Sunday Musings ~ The Illusion of Need

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“Why are we writing about this again?” I asked Michael this morning, and he said “Because, My Love, some people could use a reminder”.

Life in the illusions is difficult, to say the least… The biggest one of the Illusions, is that of ‘Need’. If you haven’t read “Communion with God” by Neale Donald Walsch, then read it if you feel guided to. The entire book is about the 10 Illusions of Man, of which Need is but one. This illusion, I feel, is one of the most debilitating of all, apart from the illusion of Separation. These 10 illusions form the basis of all life experience in the lower dimensions or levels of consciousness. But for now, let’s talk about NEED.

This past week I’ve been suggesting that people read Louise Hay’s book “You can heal your life”. If you haven’t found your answer in the first 10 pages of the book, then perhaps the time is not right for you to find it. That being said, she has much the same philosophy as we do. This is what she says:

“When people come to me with a problem, I don’t care what it is – poor health, lack of money, unfulfilled relationships, or stifled creativity – there is only one thing I ever work on, and that is LOVING THE SELF!” ~ Louise Hay

Know that we are talking about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE here – the kind that is DIVINE, not the human kind. Loving and accepting yourself, UNCONDITIONALLY, is the first step to changing your entire life experience. In fact it is the ONLY step you need ever take. All else follows…

Love truly does create miracles in your life. Love creates change. Love heals. Love opens doors. Love will give you everything you have ever desired. Note we do not say “everything you have ever needed”, because you must remove the illusion of ‘need’ from your consciousness.

I Hear You Calling My Name

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This song is a prayer. It describes what is happening to us when we begin hearing, and/or paying attention to, God's Voice within ourselves. At this stage in human evolution we are waking up to that fact. Why? Because we are all Gods, sprung from the Creator like every other living thing on this planet, and now tired of playing Hide & Seek with our Divine aspect. Let's get this show on the road. Check with your heart - It is your true GPS!


Achieved within a time-lapse

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Achieved within a time-lapse

What we term here as a time-lapse, has eventual means of us gathering intel in moments of greater flux independently at quadrants acknowledgeable in keen constructs as four different times, in which we gather intel parting from the same construct, individually creating a picture as consciousness is formed or being developed, gathered, for eventual reaps in postulations which can adapt to formal effects of some higher attributes.

The after effects of gathering that intel may be having some adverse effects momentarily in our genomes the system, consciousness itself while we are adapting to new former knowledge in keen compositions, crystallites, interactions of something greater than ourselves while we are in search of higher alignments.

What this “disposes” has quadrants of the universe in alignments to higher apertures, openings which enable frequent matters, to fabricate, reformat, energy, for us to have in predispositions, as fields, while embarking on new awareness which can help alleviate the formations of what we want to adapt in possible manifestations which has advance in attempts to fixate on moments of the probability factors. Independently we have achieved the greater flux and are now in moments of balance factors, individually as a whole in commands and concepts numerating the fall, in acquiescence’s which is temporal fields, in adjustments, to never ending light, energy frequency, for a healing flow.

Internal Accords

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Internal Accords

Probability factors, what is driven here, is probability factors, what we condone to in these times will enable a new viewing point, in awareness’s around the world (globally) enabling the higher channelings to advance in there dispositions, (Fields) where the acquired telemetric (Points in Space) will allow us to view conditioned systems through contrabands, a sort of power balance/management in perpetuate fabrics.

The flows are giving about a new consensus, in generalized account, possible manifestations within these moments may be beyond the normal scope (Contending view) of our awareness’s while implying the greater fabrics individually accompanying eventual experimentations within the field viewers.

Pertaining aspects are set at quadrants individually to gather some momentum in the abnormal, aboriginal aspects within time of the (Momentarily Glitch) which can interplay, play, link aspects of the greater feeds together according to subatomic laws. States of our beings linking higher advents while stratospheric levels are pertaining to our inner worlds.

Formal switches, aspects needed to say about (turn around) the known consensus after we fall into aboriginal concepts, pertaining matters are set at higher dispositional fields while we clearly are in adjustments of the fields interplaying links to some advents (eventual means) bypassing if our awareness is enacting at/in subconscious “prototype”, energetic anomaly, (Concept) enable for us to understand while we are in moments (Gathering/reaping) information either within flows or at dispositional fields which works in crux within (Time Flux Identification Programs).


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This content is acquired when we develop the fundamental parts of our being's, to greater aspect's, within moments, of higher opportunities, while the governing factors are driven by eventual exempts, in the fabrications, which allow velocity to flow at better causes...

These may have in effects greater residual matters at hands, but the responsibility factors, conforming the gradual bonds in which we can explain these… The opportunities^ (manifestations) can be gathered for a select few individuals, in momentum arriving independently for greater use in synchronizing flows, at causation points for {integrations}, while adapting within the responsibility factors*.

While synchronizing with the higher flows, the contemplations, or so abilities, to drive the factors of our lives to greater extents, is govern within attributes conformal to the natural flows within our genomes, while expansive to the nature of life itself.

Having the higher implementations, can renew “open” our senses, which are deemed conformal in events carrying the “ebb & flow” which can be causation of the vortexes coming to fruition within moments of the higher aspects [abilities] developed at greater lengths to advance in evolution, from moments of assimilation and construct (Creations) … To co-create by tapping into the flow, {concepts} for download and implementations, while dependences, are at, temporal factors for velocity in said accounts, which causes general/gradual mappings in extents to the evolving flows, which independently gives higher attributes, within moments of greater residual flux, in accountants.

Intellectual development, {advancements} are quadrupling in extents the general fabrics of the “consensus”, understanding for velocity, momentum, within creation’s…


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