IN-Lightenment : Do You Wake Up In The Mornings And Ignore Your Self?

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I do sometimes… In fact I do it most mornings. I have the excuse of wanting a cup of tea or coffee first and then while I’m sitting and enjoying it, I’ll say to my Self, I’m just going to check my mail. See if anyone is looking for me…. [Smile]. He smiles back at me and waits patiently for me. Invariably I venture onto Facebook and check if there are any messages for me there and I’ll read some of the posts too. Eventually I will feel the call of my heart and I can no longer ignore it. Usually during the night I check if he is still with me, and he always answers “I am here my Love”. Just lately when I go into my heart now I hear myself saying to him “I am here…”. He replies “I have been waiting for you. I’ve missed you..”, and I’ll say “I know, I’ve missed you too.”

Once I’m in my heart with him, I wonder how I could ever have left in the first place. It feels so wonderful to be in there with him. I feel his Divine Love fill me with peace and I feel more content that I have ever felt before. Its a good time to speak to him when I am in there, because our connection is so much stronger. We meditate together, anchor our light, say our blessings, and chat away like two long lost friends. He also helps me make choices and decisions that are for my highest intention and he always keeps his word. I know that when he tells me “You will know what to do”, that he will guide me intuitively.

How Do I Know If It’s My Soul or My Ego Talking?

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GFP Commentary: The soul is always with you and communicates via feeling. Surrender to love every moment.


Waking Times, By: Rhiame, 01/16/2014

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In personocratia, we talk about making the transfer of power from ego to soul in order to create the shift of consciousness that we hope for. But how do I know if it is my soul or my ego talking? Since it is a recurrent question, I thought it was time to write about it, and share with you some simple tools to help develop your discernment.

Differentiating ego from soul is often tricky. First, because very few people had direct contact with their soul, therefore we don’t know much about how it feels. Secondly, a great deal of confusion is intentionally perpetuated by religion, spirituality and science to make sure people do not connect with their soul. Indeed, if they do, they would free themselves from domination, and that would mark the end of the world of illusion in which we presently live.

Dear Little Soul, Kirsty

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As you go through this life you will face many challenges. Some of them will be big, some of them will be not-so-big. The one thing to remember is they are simply there to strengthen your resolve and make you embrace your magnificence.

You, dear child, have so much love to give.

You were born of love, and your heart beats strongly with the energy of love.

Your heart is HUGE and open and it has immense power. Because of that, sometimes you may be afraid of it.

Restoration of Your Divine Soul

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The Masters will guide you through Restoration of the Soul so any time throughout the ages you have seen less than the Presence of God in yourself or all of life will be removed from your Akashic records and your body so you can truly live on Earth as your God Self, Presence to Presence with others. Don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime!


School of Balance

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I am here, but not here.
Exist & dissapear.
Smile and then tear.
Vanish, then am clear.

I am Dead and then alive.
Humble, then full of pride.
Hurt, then full of bliss.
Neglected, and then missed.

I am yesterday then tomorrow.
Joy fused with sorrow.
Afraid and then brave.
A king and a slave.

I am Constantly changing.
A Transforming sensation.
Memory Erasing,
Flowing Embrace.

Here then not here,
Dead & Alive.
Live in eternity, but reside in time.
The impermanent story of humanity divine.
Experience all emotions from depression to sublime.
Day to Sunshine, constant continuation.
One with the earth we are....always in rotation.

- Nature Flow

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Movin' Pretty Fast

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At this point in our ascension it feels like our soul is in charge and we (our human self, our body, mind and our emotions) are just trying to catch up.  Original song, "Movin' Pretty Fast" and graphics by Maria Chambers

Transformation, Freedom,Creativity, Shape shifting, and Soul Evolution

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Dear Beloved’s, today is a day of transformation, freedom, creativity, shape shifting, and soul evolution.

Today was a great day for integration of all  aspects of self and knowing that the God within is on schedule.

Take note of the most important issues that are confronting you at the point in time. What state of change are you in regard to these issues?

These powerful messages remind us of the butterfly, when born it goes through the smallest of hole to birth itself. So beloveds, you are doing the same.

To the Native American’s the butterfly is believed to carry Joy! This is a dance with the nature, and to take things a little more lightly, not so seriously. Medicine for the dear souls that you are.

Get up and move, have the courage to fly past your limitations. The divine in all of you will know how far and wide you can travel.

When it is time to move to the next level we must let go of yet another layer of emotional, physical, mental, thought forms , keeping us from our most precious goals.

It is imperative if we as a people keep our thoughts lofty and confident in the light, we can move mountains and hold steady the light grids that hold us and our Planet together.

Each of you is like a Chrysalis structure, which is forming above you, for the full formation and activation of your thirteen spiral systems or Chakras. This Chrysalis like structure will encase you with the light codes needed to fully activate your divine blueprint and bring forth great healing and release.

Take time to rest and breath through these healings and integrations. The next stage of your spiritual evolution depends on it.

Lady Nada: All The Signs Are There ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ June 28, 2013

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LadyMasterNada13Lady Nada:


Hello dear ones. The time has come to assess your abilities and capabilities, as they are many. Some are under the surface waiting to be discovered and elicited by a need or request, and others are being put to use as we speak. Some of these you may not even know you are utilizing, for you may still be using them in dreamtime or in your meditations but not be consciously aware of them as yet.

But the whole point, dear ones, is that many new abilities and capabilities are waiting for you to discover and utilize. As you become accustomed to your new perspective and view of things, many new things will become clear to you. In some cases you are just waiting for the last wisps of fog to clear for you to realize what is “right in front of your noses”, so to speak.

And it brings you into a whole new world as you access and get acquainted with your essence and your status – as you welcome your orientation into a new phase of your life, your complete orientation into a new way of seeing and acting and being. And it is looming before you and within you now, dear ones. You are accessing complete areas of knowing and truths that have never been visible up until now. And from this you are already greatly changed.

Lady Nada: Surrender and Open to the Wisdom of your Soul and of Creator ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ June 21, 2013

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LadyMasterNada13Lady Nada:



Hello dear ones, I greet you on this auspicious day and period of cosmic activity and opening up to your True Selves in a deeper way. It has been foretold and it is so, dear ones.


You are awakening to the deepest part of yourselves and you are magnificent in your clear opening, made manifest by your intent to open to the clear part of your heart, and assisted by the energies being graced upon you now. You are resplendent in this opening and expansion which will just continue on in a deeper way the more you surrender and open to the wisdom of your Soul and of Creator.


You are connected far more now and the lines of communication are becoming empowered as you clear away the dross of your experience and growth into this new period of empowerment and grace. I stand before you with assistance and love in this very auspicious time in your history.


This period will be looked back on as a pivotal and turning point in your development and so it is necessary to just move through it with the most open heart you can muster and with the intention to keep the lines of communication open to Creator and all the parts of your Soul and Higher Self.


Push beyond the boundaries of your experience with your Soul up until now, and explore the deep, still, place of power within you, my beloveds. Your connection with Source is now magnified and so it is time to adjust and revel in the deep and powerful feelings of connection.


Yeshua: Embrace Your Multidimensionality ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda ~ June 20, 2013

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Hello my dear ones. On this beautiful day I come to you bearing tidings of immense love and promise, for you have reached yet another marker for your development and transformation into the Celestial and Galactic Beings that you are.

Take stock now, dear ones. You are not what you were yesterday and tomorrow you will not be what you were today. And so it goes, as you greet the solstice and super moon energies with sheer openness and courage to not accept the old ways of doing things and to embrace the new once and for all.

You are constantly changing. Behold the promise of ever more change – in that brings immense expansion and for that you can thank yourselves first, for without you we would not be speaking of the immense evolution taking place here and now and always ever-increasing in intensity and value and promise.

My love for you cannot be described adequately and all of the Company of Heaven rejoices in your presence, in your courage and in your perseverance. For you are the saviors of the world – for you are the forerunners and you are the game-changers.

Behold your magnificence. Behold your value. Behold your ability to shape-shift and transform and encompass all parts of yourself simultaneously. For that is becoming easier and easier for you, my dear ones.


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