seems, look's, as a being, interacting in what we termed the (core genesis)... Individually this being would be entrained by many factions across this galaxy... And more so evolving at a temporal fluctuation... What resembles actual glitches in the "matrix" could be what we speak of when we are in creation, the particle wave effect... Which is abundant throughout multiple realms in which the postulation would be a carry on from the inner realms...

So it would go from the outer to inner and then postulate within, concurrent to the outer (actualizing the outer) in a form of transcription. What's amazing in this "conspiracy" or simply intellectual drive/flow which is abundant while utilizing in excess what we can "surmount" on occasions...?

Temporarily the constructs abide in lower forms of transmutation... But on the other hand... When we evolve beyond the ordinary, which is conceptualized for us to gather within, postulate, augment in dispositions and much more, has concurrent nodes adjacent to infinity as its main transcription/Transmitting point (nexus)...

Core Neutralities

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Core Neutralities

Conjunct to Saturn’s moon in opposition with Jupiter... Massive conundrums for us to have momentarily... Giving a remap/recap in how this will unfold in a short enough amount of time... Given that we are adept in making something which is diverse in many occupants’ fields...

Contemporary the fabrics in which we will speak about has us remembering some old concepts where we were inept to the fields in view... While bypassing the abnormal flows which surrounds us dearly/daily... What accompanies us in these moments has surmountable postulations in acquisition to the synaptic modules while processing quite indifferently at occasional conjunctions.

Contemporary the fabrics are "chained" or engrained... In some of the above templates while we premeasure the content which may become appropriate after viewing some core anomalies/disruptions, contemporarily fabricating "things" at a nexus for us to abide in quite differently... If momentarily the constructs do not evolve we will have to give about end to this flow... While contending views appear... In synapse, synapsing currents we contend/abolish the flow for resurgence at the anomalies which takes part in making this gigantism, mission by which many are concurrently holding onto as prospects to keep on going with or without our consent or field views...


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Interactive modules undulating from frequency adjustments are made formal to some interplaying links at higher apertures while we advance in key predications towards higher fluctuations within the fields.

Abiding in lower consensus the formations are keenly igniting some flows which will adapt in the near future what is needed within the attendance programs.

Coherent nodes aligning star matter is abundant throughout the galactic codex’s.

Frequency adjustments are made for us to intellectually gather in higher postulations nodes of the adherent frequencies in pertaining matters sub selected from groups across this galaxy.

Interdimensional beings abiding in lower forms of (Our consensus) has a gradual reuptake within individualistic commands to bring about higher postulations in TRIPs which allows the undulated frequencies to adjust predominantly at higher apertures within synaptic modules.

The excess in modulation comes from advancing thoroughly as an adaptation which abides in every day functionality of our genomes main systems. Contemporary the main substance active from the inner ingredients become active once we “Jump in” synaptic modules excelling from the aboriginal states which we integrate at (higher velocity factor points). Abiding from lower consensus the reasoning is a false positive… Contempting in immersive venues the interactions become exponential as adversities amasses throughout the grids.

Possibilities in aligning star matter is coherent from the abundance programs which runs smoothly after adjustments are made from higher apertures within the constructs of our subliminal messages.



Humanity's Plight Versus The Energies

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This message came to me from sources that I am attuned to in the Higher Realms. The message is:
"Humanity is now not showing signs of improvement, overall, during this expansion of consciousness currently being provided to them graciously from us. Each member here on planet earth is here to find the truth that they are here to find their true love. Each being must seek truth or find displeasure from thwarting their true mission. Each being must also take in stride their ways of handling their tumultuous pasts and find better and more suitable ways to get along. The new consciousness being provided does not allow for lower vibratory actions such as hatred, violence, and such, but rather, it provides support for those vibrations from the Higher Realms, instead. Thank you for reading this message of truth that is inherent in each soul now canvassing the expanse called planet earth."


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