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FROM TEMPE, ARIZONA ARTIST, SARAH CARTER:  "I might not be perfect, but, I can paint. To be honest, I have no idea how I do it....and each piece is as much a surprise to me, as it is to you....I'm grateful for wherever this ability came from, it's such a precious gift to be able to express myself in pictures rather than words....because there are no words for these feelings.❤" #ART #PAINTING #LOVE #YES  

Connecting with your Higher Self within your Sacred Heart ~ Meditation and Energy Transmission

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For the past 3 years Michael has been guiding me to “stay in my heart”, and now more than ever this is possibly the most important advice you will ever receive. If you’re not in this sacred space, you may find that your world – your living experience – is becoming more chaotic by the day.

If you thought that by now you would be experiencing less resistance in your transformation / ascension process, then you may just want to rethink that because for me personally my ego mind and lower consciousness is putting up a royal fight, and the only place / space I’m finding peace of mind and a sense of balance is in my heart.

Yesterday Michael guided me to a passage in Emmanuel’s Book 1 (Pg 32 of the Kindle book). It served to remind me how powerful my mind can be:

“The heart is an unerring compass. The heart knows the Soul better than the mind does. Unless your mind is in service of the heart it becomes a warped and twisted master.”

He goes on further to say:

“The only path that is right for you is the one that is already designed within you. To find this path you have to hear your own heart. There simply is no other way.”

Recently we released the 2nd Mp3 energy transmission to help people to form this energetic connection within their sacred heart, and to make this connection to their Higher Self and Source energy – to the God within.

Please make use of this meditation. It will help you now to find inner peace and to become stronger energetically. You will find this transmission here:

WHAT HAS LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? by Phillip Elton Collins

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Inspired by the Ascended Masters


Love is one of the most used words and supposedly experienced emotions in human existence.  Do we really know or understand what love is? Do we know the true purpose of love? What is the understanding of love beyond what we think we feel or have experienced? Through the connection and support of higher realms beyond humanity let us see if we can gain a new insight and truth about this thing called love…


The energy/vibration that is love is the manifesting power within creation, the building block, the power behind and within ALL THERE IS. It is almost impossible for the human mind to comprehend this thing called true love or to know exactly what it means. The human experience of love is a mere reflection/shadow of the true essence of love. The mystery of love is an essential part of its power and glory. True love is the attraction of the magnification of the eternal divine wisdom and God Power of Creator/Source or whatever you chose to call the most loving and powerful force in the many universes. Since we are all unique, perhaps our definition and experience of the most extraordinary force in the universe is meant to be unique to each one. True love always understands, yet not necessarily is always understood nor needs to be.


But let’s see what we can piece together about love. The ascended masters who once were human and walked our Earth and experienced love in a similar fashion as we human mortals may give us some clues. Their Law of Oneness and Unity seems to be an offspring of love. “Love one another as you love yourself,” is the blueprint of knowing who we are and why we are here.  We appear to learn “what is” through “what is not,” most often. 


Monday Musings ~ Letting Go and Letting God

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5 years ago I sat in my living room in front of my desktop PC and I said to God “That’s it, I’ve had enough! I cannot do this anymore, my life is a mess! I’m giving it all over to You. It’s Your turn now. I’m letting go and letting You take over the reins of my life. I’ll be your instrument and I’m giving you carte blanche (free rein) from now on. Your Will is my will. And so it is.”

I didn’t know who God was back then, but I believed in the Higher Power that was pumping the blood in my veins and giving me the air that I breathe. I knew from Conversations with God that God was in Everything, the Source of All, and that there was nothing that was not God.

I knew also that He had heard me.

That turned out to be the best decision I had ever made.

Earlier today I crossed a national highway on my daily walk and coming down the road towards me was a huge 18 wheeler truck. I said to Michael, “If needed you could stop that truck from hitting me right?” He replied “Of course, but you are already know that. Why do you ask?” I said “You are that powerful?” He replied “I am even more powerful than that. My power is infinite.”

I don’t know why I asked him such a silly question. When I lived in Mexico I used to ask him to move really bad looking thunderstorms for me and he did. So a little 18 wheeler truck is no biggie for him! In case you didn’t know, the thunderstorms in Mexico can get a little crazy. They used to scare me!

Embracing the Pure Potency of September

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What is going to happen in September? There are some potent eclipses and an Equinox in September. Lots of predictions are circulating which have a range of many perspectives. Some people are concerned and some are ecstatically hopeful. What will happen in the world? Nobody really knows what will happen, and I see these shifts like the recent August 8th Lion's Gate or Infinity Portal Date as days to align the self, to come into balance, and to be more connected with source and embody our higher selves in our human forms. I laugh as I sense the galactic beings are all on the edge of their seats watching Earth to see what happens. That is why Planet Earth is one of the most exciting Reality TV shows for watchers and guardians because we are co-creating, collectively what the future will be. We do that with the vibration of our hearts, our vibrational voting with our level of attunement within and unity with the universe.

I do know that the more we go inward into our hearts, step into love and release negative expectations or fear, the better will be our own experience and the experience of everyone. Let us do that now! Enough hearts can change any predictions toward the good of all. It is really all about our internal mastery, and internal shift within. We are each experiencing the journey on earth as individuals, and we also experience our ascension process individually in our own ways. Yet we are connected and doing it together. It is like timeship Earth is going through some experiences that we as a collective experience.

Energy Healing Transmission

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Artist ~ Josephine Wall (

I’ve recorded my first energy healing transmission as guided by my Highest Consciousness, my Beloved Archangel Michael. The recording has been light encoded with Reiki energy which will continue to be felt each time the recording is listened to. In fact, the energy will only become stronger. It will never dissipate.

Reiki is Divine Love, it is the universal flow of Everything that is Love, so what the transmission does is help you let go and release all that is not love within you. Basically, all that is not love is negative energy because all positive energy has its origins in love, which comes from the Soul.

Our objective as an ascending Being is to be love once more – to return to a higher state of consciousness means to return to a higher vibration, and the higher we go, the more love were able to hold. Love is light, light is love. Love is all there is!

So this wonderfully powerful transmission will help you to let go of the ego and all of the negative energy associated with the ego – guilt, blame, sadness, pain, disease, fear, feelings of  unworthiness etc., and bring you into alignment with your Soul Self so that you can experience more love, peace, gratitude, health, harmony, joy and bliss, and all that goes with those higher vibrational energies. This includes abundance in every way. When you are living more in your heart i.e. in love, you begin to experience an abundant life!


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