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Birthing the New Earth: Energy in this Eclipse Portal

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In meditation, I was seeing and feeling a process that represents what we are going through, in my own experience, in any case. I sense we are going through the birth of a new age, an age of co-creation. It is a time in which new is possible. New combinations. With that, there has been this planetary alignment before the equinox, the equinox day solar eclipse, and then leading up to the Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse. The process was this: it was an experience of feeling myself as the sun. It was seeing the serpent rise, and I imagined it up the spine. In fact, I saw Ishtar the goddess with the two snakes place two snake in the spine as the masculine and feminine channels of kundalini rising. The two snakes merged into one. There is a symbol that came which is like an egg shape and the sun. We are the sun and we are also like an egg. The serpent is the kundalini rising of the masculine and feminine as merged. It is rising up the back of the head which is the special place in the lower back of our skulls. It is the Jade Gate, also called the mouth of the serpent. It is where the kundalini rises and awakens us, and brings enlightenment or triggers the process beginning. I see this for the whole planet, that kundalini is rising in so many people. We are wired for this physiologically and energetically, so this is an energetic shift.

Alchemy for Courage: The Power of Love

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Each of us have fears that drive us, even if we do not acknowledge them. They cause us to avoid situations. They cause us to not speak our truth, to live less than our full potential. It makes for a mixed energy inside that wants to go one direction, our soul's calling and the other direction, the voice of fear. Fear can be a friend. It can be a guidance system. It can also be the ego's voice that holds us back from our greatness.


Galactic Consciousness: A New Frequency for Hue-mans

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 I was more deeply introduced to the Dreamspell Calendar on the Winter Solstice. I had previously dismissed this way of seeing and had been a follower of the Mayan Tzolkin, the Longcount for several years, on and off. I see it as an incredible filter in which to see the human experience, and others can exist side by side with the Tzolkin. The universe loves many perspectives of experience and ways of seeing.

The Dreamspell captured my heart and imagination and I allowed it to in, and am reaping the gifts that it offers. The Dreamspell, created by Jose Arguelles, takes us into knowing ourselves as galactic beings. An intention is to connect us to the spiritual energy of the Hunab Ku which is the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. I see Hunab Ku as emanating source energy of creation. In connecting to Hunab Ku, we come to know ourselves as mini-galaxies of light. We expand and see ourselves as beyond human form and confines of defining ourselves as only in our bodies. We also can come to greet ourselves as energy instead of matter. Of course, all matter is energy distilled into form and our bodies and all that is matter is mostly made of space, like way over 99.9%.

How to See the Positive in a Situation

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If you define a situation as positive, no matter what the circumstances, it can then morph into that experience with the expectation you have. It is easy to know this yet hard to do it unless you get deliberate and intentional in how you experience the world. This is a call to change your perception to not defining something as bad, and to be open to how it could play out if you don't define it at all or if you are able to see any situation as potentially positive for your path. We are conditioned to judge situations as being bad or good for us, and it is hard to expect something good to come out of what has happened to you that is causing unhappiness when we think about it. That being said, we have to feel the emotions authentically first in order to move to a place of seeing the potential good. Maybe it involves stepping back and observing ourselves to do this. Reframing any situation toward the positive completely changes what is possible, though.

How do we see the good in a situation that at first seems bad?

What if you have a story playing out in your head about something, causing distress? It is often about another person. Let me share my personal situation in which feeling emotionally upset. In dealing with this, wanting to shift my perspective, upon asking for solutions, my higher self, while in meditation, gave some answers. In meditation, I receive pictures that have meanings which I can then interpret the meanings.

Attuning your Body the Healthy and Well

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How can we create perfect health from the inside out. First, see your body in perfection. See your body as a collective of cells, a collective of collectives called organs and systems. See you as the director of all, the totality of trillions of little cells all working together in harmony for you to experience the bliss of this reality along with the spectrum of emotions and experiences offered here. For healing, how about you speak to your cells, you communicate with them? See them as sentient beings, as miniature Buddhas. You can command the perfection of your cells and see only that. I AM perfection. I AM perfect in design. These are affirmations to use. Feel the assurance, the truth that underneath  whatever you are temporarily experience there is the memory of complete health and harmony. I AM divine perfection. I AM radiance. I AM well-being. I AM health. Your divine blueprint carries the memory of all of this and you can call in your divine blueprint to every cell. Then every organ, then your whole being. I AM whole. I AM perfection. 

Next Step, Bring in Alignment

Sitting in the Eternal Circle of Creation

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A circle of dreamers sit in a circle of remembrance from all realities, in cosmic eternalness. The circle spirals out as a new person sits and adds herself or himself to the unity oneness.

The dreamers have their eyes closed and are deep in mediation. At the same time their own dreams are playing in the space of their hearts while a unified dream is playing within all of them, being different notes in the same octave of creation. They spiral out like stars, holding space eternally in this now for creation to birth from. These are the dream weavers of the new earth and we are they. They are cosmic higher selves and a more cosmic unified higher self of the all. I see how the humans tap into the spiral of oneness. Each being who taps in takes a seat in the evolving spiral outward getting bigger. More light is shining from the whole we are, as each dream weaver being is connected to an earth angel human doing the building from the architecture of the divine blueprint, and the one divine heart.

Dolphins and Whales Bring Pod Consciousness to Earth

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In each of the last few days, I have shared about the ascension codes arriving on Wesak. I learned of this via a shared mulitidimensional meditation experience with a friend. Our combined information is shared here, for those in resonance. 

More was shared on that day, as to what other consciousnesses want to interact with us and uplift us. This shall further explain what codes they bring in and why. Wesak was the Full Moon on the 14th, and was a day dedicated to the Buddha. It is when the spiritual hierarchy floods us with celestial light for our upliftment. As part of that, we humans were honored to be energetically supported by two groups that I mention today (among more),  which are the Fairy collective and also the Cetacean collective which are the whales and dolphins. 

The Fairies

Multidimensional Memory and Perception of Time

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Milky Way Lately I have been forgetful and another multidimensional friend is too. Her family says she said stuff and she has no recollection of saying it. it is like she goes somewhere else and does not recall. Why is this, she asked?

Is it part of the ascension process? Or am I losing my mind? We have been exploring why this is. I ran across information from Dr.Suzanne Lie who connects with Pleaidians and Arcturians and brings back information. She speaks of how we have multidimensioonal aspects of self in other places and dimensions. We usually go there in our night bodies while sleeping and wake up with the memory in a dream sometimes. Or we visit in meditation.She says that increasingly, we are bilocating and "going" other places in awake consciousness, even everyday experiences. One woman spoke on the radio show about how this happened to her as she was at a work meeting and remembered, for split second, the feeling of coming back into her body. This would explain the forgetfulness.


When we travel to other places, there is not time there.That is on earth, as a collectively agreed upon construct that is not real. My guides are telling me in meditation that time is a spiral. It goes around on itself. I am not sure what that means right now, though.


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