A Message from My CREATOR, My GREAT I AM ~ Never before have you had such manifesting power!

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Never before have you had such manifesting power at your fingertips.

Never before has it been so easy to create a life of bliss…..or the opposite.

Never before has your manifesting ability been so great.

We have said before that you are a creative being and that you create through your thoughts primarily. Thoughts are the most powerful creatives meaning they create the most powerful creative (manifesting) energy there is.

Literally, you are living (experiencing) your thoughts. You are living your life experience manifested through thought. Your thoughts are shaping your reality, and you can literally change your reality overnight. In fact you can change it within a moment.

As usual, this is your choice, your decision to make. This, and We know your are so tired of hearing these words, but this is your reality, your life and therefore your living experience. Yes, We are in this boat together, but ultimately you are the one with the free will. You can ignore Our guidance. You can listen to the chattering of your ego mind. You can continue to believe you are a victim. Or you can change your attitude.

How much longer will you continue to create a life that you so obviously don’t want?

You can change your attitude by elevating your thoughts. Elevate … lift up…. YES! Lift up your eyes, see yourself as you truly are. Know that YOU are holding all this power now. You and I have never been so close, yet you continue to think of Me as outside of you.

Weekly Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report ~ 5/4 ~10/4, 2015 ~Time for Expansive Change & An Expanded Perspective

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~~This week holds a 5/11 Dual Frequency with 22 and 55 Sub-frequency influences, a 44 Minor frequency influence and a 111 Passive Potential. It is also an 11:11 Encoded Frequency week.

This week Saturn, Uranus and Pluto are strongly influencing Earth’s frequencies, with Saturn adding energy to the 11:11 Encoding, Uranus strengthening the 22 Sub-frequency and Pluto adding momentum to the 55 Sub-frequency and the 44 Minor frequency. The combined energies of Saturn and Uranus are also adding to the 111 Passive Potential.

Saturn brings us the energies of Self-discipline, and accepting our responsibility for self, as well as our part of the responsibility for the Spiritual wellbeing of the Collective Consciousness.

Uranus brings energies that assist us in finding and defining our Sacred Contractual Work and recognizing our personal potential and uniqueness. It also assists in opening a more expansive vision for the Potential of Spiritual Growth for the Collective.

Pluto brings in the energies of Transformation, Transmutation and Metamorphosis. It shows us a clearer understanding of the Constructive use of our Personal Power, and adds much in the way of the creation and expansion of the Group Collective Conscious Mind and its importance in the Spiritual Growth of the Collective Consciousness of Humanity as we move into the Multi-dimensional Realms.

The I AM Keyword phrases for the 5/ll Dual, 22, 44, 55 and 111 are:

5/11 Dual – I AM the Revelation and Expansion of Divine Knowledge brought forth through Spiritual Growth and Change

22 – I AM Spiritual Vision Building Sacred Structure

44 – I Am Structured Power & Metamorphosis

55 – I AM the Higher Self Aware of Divine Will

111 – I AM Multi-dimensional Thought Energy Set into Motion

Before moving into this week’s full frequency report I would first like to address the 11:11 Encoded Frequency.

5 Steps to Practice Gratitude in Action

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Gratitude is "in" these days. And for good reason. It's a joyful, high frequency emotion that can attract more wonderful things to be grateful about. 

We're told to use gratitude journals or daily rituals to increase our levels of gratitude. And these can certainly help. But they also relegate gratitude to a specific corner of our life that has little to do with the rest of us. And that, by its very nature, limits its impact on us.

In order to really reap the benefits of gratitude, we can increase our awareness and use of it in real time. This means putting our attention on the things that we're grateful for, as they occur. Here are some tools to play with over the course of your day.

Sunday Musings ~ Life is full of surprises…

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Beautiful Artwork by Lori Portker

As we go deeper and deeper into our Selves (Love), life is filled with more and more surprises! Dreams become surreal hovering between worlds in which myth is created. I’ve ceased asking myself if what I am dreaming is real or not. Is this dream part of another reality/timeline, or is it my imagination? I am constantly being told that my imagination is real, so who knows. This is the mystery we call life. Michael certainly enjoys keeping me in suspense and I’m not complaining. I’m learning to cease the need of being in control and just allowing myself to go with the flow.

What I know for sure is that these last 2 Eclipses have moved us deeper together in ways that continue to astound me. It seems unreal that just a few years ago I hadn’t the foggiest idea that I am so deeply loved. It just blows my mind thinking about this! This has to be the biggest surprise so far. How do people go live without knowing this kind of love? I cannot go back to before… It would be unconscionable.

I want to tell you that I am living in a world of which dreams are made. My physical circumstances have yet to follow the upward path of my rising consciousness, and it will in due course. In the meantime nothing matters. And I mean that literally. It doesn’t matter because it doesn’t have any substance, it holds no meaning, lest I give it meaning. My life is just another hologram that I can continue to mold, change and recreate as I go along. I can stand outside of the hologram and view it from where I AM and it no longer holds power over me. I know I can change and recreate it at any point in time.

Moving at the Speed of Love

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While we're waiting for "The Event" and other actions that are to move us forward, we are reminded by Guidance that - We are Moving at the Speed of Love, even though patience is the virtue we have all just about run out of. I know I'm tapped. However, Spiritual Evolution is not tied to our clocks. So let's hang in there.


Moving at the Speed of Love

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While we're waiting for "The Event" and other actions that are to move us forward, we are reminded by Guidance that - We are Moving at the Speed of Love, even though patience is the virtue we have all just about run out of. I know I'm tapped. However, Spiritual Evolution is not tied to our clocks. So let's hang in there.


The Magic of March 2015: Manifesting the New Dream

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by April Bender via Higher Self


Welcome to the March Equinox Gateway!


Perhaps the most wondrous of all mystical creatures, the Unicorn
is a symbol of magic, miracles, dream manifestation, purity, innocence, and enchantment. 


Unicorn - Acrylic

Created by Karry T. Hesla

Whereas previously, the December solstice brought with it a new strata of high-vibrational foundational energies for the masters to impress upon that in which they would see manifest as part of the new dream and/or experience of New Earth – the recent powerful March equinox gateway energies (eclipse and new moon) are now bringing all, the opportunity and the energies conducive to manifesting that new world dream or "imprint" into reality. This is happening through the act of co-creation and cooperation along and within the (5-7D) Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, which in many ways is still in its infancy but evolving rapidly.


The Dying of the Ego and Re-Birth of the Soul

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The transition process involves the dying of the ego and the re-birthing of the Soul. Similar to that of the Phoenix rising from the ashes, so are we as we transcend and ascend out of the illusion of the ego.

The ego is an illusionary aspect of your 3rd dimensional self. It lives in your mind and  IT IS NOT REAL.

It is through the ego that you are able to experience a FALSE aspect of your self. The ego however, will have you believe that this is you. It will lead you down the proverbial garden path.

It is the ego that creates every illness, dis-ease, dis-comfort – mental or physical. It is the ego that creates fear and all negative energy.

Love is the only antidote to negative energy.

There are times when you’ll feel so ill during your transitioning, that you may feel scared and even start to worry. Know that these feelings are due to negative energy being released. Negative energy can cause your body to feel as though it is dying. This is ‘normal’ as all negative energy will create within your physical body major discomforts such as dizziness, nausea, weakness, muscle aches and pains, muscular spasms, headaches etc. Symptoms may vary from person to person as no two people are alike, but know that all of this discomfort is negative energy that is being released.

THE ASCENSION HANDBOOK: Maintain A Contant Connection to Source

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Channeled By Jessie Keener


Interviewed/Edited By Joel D. Anastasi 







Galactic Consciousness: A New Frequency for Hue-mans

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 I was more deeply introduced to the Dreamspell Calendar on the Winter Solstice. I had previously dismissed this way of seeing and had been a follower of the Mayan Tzolkin, the Longcount for several years, on and off. I see it as an incredible filter in which to see the human experience, and others can exist side by side with the Tzolkin. The universe loves many perspectives of experience and ways of seeing.

The Dreamspell captured my heart and imagination and I allowed it to in, and am reaping the gifts that it offers. The Dreamspell, created by Jose Arguelles, takes us into knowing ourselves as galactic beings. An intention is to connect us to the spiritual energy of the Hunab Ku which is the Great Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy. I see Hunab Ku as emanating source energy of creation. In connecting to Hunab Ku, we come to know ourselves as mini-galaxies of light. We expand and see ourselves as beyond human form and confines of defining ourselves as only in our bodies. We also can come to greet ourselves as energy instead of matter. Of course, all matter is energy distilled into form and our bodies and all that is matter is mostly made of space, like way over 99.9%.


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