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Each week we share with you messages that come to us from higher realms. In the messages,teachings and lessons we receive, we are guided to move into our heart, to love honor and value ourselves. And from our heart we can truly, honestly and transparently LOVE. 


From Judgement to LOVE

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SPIRIT has no judgement.
The UNIVERSE has no judgement.
The experience and energy of judgment comes
from an old fear based paradigm existing only on this planet.

Most of us grew up with some form of judgement.
Whether it was about aspects of our physicality, our intelligence,
our abilities at school or our social skills,
the judgement beliefs take hold and eventually become
embedded into our cellular makeup.

Science vs Religion - The False Dichotomy

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Candidly...If you believe that one belief system explains all things, that what you believe has no deficiencies or gaps in its fabric of cognizance, then you're wearing blinders. You're bedazzled by a set mind, self deluded and intractably self made ignorant. There is no more intractable, rigid people found  than those who identify as material atheists and the fundamentally religious.

I was reticent to write this, especially because the people I'm addressing are actually a small minority segment of the worlds' population. But this attitude, this false dichotomy, dominates the conversational idea exchange of humanity. I think it needs to be examined and exposed for the consciousness constricting fabrication that it is. This 'false dichotomy', also known as black and white thinking, and 'all or nothing' thinking, keeps humanity on the merry go round of intellectual mediocrity. It hinders asking the more powerful questions humanity could be asking of itself, and life, and keeps humans intellectually herded into manageable flocks.

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Ghost Caught on Security Cam

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In what is supposedly the fourth oldest pub in Britain a ghost or some kind of spirit was just filmed on a security camera.

The manager said that when he came into work to open up in the morning he found a broken glass on the ground, he then decided to check the security footage to see what kind of shenannigans were going on in the pub when he wasn't there and they were supposed to be closed.

What he saw was unbelievable.


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Celestialism - Great Discipline - Heartful Cultivation (THIEN DAO DAI PHAP TAM CONG - abbr. Thien Phap - Celestial Discipline) is the occult cultivation program combines spirituality, due to The Father Almighty God taught. The Grand Master works abide of Hierarchy Spirituality to save sentient beings with ideal of humanity’s Great Unity. Celestial Discipline is Celestialism’s Occult Practice Way. 
Thien Dao (Celestialism) is Celestial Way – God Way – Cosmic Way - the forever, timeless universal laws - not religion. Religion is the only mean of helping humans to be enlightened. 
There are numerous disciplines and ways to realize truth. 
Dai Phap (Dafa - Great Discipline – Great Way) has three disciplines: The Way’s Discipline, Prime Discipline and Occult Discipline. 
The Way’s Discipline belongs to Celestial Way (The Creator’s Way) - these are the laws of the universe and nature, in terms of Celestial Book. 
Prime Discipline belongs to The Way Book –Teaching Book –Law Book – Ceremonial Book –  Human Book –Intelligence Book -Trust Book (Earthly world: people’s perception and following the natural laws to live and cultivate). 
Occult Discipline (this Celestial Discipline) belongs to Coaching Book (cultivation method for enlightenment and merged with nature, The Creator’s Way; as the method of united Heaven-Earth-Human, Man united with God). 
Three Disciplines is consolidated so The Way is united, Heaven-Earth-Human are consolidated.
While still not enlightened and follow the truth, everything is also brute, decadent, dubious, mess, most lives might not know who you are, where you come from. Timelessly, The Creator’s Way does not change, only Prime Discipline, Occult Discipline in the Earthly world (lower world) change, be different so make human society, Earth change. 

7 of Wands and Message from Spirit

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Hello beautiful beings!

I've really been resonating with the 7 of Wands lately. In fact, that was one of the cards I pulled in my reading the night I decided to devote my energy to this little beauty that's shaping up to be Gypsy Soul Reiki. I was guided to meditate on this cards, so when I went out to the backyard to practice some root chakra yoga, for the chakra program I'm developing, I took my trusty tarot cards out there with me.

I spent a few minutes calming my mind, and then started writing down my notes for the card. After I felt satisfied with my notes, I spent a few more minutes meditating, when I got a new insight. This time, it was a short message from Spirit:

Sometimes the only thing that keeps us going is the fire inside of us, urging us to stand up for what is right and just. No matter how much the odds are stacked against us.

Transformation, Freedom,Creativity, Shape shifting, and Soul Evolution

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Dear Beloved’s, today is a day of transformation, freedom, creativity, shape shifting, and soul evolution.

Today was a great day for integration of all  aspects of self and knowing that the God within is on schedule.

Take note of the most important issues that are confronting you at the point in time. What state of change are you in regard to these issues?

These powerful messages remind us of the butterfly, when born it goes through the smallest of hole to birth itself. So beloveds, you are doing the same.

To the Native American’s the butterfly is believed to carry Joy! This is a dance with the nature, and to take things a little more lightly, not so seriously. Medicine for the dear souls that you are.

Get up and move, have the courage to fly past your limitations. The divine in all of you will know how far and wide you can travel.

When it is time to move to the next level we must let go of yet another layer of emotional, physical, mental, thought forms , keeping us from our most precious goals.

It is imperative if we as a people keep our thoughts lofty and confident in the light, we can move mountains and hold steady the light grids that hold us and our Planet together.

Each of you is like a Chrysalis structure, which is forming above you, for the full formation and activation of your thirteen spiral systems or Chakras. This Chrysalis like structure will encase you with the light codes needed to fully activate your divine blueprint and bring forth great healing and release.

Take time to rest and breath through these healings and integrations. The next stage of your spiritual evolution depends on it.

Now is the time--Your Other Dimensional Self!

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Have you ever seen the Krishna society books that are sold on the street in a most of the big cities of the world?  There is one that always peeked my interested and that was "Journys to Other Planets".  I never really understood how in meditation we could consciously journy to other planets in a etheral body like form, but I wanted to try it.  The Krishna society books are some of the best spiritual books out there and EVERYONE can afford or find one.  For those of you who understand the truth about UFO's should remember that in the days of Krishna the skies were full of Vemana's or space ships.  I highly recommend those who are into spirituality and UFO's to stop and pick up some of these Krishna society books that are out there.


It took me years to finally be able to journy to other planets as if I was walking down the street but now I spend more time in the other realms than I do in this one on the planet Earth it seems.  Now is the time to take control of your other dimensional self and use it for good.  the energies are such on this planet where the ability to travel in the other dimensions with whatever body you choose has become easier.


Your other dimensional body can look and be whatever it chooses and it doesnt have to look human.  Mine just happens to be a male human/pliedian body, that not only do I use to travel to other realms, but to be married and have a family in the other dimensions with my twin flame, this relationship is the most rewarding, satisfying relationship I have in my life on earth.  Being with your twin flame right now is EASY, we just have to open up to it.  I not only have children in the other realms but homes and a loving wife that I adore more than anything on Earth.



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