The "Brass Ring", Manifestation, and Lessons from Spirit

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I tried on a brass ring that had been a gift from a religious mother. Things are currently strained between us, based on 3D religious constructs. However, the inscription is the important part, the part that reads "I will always love you". The ring, I believe, has the apperance (if not composition) of tarnished brass. It's been a few years. On my walk earlier today, I saw a homemade mix CD in the bushes with a similar sentiment."


These experiences stood out for me as I read Brenda Hoffman's post earlier: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/brenda-hoffman-are-you-your-transition-%E2%80%98whatever%E2%80%99-point


I have been incredibly exhausted lately and unable to leave an unstable temporary housing arrangement. I've been feeling frustrated and pushed to my breaking point, unsure if the arrangments to leave in the future will work out at all. I didn't connect any of my experiences this morning to the post, until I started feeling uncontrollable urges to find any excuse to leave the house. 


Before leaving I chose the shirt "If not now, when?" in a deep purple. I asked spirit to show me a sign that my family was with me by using that color. A purple hair tie on the sidewalk marked the exact route I had planned to take to my destination. On my return to the house, I decided to take a slightly different route. I saw painted on a dumpster in that color the words "the boys are back in town" with a beach ball, as if there would be a party. There were also numerous hearts, mixed in with my favorite shade of blue. 


Living Life with Porpoise ; )

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Ever watch the way dolphins swim through the water? How they come up for breaths, and go back under, up and down, up and down,  almost like a wave of themselves as they swim? That breath at the surface that they are taking is voluntary; in fact they have to will the blowhole to open, not like us where the breathing is automatic. In water, open blowholes would take water in on dives, so everything is forceably blown OUT, and then quickly breathed IN. This way of swimming is called porpoising, as there are no other creatures that swim quite like this.

Dolphins live in two realms: beneath the surface of the water, but also some time is spent above in the process of getting air and breathing.

Humans are like this also. We have Spirit that we need to take in, and is a part of every cell in our body. Think of it like oxygen but like the life-giving gas, Spirit is something essential that we need and also cannot see. When we breathe, Spirit is coming in to us just like air. I am not sure exactly how our light body and our Vibration processes it, but it is so.

Like the dolphin bound to life in water, humans are bound through the body to life on Earth. We need food, light, shelter, and our society to survive. Dolphins have a highly evolved social structure too.

The point of this blog post is to emphasize the importance of play. Dolphins are seen swimming, breathing, hunting and eating but always having fun. If you look at them they are always smiling!

Remember to bring genuine pleasure and play into your daily activities. Not the 'fun' like going to the movies and a club. But real fun, like the way Weird Al Yankovic raises his eyebrows at the camera to make us laugh.


Dancing the Spirit Back into Parched Rivers

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Published on Jun 7, 2012 by NationalGeographic

After a decade-long drought, Aboriginal elders travel the length of Australia's Murray-Darling Basin performing the Ringbalin — a pilgrimage designed to "dance" the spirit back into the land and heal the rivers. And it appears to work.



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Ok. I come off a bit strong like COFFEE somethimes. A bit pokey like an irritated hedgehog sometimes...I know this. it is ME, not you.


Try not to take offense to me. Like I said, i stir the pot to see if the soup is sour sometimes. Not everybody likes it.


Im not a warmonger. I cant stand wars. Sometimes we must defend our land, our homes, our families. Sometimes we must draw the line and take a stand against evil.Sometime we must LOCk and LOAD...sometimes. Not every time.


We are of LOVE and the LIGHT and it is a burden to do these things, but some times they must be done.


Sometimes, a lot of times with JEDi actions, we are in GREY civilian areas. Militaries are cut and dry.Black or WHITE.YES or NO. This is NOT EASY, it never is. You make your decision, you stick to it, and where ever it goes this is your path.You dont correct it.


But we work as civilians in civilian culture on many many places. This is not a place for a military.But sometimes you need that style of down to the chase management that doesnt sit around amongst themselves waiting or discussing things.You need action.And you need it NOW.


I stand with you. I do. i dont want bloodshed with the financial system or its people. We must be prepared if the CABAL (what is the word?se palabras es ...?) goes back on thier word that they have given us.We must be ready if they try and weasel their way out of thier agreement, as some have in the past.We must HOLD THEM to this. I have dealt with dark ones before, yes, they are misunderstood, YES sometimes it is easier to put a bullet between their eyes than deal with them.



But that is NOT our way.

And we do not attack civilians. Govt officials, military members...never civilians.Direct targets only, not collateral damages.NO civilian ATTACKS.EVER.


Blessings for 2012: June Video

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Blessings for 2012 (formerly Blessing the Time-Wave): 
As makers of the Healing Mandalas calendars, we create a mandala and meditation blessing for each month. These mandalas, and all Bell & Todd images, begin as Nature photographs that we transform into energy-charged blessing art. The Blessings for 2012 video includes the healing mandala for the given month, and three other forms of Bell & Todd Nature images, along with contemplative readings and soundtrack, sequenced to create a multi-dimensional blessing experience. 
Each month's meditation begins with a grounding process and then focuses on three different style of images, delivering three powerful vision-gifts-- a Prosperity Blessing, a Nature Message, and an Empowerment Meditation. 
As you watch the first part of the video, you will receive energies you can use for personal healing and raising your vibration. Having lifted your own vibrations through this process, the second part of the video focuses on you sending the blessings to anyone and the whole world. We recommend that you watch these videos once each week to keep absorbing and sending these blessings. Your active participation helps co-create the bright future we all want. Thanks for watching and sharing these videos.
Please subscribe to our channel to learn about all of our Blessing videos.
May you be blessed every day of 2012, 
Bonnie and David


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