Now is the time--Your Other Dimensional Self!

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Have you ever seen the Krishna society books that are sold on the street in a most of the big cities of the world?  There is one that always peeked my interested and that was "Journys to Other Planets".  I never really understood how in meditation we could consciously journy to other planets in a etheral body like form, but I wanted to try it.  The Krishna society books are some of the best spiritual books out there and EVERYONE can afford or find one.  For those of you who understand the truth about UFO's should remember that in the days of Krishna the skies were full of Vemana's or space ships.  I highly recommend those who are into spirituality and UFO's to stop and pick up some of these Krishna society books that are out there.


It took me years to finally be able to journy to other planets as if I was walking down the street but now I spend more time in the other realms than I do in this one on the planet Earth it seems.  Now is the time to take control of your other dimensional self and use it for good.  the energies are such on this planet where the ability to travel in the other dimensions with whatever body you choose has become easier.


Your other dimensional body can look and be whatever it chooses and it doesnt have to look human.  Mine just happens to be a male human/pliedian body, that not only do I use to travel to other realms, but to be married and have a family in the other dimensions with my twin flame, this relationship is the most rewarding, satisfying relationship I have in my life on earth.  Being with your twin flame right now is EASY, we just have to open up to it.  I not only have children in the other realms but homes and a loving wife that I adore more than anything on Earth.


Mother Mary: Let Yourself Soar Into The Stillness That Is Your Core ~ Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ May 19, 2013

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Mother Mary:


Dear Souls, Love everlasting that you are. I come to you today to bring my love and my support for you in your journey towards greater enlightenment and towards your divine purpose and your Divine Selves.

Up until now you have had just an inkling of your power as well as your breadth of power in your divine nature. Be prepared to experience it more in the coming days. It is important to surrender and allow it to come forth in greater degrees. For yours is not to “try” but to allow and absorb and BE within the expanding matrix of ascension into the higher dimensions.

My beloveds, breathe Love and Light in deeper and with more determination now. Feel the expansion 24/7. Get comfortable with it. You are so much more than you have been experiencing of late. And the process will be speeding up.

Feel my love for you. It is delicate and strong, silky and sweet; it is powerful, yet oh so subtle at times. This is the quality of Love you can experience, that you do experience. Embrace it, dear ones.

to f r, or not to f r

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f  r kills goals and dreams. It stops you from going through the vails in your meditating. it stops you from achieving out of body experiences. but f  r is nothing more than an illusion. f  r only dwells within becuz there's a lack of awarness and you allow it into your Being . The biggest f  r in life is not death, but to know who YOU truly are. There for, self awarness is freedom....


Renegade of Light,



Unlocked from All Illusion - For Gaia, Humanity, all of God's Creations!

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All of Humanity and Gods creations will receive on 11-10-12


All who are open to receive and be released from:


Removal of:

All programing Locked into Dark energies.

Being locked into seeing, hearing, speaking in the illusion.

All spiritual gifts locked into the illusion.

Being locked into the illusion of time.

Being locked into the illusion of Karmic Debt.

Being locked into the fear of the dark forces of the master plane of illusion forever – to have the human experience.


All of Gods creations Agreed to trade part of their soul or it was used as collateral to come to earth for the human experience. And allowed it and accepted it knowingly or unknowing to be here.


Download of:

I have the Creators truth perspective understanding, definition of: how to, when to, where to, what it feels like to, that is safe and possible to:  see, hear, speak, and know the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


These things will be placed in the Grid for all to receive; whoever is open has the awareness of this can receive. All you have to do is “choose”, and “ask for it”.






Fran Zepeda ~ Yeshua ~ Abide by the Light ~ June 28, 2012

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Yeshua ~ Abide by the Light ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ June 28, 2012







Greetings all beautiful Beings of the Light! I send you my Love and abiding protection.


These are intricate and delicate times, dear Ones, times of decision of focus. The amount of Light and observance of the Light within you and without will be the tipping point to your journey to Oneness.


This is your moment, dear Ones. How will you play it? Will you choose to focus on absorbing and building on the Light from the great Central Sun and make it your World? Will you use it as building materials for visions and dreams for what you want in your life and your World? Will you start to see yourself as one and the same with Source and All That Is?


The moment of decision has arrived, and it is what you do with it that will determine your future. Are you concentrating on the Light and what you want to do with it? Are you constantly processing it through your Light Bodies, allowing yourselves to become more enlightened each moment?


The true meaning of the enlightened life.

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The true meaning of the enlightened life.

There are misunderstanding’s in society in regards to what it means to live the enlightened life. One of them is the fact that communication isn’t necessary because when you’re enlightened, you see all as they are and have no questions about it, because you see yourself as you are and thus you know it all. You’re able to reveal all the secrets of the universe perfectly as they are. I’m not saying you aren’t able to relay certain details about what’s going on here and there, or able to simply just be the truth and tend to simple matters because you are. What I’m pointing at is the fact that those who identify with the unconscious reactive conditioned ego mind’s contradicting believing conflicted control mechanism have identify with it’s incessant need for internal dialogue which says “this is how an enlightened being is like”.


Due to this fact, they cannot see true reality. From this, they cannot see past it’s projections and they cannot see the truth that is living the enlightened life. Due to this, they genuinely test you to see just how enlightened you are in accordance to their scale of what it means to be enlightened. They also regurgitate as accurately as they can remember, that which you spoke. If that which you spoke, isn’t again aligned with the mind, then it’s not enlightened. Instead they speak of how mentally ill you are, and that you need help. This is because they have no understand in their awareness of what it means to truly live the enlightened life. They all want a free ride in life. They want you to give them ALL the answers to ALL life’s question’s because to them, that’s how an enlightened being is supposed to be.



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