Does your Intuition feel good or bad?

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I felt the need to post this as I feel that we all want to connect more with our guides and angels at present.  So to start with, I wanted to share with you a youtube video called a Guided Meditation Meeting Your Spirit Guide.  Here is the link: I found this meditation to be really useful and I still use it now. 

I know that a number of people would like to communicate with their guides as they see psychics do, however there are a number of ways to hear your guides, not just by being clairvoyant (vision).  There are the other 'clairs' which are; Clairaudience (hearing/listening), Clairsentience (feeling/touching), Clairalience (smelling), Claircognizance (knowing) and Claigustance (tasting). 

The best way overall, in my view, is just connecting with yourself and listening or feeling what your intuition is telling you.  Practice how things make you feel.  Even though I am clairaudient and clairsentient, so I hear and feel my guides clearly, I always check in with how I feel about something.  Does it feel good or bad?  For example, say you are offered two jobs and both look the same on paper, how do you choose?  See how they make you feel!  One should make you feel better than the other and that is your intuition letting you know which is the better choice.  I normally feel 'the feeling' in my stomach, but everyone's different and you need to find ways of feeling and listening to your own intuition.

The time is now

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These 2012 Olympic Games are ripe with speculation and prediction, headlines and focus.  As a single statement, the voice of humanity, what is it that we are saying?


Our expectation, belief and intent are creative.  For the next 2 weeks, most decidedly during the opening and closing ceremonies, our collective power is amplified.  Many of us, significantly more than usual, will be focused on London. 


If you’ve seen “What the Bleep” or done any reading on random generators, you know that they are altered (become not so random) when our focus is unified.  They were altered during other world changing events and they’ll be altered on Friday.  The power of our intent will be magnified.  It will be as if we have a microphone.  Our collective voice has a bigger effect at these times.


The research on group meditation tells us that intent matters.  In study after study, violent crime was significantly decreased via the concentrated efforts of people in focused meditation to do exactly that. 


Another shade of green ~ July 4th Global Healing Meditation

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It is a time to focus on green, the color of healing.  Let’s hold a global meditation on July 4th, 2012 for healing our planet.  Like open wounds we are now amidst a surface world torn wide open with misplaced power.  It will not take much effort to find an announcement to either validate or expose or justify or deny these events.  It will be like watching a series of train wrecks.  We must remain ever in control.  Our emotions are the key to how our life is created.  In every way possible, give yourself the gift of quiet today and these next few days.  It is vital to what we create from this point on.


You are beings of love.  Immeasurable sources of light.  This is your moment.  Surround yourself in affirmation, fill yourself with love.  Nothing on the news is more important.  It is happening.  All that you can do now is bring a sense of love to these times. 


This is what you came for.  Find the music, the place, the position, and the words that bring you to balance.  Go there as often as possible.


Rainbow Peace Ambassadors - call for Synchronized Meditation

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The multi-dimensional group "Rainbow Peace Ambassadors" was formed at around 6.30 p.m. Hong Kong time on June 28, 2012. more details to be announced. Love, Light, & Peace to our Galaxy !

our call for synchronized meditation is at 12 midnight Hong Kong time, every day. positive energy to be sent to Planet Earth & her people, light & love to the Cabal so they will surrender peacefully, safety of all beings involved in operations, safety of all those who have things to offer to Gaia, enhanced consciousness of all those who are not at higher realms yet.......... pls. add freely to this list.

i personally like to use a rainbow light pillar. you use whatever u think works best.



much love

Whirling Rainbow Light

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I have been working with the information from the book “Maka Wicahpi Wicohan- Universal and Spiritual Laws of Creator,” by Chief Golden Light Eagle.  In this work there is a meditation to visualize whirling rainbow light that has all the medicine light force energy needed from the First Creator. Visualize this rainbow light swirling out of every heart you can see, visualize etc.  I put this meditation into practice e every chance I can consciously remember.  Here are some ways that are opening up my days and experience to new beauty.



Fran Zepeda ~ Mira of the Pleiadian High Council ~ You are Well on Your Way on Your Path to Ascension ~ June 24, 2012

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Mira of the Pleiadian High Council ~ You Are Well on Your Way on Your Path To Ascension ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ June 24, 2012





Mira of the Pleiadian High Council:


Greetings, all you esteemed Lightworkers. I am Mira of the Pleiadian High Council, on assignment with the Earth Council. I bring you good news. All of the years of waiting are coming to a resounding end. You have entered a new phase. Ascension is upon you. It is palpable and it is imminent, if you so choose.


My dear friends, there is much to rejoice about. The stage has been set and all teams have the go-ahead as planned. All that awaits a full press forward to victory, all that remains is a coming together of all components of the Light in a majority of the population, which is reaching the tipping point. With that is required a further rounding up and neutralization of the dark Ones, which you are successful in bringing to fruition with your prayers and broadcasting of the Light and Love you have built to a crescendo within and around you.


Blessings for 2012: June Video

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Blessings for 2012 (formerly Blessing the Time-Wave): 
As makers of the Healing Mandalas calendars, we create a mandala and meditation blessing for each month. These mandalas, and all Bell & Todd images, begin as Nature photographs that we transform into energy-charged blessing art. The Blessings for 2012 video includes the healing mandala for the given month, and three other forms of Bell & Todd Nature images, along with contemplative readings and soundtrack, sequenced to create a multi-dimensional blessing experience. 
Each month's meditation begins with a grounding process and then focuses on three different style of images, delivering three powerful vision-gifts-- a Prosperity Blessing, a Nature Message, and an Empowerment Meditation. 
As you watch the first part of the video, you will receive energies you can use for personal healing and raising your vibration. Having lifted your own vibrations through this process, the second part of the video focuses on you sending the blessings to anyone and the whole world. We recommend that you watch these videos once each week to keep absorbing and sending these blessings. Your active participation helps co-create the bright future we all want. Thanks for watching and sharing these videos.
Please subscribe to our channel to learn about all of our Blessing videos.
May you be blessed every day of 2012, 
Bonnie and David

This Power needs no force

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It’s taken several days to get my heart around today’s message.  The hesitation springs from a reticence to force action.  Force is what has been typically used to accomplish any effort on this planet; with war, punishment, law, coercion and power.  Images of impending battle and rising up to conquer, reach deep within us and inspire.  A heroic victory led by one valiant leader – this is what movies are made of.


The Return of the Goddess yields no such images, yet this power is beyond anything we’ve seen thus far. This power needs no such force; it is your very essence.  You’ve been lied to.


Love has been purposely downplayed.  This is like the story of the Animal School: . In this school there were no leaders, no stars, and no extraordinary animals.  This was because they were all tested in the same manner and their scores averaged or “normed”.  There was a swimming test, a flying test, a running test, etc.  The birds aced the flying test by failed all the others, the fish excelled at swimming and the rabbit at running.  Each animal went home believing fully in their mediocrity, when in fact they were all stars.


We are about to finally realize our own brilliance.  Man or woman, our true strength cannot be separated from the love that we are.  Our greatest moments come quietly and are experienced deeply.


In order for balance to be reached there must be an equal and opposing force to what is now here.  This planet has been ruled these many years by powerful masculine energy.  This is the energy of facts and figures; single and divisive, controlling and owning.  What is needed now is love.



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