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Then there is some words for you.



NO, we are not here to seek and destroy. And when these challenges come I am looked on as the bad guy for wanting PEACE. For wanting a RESOLUTION and toughing it out. I know some here and at ashtarcommandcrew.net and even some on facebook are in the same boat here.



When people want nothing better to do than curse me out under thier breath, spit thier insanity in my face, and choke me to death...OH WAIT..didnt someone DIE due to this?

HMMM...UH. Who was that man? NAH. couldnt be the GUY in the BIBLE...NO WAY..  :-)


Im not him.Sorry to disappoint.


Maybe a mirror, a reflection. A similar spirit. I dont claim to be what Im not. BUT what I AM is a light being of LOVE. And anything but LOVE is BS.It doesnt belong.


(as I was)

..but Im the bad guy for wanting this all to end. IM the GUY hit with the RO.(which were never meant to help anyone but the complainer..same with calling the cops.District Attorneys are FORCED to listen in case thier cops messed up.) IM the ONE they attack and try to arrest. I DID NOTHING.


I cannot stand up for myself, my family? NO, SaLuSa is right.


We were not meant to be tread on. People dont like you challenging thier authority with GALACTIC skills or authority. The number one cause of a fight is someone else trying to superseed you. THEY want to win, and if they cant, YOU are the loser.OR they discredit you so bad no one believes you anymore. Nobody wants to know you.


HEAVEN forbid you stand up for LOVE on this planet. I know I can come off kinda of dark, but Im really not. I dont belong here in 3D is the only explaination I can give.



repost: SANDY/NEWS

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THis is from a few days ago, but from what I see in middle island mostly unchanged.Most of the work is begin done near queens, staten island, fire island, coney island. No trucks out here in the past few days of any sort. COMM lines still down.


One of Steve's email filters on 2012scenario is out in the thick of it, lierally flodded with message there. So if some of us are out of it, PLEASE PLEASE hep with the slack.


I cant do much but this I can do.

Im on Google, FACEBOOK, twitter, and I have my own website hosted somewhee in california I believe.If I mirror anything locally(my ISP gives me the option) onylt that part will go down.From the looks of how thats done with SLITAZ OS, I probly will keep things hosted elsewhere.

SliTaz OS web hosting is a mess, and its down half the time.


As far as SEDONA or anywhere else...Im stuck in the welfare pot too. Where I gonna go? MAC flight overseas? MAYBE. NOT LIKELY.


Yes, I have a plan but things take time. God chooses time too. If this is the begining of awesome, then so it is! Ive seen some good and some not so good in the past few years. Id like to think 2012 holds value, not because confused AZTEC claendar readers said so, not because of the Y2K or 2035 glitches in math systems...because I can feel it.


I dont know how the ALLIES are viewed from the ANGELIC realms. This is entirely new to me. Yes, what was said is also true with studying magic. Those of the light are sought out from those not of the light. THEY SEEK TO DESTROY.


BELIEVE ME, we are not the only ones the dark ones are after, fooled or not. The dark ones ARE after the others too. They just have more influence to keep the darkness at bay.


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Ive seen this inside a coke bottle, but at 200 C it must be ripely warm.


Before EXXON Mobile and BP take THIS and NACELLE specs off the net AGAIN..here you go.


DUPLICATE..REPLICATE..IMPROVE...MASS INVENT.(which is why I support the ARDUINO society forming recently, even if it is 8-bit)








Someone reported 10s of Joules output and a few months running.With a larger jar and these results Im posting all over FB and twitter...IT could be possible. 3:1,8:1 power output measurements are realized so far. ENDORSED by NASA, REJECTED by AMERICA.


..GO figure. BIG OIL still in control.


..And I bet you Long Islanders wish it were not so. YOU ARE OUT of GAS.

THis could be a HUGE boost to the VOLT and TESLA ALL ELECTRIC cars too.


Y are we not using it yet? Reports indicate mass production of cells starting as of LAST YEAR.


The Galactics are promising this. (AND MORE) And I know CF/ZP to be true in another form.Ive used it.The tech is different, the skills are similar.


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All these racers must have sand in thier shoes or something.

No, I dont care how much you pledged. Im glad yu have $$ to throw around, because the ATMs around HERE are NOT in SERVICE. MOST of NY is FLOODED.


PEOPLE are DEAD, DYING due to no food, WATER, HEAT(near freezing tonight), and ELECTRICITY.


..and porr old Mr.Mayor waits until the last minute to CANX the race.


DAMN well better donate those materials to THOSE HERE or GET OUT. YOU can RUN any day. In case you cant do the math from the figures, THATS HOT MEALS...


A REACTOR's worth in POWER(800MW or so)

SHELTER(of sorts)

TOILETS(were sewage is seeping )

WATER(were all the water and tap water in CONTAMINATED)




GET your head out of your ass!

To everyone else. DEMAND the help. DEMAND the resources, DEMAND the power and food until it arrives otherwise.The sooner we can get operational, to sooner we can CLEAN UP. And with this WINTER, THAT may take AWHILE.


1000s in shelters at schools and they want to open the schools with unfiltered WHO knows who still living there, homeless.....


Is there any real intellegent people in NY,NJ and other state management offices? I dont see it.


HELL, CBS is even donating, DOING THE RIGHT THING.THank them for this.




the militarys coming, it aint here yet. National guard is in SOME areas.


Zones B+C...next to no one...and those places are RAVAGED.DESTROYED.Only ZONE 'A' evacuated....


PISS POOR job so far.




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Finally someone passed along the idea with SANDY to offer the military ships.



(USS WASP, and two others.WASP is very similar to the ESSEX and BONNIE RICHARD, over in SASEBO.)


Ive trained with them.Never thought I'D need or my area would need heros like that, like I trained to be. Maybe I was supposed....well a lot of things were supposed to be in SASEBO. I cant change what happened when I transfered to the IKE.


INGRATEFUL BASTARDS comes to mind but I will save the insults. The NAVY is ran from BIG NAVY, a ADMIRAL in DC who cares more about WARmonging than PEACE it seems.Even amongst the ranks.


What is soon to come will mirror what happened in BANDE ACEH, for those that dont know, heavy downpours hit the area in the Philipines very hard massive landslides occured, many homes and people were wiped out.(2005) I still have pics from there (no I dont keep the gory shots, but thanks for the view)


I was there, aboard the ESSEX, much like those three ships coming here to New York/Jersey areas. I was on deck loading helocopters and people...unloading the ammo crates to replace them with blankets and rags and such. Congress says it wasnt OIF, I beg to differ. They also say we didnt earn the humanitarian award TWICE, AGAIN, I beg to differ.I WAS ON DECK.


You cant HELP PEOPLE in DIRE NEED by whatever means necessary and NOT get that award.EVERY person on deck, between decks, counts.EVERY ONE.


WHOEVER said ONE PERSON CANT make a difference was LYING. ONE is a part of a TEAM, which gets the JOB DONE.


Yes, this isnt some 'just paint the walls mission' at some School which will get slammed with water and high tides later on.(why they dont use Latex paint, I dont know) THIS is REALLY SAVING PEOPLE. REBUILDING PLACES.



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More BS from DC in form of NAtional Guard mandate:


"PREPPERS will be treated as terrorists."

-O? The call to arms (and I quote) for ENLISTMENT:


"Federal law requires everyone who enlists or re-enlists in the Armed Forces of the United States to take the enlistment oath. The oath of enlistment into the United States Armed Forces is administered by any commissioned officer to any person enlisting or re-enlisting for a term of service into any branch of the military. The officer asks the person, or persons, to raise their right hand and repeat the oath after him. The oath is traditionally performed in front of the United States Flag and other flags, such as the state flag, military branch flag, and unit guidon may be present."


""I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me(as apliccable only when service contract not expired or retired), according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."


SECRET SERVICE couldnt hold a candle to me in SAN DIEGO and STILL CANT.



Sorry IF DC dont like it. Last I checked calling VETS(WAR HEROS), those who honorably SERVE, and PROTECT FREEDOM abroad(military or civilian) ARE NOT TERRORISTS. STOP TREATING US like WE ARE THE THREAT.


Lord Wolf should have given DC 3 weeks, not 3 months. LEts HOPE and PRAY NOVEMBER is the RECKONING MONTH and our STAR FRIENDS COME QUIKLY.


LET US SPEED UP THIS PROCESS and Send the dark ones back to where they belong. THEY have a choice.They arent taking it for OUR good.

have feeds will travel

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Ive got about 3 sites here in the feed list for RSSOWL. 2012scenario, this site, and starseeds.net.

Unless RSSOWL is misconfigured(cant search in LInux for some reason)....



Can I get a list of the other main sites so I can keep track with the rest of you?


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Im getting a ton of hits here on google..and everyone knows about the 12 DNA strand thing and how it aplies to ascension,right?


ok. I was looking for an image of a crop circle DNA pattern. very simple to find. What blew me back was the site that held it.




Now as far as I can tell(cant register..its too difficult for some reason..mayeb the clan leader is on break?)..the info seemed legit.


Reading on into the posting it seems like Im being mind blasted with schmasey graphics and such and a ton of info..nothing outlining the process, nothing like a lesson in showing people how to wake up..just a bunch of PUKED up information that doesnt blend well, like a nutjob posting about 2012.


Im not one to normally say something here..but Im seeing a lot of this. And everybody thinks NIBURU is still coming.. according to NASA, it CAME AND WENT.


OVER a year a go.


YEt, were still getting current links to information that is dated. Or in this case MIS DATED.


This is where the Niburu section led me, to another forum. The dates are all screwed up somehow and need to be fixed.




Is the channeling legit, perhaps...but fix the dates, you are misleading people. SHEESH!


here we go again..

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In case some of you dont know(todays postings disappeared..) Facebook is commercial-lizing the site now.So anything you post CANT be shared en mass anymore and they want you to pay up $7/post.


This is like saying buying a happy meal lunch everytime you need to put stuff on the net.BTE, thats over $600 a month, one happy McDonalds lunch a day...


Im sorry, thats what a WEB SERVER is for. What a BLOG and a WEBSITE is for. If you dont like it, We'll use EFNET.We'll go underground. I WROTE the book on these protocols dont dare tell ME I dont have a voice or way to communicate..PEOPLE like ME built the DAMN INTERNET!


XCHAT is easy enough to come by and EFNET is usually text forums about software or tech support or the like. Its chat. But its not hi speed chat usually. Can almost always connect thru a browser proxy or directly thru xchat client itself.


TO HELL with this commercialization of tweets. I dont care how much it makes FB or TWITTER. I REFUSE TO BE OWNED.


Please do same.


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Could someone send me the Sunday link? Im not sure if its here or not. As I said the housing meeting is about the same time. Pays the rent so I cant really complain.


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