Sunday Message ~ Two of the Most Powerful Affirmations for You to use Now

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~Artwork by Charles Caryl Coleman (1840–1928)

The incoming energies are making it clearer for us to see within ourselves what it is that has been holding us back, or rather keeping us in victim mode, and out of balance. Lately with the healing work I am doing I have been receiving affirmations to give to people to overcome their blockages. This past week several blockages that I thought had been cleared have re-surfaced at a deeper level for clearing. The thought occurred to me that we are like wheat being separated from the chaff. The chaff in this sense is the outer layers that we have used in order to hide from our True Selves. What is left once these layers are cleared is our pure Heart of Love.

This is no easy task, as many of you know by now. Transformation is never easy, especially since we are undergoing this transformative process within duality AND with much negativity surrounding us. Sometimes it feels as though we should be giving up! But no, we would not be here unless we were the strongest and most capable of Souls, having taken it upon ourselves to help in this massive task of bringing Light where there was no Light. We answered the call that went out many thousands of years ago because we knew we would prevail. There was never any question about it. Divine Love never fails!

And as we look at the chaff, we may wonder to ourselves how we could ever have been that, or become that, or done that, which is so contrary to the very nature of our Soul, it is best, imperative actually, that you do not blame or judge yourself anymore, as you will only prolong your transformation process.

The Pause: how to convince the mind that it is safe to be in peace?

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The Pause- Safety at Peace. (c) Gil DekelThe universe opens up a Pause when we struggle, allowing us to enter the peace that is ‎everywhere and everything. There is an initial sensation of vacuum feeling, so to speak, in ‎which the music of the universe starts to play. But to hear that music and to feel its love, we ‎need to be in the Pause. We need to pause our mind from its non-stop chattering and ‎worrying, and we need to move into simply Being – Be Present, Be Feeling, Be Aware of who ‎we are.‎ Read More...

The Pause- Safety at Peace. (c) Gil Dekel

Death Is Love

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Death Is Love

Whatever you try to control, you become equal to in the mind.
Just look at the criminals and police for proof, as corruption is
equal in both. Depending on where you live, police are more or
less corrupt depending on the crime of the region. What kind of
person wants to join a police force that has a dirty reputation?
you do the math. If that isn't collective karma than what is?

The quality of our being is the thing that can change another
thing... If you are suffering, then you can do little to stop suffering
in its tracks for another, although you may temporarily modify it
with simple trickery; by tugging on the strings of the ego.
Temporary alleviation, but not real change. No one can stop your
suffering but you, and it is the same for others. How then can we
Help the world? Please continue reading..

As we seek for things, we already know what we are going to find.
How is this a change? If the mind has an image already of change
then will you not merely attract more of the same to yourself?
Seeking is a desperate attempt to control things. Unless of course
we are seeking the source of our being, which is free of suffering.

The only way to stop suffering in the world is to stop your own
suffering, and that does not require healing. . . it does however
require work, sacrifice, and understanding, until all of the thoughts
that govern our ego are understood as "not i", down to the core of
our emotions and mind. Until we are free from the ego delusion,
and become One with the source of our being, the all that is, there
can be no end to suffering. Being In the world, but not Of the world.
Affecting the world with our pure of essence.

Why Do So Many On The Spiritual Path Feel They Are “Not Good Enough?"

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Why Do So Many On The Spiritual Path Feel They Are “Not Good Enough?"

Everyone on this planet understands that being human involves moments of self-doubt, hesitation, and/or wondering if we are “good enough” to reach our goals and fulfill our desires. However, for “light workers” or those on the spiritual path, these feelings are often more pervasive, intense, confusing, and even paralyzing. Rather than fleeting moments of feeling unsure, our episodes appear more difficult to overcome, and almost foundational or at the core of our awakening process.

As light workers, most of us consider ourselves to be human beings of powerfully energetic and universal fabric; connected to all on this planet and beyond; and part of a bigger picture regarding the future of our  species, our planet, and the cosmos. So, why are we so hard on ourselves? Why do we tend to over-think, feel insecure, dwell in self-doubt, or get overly impatient with ourselves--even in situations where we would likely show understanding and compassion for someone else doing or thinking the exact same thing?

It is true that we can point our fingers at different life events or critical people whose hurtful words and unkind actions may have nurtured our sense of uneasiness or “unworthiness.” However, a root cause that all of us in the awakening process seem to share is the feeling of “not fitting in,” no matter how good we are at faking it. Why? Unfortunately, being more “awake” on this planet still means being truly different than 99% of the population in genetic frequency, “sensitivities,” and perspectives. 

From Judgement to LOVE

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SPIRIT has no judgement.
The UNIVERSE has no judgement.
The experience and energy of judgment comes
from an old fear based paradigm existing only on this planet.

Most of us grew up with some form of judgement.
Whether it was about aspects of our physicality, our intelligence,
our abilities at school or our social skills,
the judgement beliefs take hold and eventually become
embedded into our cellular makeup.


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Yeshua and Mary Magdalene:

“As you embark on your increasingly vibrant journey of LOVE, remember to honor everything about yourself, and likewise, honor everything in others.

Nothing is of substance unless you give it such, so in honoring all, including yourself, there is no judgment or separation, and therefore of no substance.

Separation and Judgment is no longer your world unless you give it substance, so dear ones, only give substance to Love and Honoring the Divine in All.

Namaste’ ”

Channeled by Fran Zepeda May 21, 2014


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