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On July 4 2013 in our Divine Discussions segment on In the Spirit Radio hosted by Gary Goldberg we connected with Archangel Michael who spoke to us about freedom and independence. Joel Anastasi then engaged Michael in a wonderful divine discussion. 


Freedom and Independence

with Archangel Michael

channeled by Jeff Fasano


From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome at this wonderful and most glorious time as you move into grandness of self, greatness of self and oneness of self and the uniqueness of self. You are now gathering and celebrating on your day of uniqueness, your day of independence, your day of individuation. This is what the path is and the process is as you move though an ascension process into freedom of self. We will touch upon this as We speak to you about freedom of self.


We ask you this question, do you know what true freedom is, freedom of self, freedom within yourself?  It is about taking responsibility for yourself as you begin to celebrate the powerfulness of self, the uniqueness of self and the greatness of self and moving into We Consciousness.


Spiritual Work for All Beginners Part 5 of 6 - Shielding

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Source: Intl. Starseed Network - by Condolence, 7/7/13


Namaste my friends,

in this article I will be talking about shielding, This ability you must master to a degree that you use it passiv without even thinking about it. Shielding is very important if you practice spiritual work and also in many other situations. Empaths should really master this technique because you shield your self from negative energies. What I mean is, negative thoughts and energies exist everywhere.

Negativity normally does not exist in nature, negative thoughts manifest into the 3 dimensional world because we are the creators of our reality. So negative energies actually are an product of human thoughts. I wont be explaining this phenomenon in this article though but if you are interested I will most likely write an article about it.

So lets get started...

Yesterday was Independence Day. Today is July 5th. Are you Free?

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I'm Free!

The Illusion is crumbling. The Greys are dissolving. The Cabal/Minions are surrendering. The Beings formerly known as The Illuminati have returned to The Light and are now helping us with our mission to bring Humanity into 5D.

I'm Free!

Humanity has been liberated through all of us working together over many years.

I'm Free!

Now Humanity is ready to know The Truth - We've always been Free. Free to go within and find the Kingdom of Heaven. Free to speak The Truth. Free to embrace our Higher Selves and connect with All of Creation. Free to stand up and Show Who We  Are - Royal Angels. Free to be En-Joy and give and receive Love.
Free to Be 5D!

I'm Free!
And I'm waiting for You to follow Me!


Shirley MacLaine: Sacred Sites – Earth Energy, Ley Lines and Vortex Energy

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Source: Waking Times - 6/27/13, Posted by Anna Hunt

Shirley MacLaine, Guest
Waking Times


Earth energy. It can’t be seen or tasted and it doesn’t have an odor. But, the effects of Earth energy can be experienced in all of those ways. It isn’t loud, but it can be heard. It can’t be touched, but it can definitely be felt.


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