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Take from this waht you will, I find it insightful. Call it channelling, but this comes from my heart, as many of you have noticed I speak from often, and wear on my shoulder. This is from my higher self as it were, whatever being I am.


prayer requests

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If one of you has a list, I would be glad to link into it.


Anyways..here is mine.


1) There is another out this way. As glad as my time serving alongside him has been, I must depart ways with him and head back to the Federation and its ways and councils and worlds. He, however, may be joining some of you on many levels and places with the work yet to finish here. He is well known and although I dont specifically mention his name for obvious security reasons, many of you know about him. He is the reason I brought up the SEAL thing the other day.


(Please dont let me catch anyone disrecpecting them...I do not take lightly to this.Not one bit.)


He will be staying until the end. He is not doing well. Continued infection is setting in and he needs some help. The doctors here we are told to use as veterans are a joke.Last i heard he was heading for another clinic or hospital. This was some weeks ago.


I need to speak with him, I only had a brief moment a short time ago and he was half dazed due to oral surgery. I know how that can be. Ive been there many times. We need to go over a few topics, he has some of my hardware I can now use if some can finish finding me a place to stay.

Im still in waiting game.


2)  Im more in question as to why she is apart from me right now. Mayhaps a change in personal image is in order..you will see what i mean in a second.


This is deeply personal to me.This is one I care for deeply.


The second entity Ive deeply cared for (mascot, if some of you will), is not with me. She has some issues she needs help with and I am concerned about her. Heidi needs to come back to me.I was most happy in care of her and only wanted the best for her, I think she saw that.

Mascots..Icon or sentient being from afar?

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Again, maybe the brevity of syntax the more intelligent the conversation. Not much for eloquent verbs, so stay with me.



What is the view on familars or (mascotas, mascoto?) Mascots?

[LATIN word for PET as it were..]


I know the wiccan view of ascended friendly spirits or fauna we take and tame and take care of..(I dont think PET is the right definition here.) How do the rest of you see this? Or are these representatives of another world in the only form they have here(which is different, not as sentient, etc.)?


Seems to me I know the heartache my little wee hedgehog is going thru, as i have known another going though a rought time before. Again, hedgehogs and felines....


Familiars to me.


You know who you are..


Am I just looking at similarities here or are the real entities coming thru the only way they know how, thru the fauna and such?


My connection to nature is strong as ever. Almost as if even the wild ones all have a voice.Im not the only one to hear it though.





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Ok, what have ye on the ack-ro-nymphs...I never cared for them...UFP,UFOP,GFP....whatever...Galactic Citizens and derivatives.




Perhaps derived from Gene Roddenberry's Star-TREK Universe, uniquely a feature of our own universe in many ways..


Yet I see visitation all of the time by Star nations, possibly by those i used to know. Do they just not know that I and others are here? Is there something we as a whole or individuals are missing?Would you rather we talked on the two way radio? A bit confused here.


...but how can we claim to not 'interfere' when we are visiting on a continued basis and have starled the populace on many occasion? We have interacted on several occasions.


Can we even claim this when our own are trapped here in other hosts? Or do we not bother to check on this?


I welcome the input on this, I know it is a HOT TOPIC and I welcome input on the NON-INTERFERENCE issue, not flamed one sided opinions, hence why some are blocked on facebook.


My views are below.



My memories are SHATTERED from the last JEDI [job?] here, I dont have the benefit of whole host memories, as I am forced into another. I believe my original is in cryo stasis. Do I need either, possibly not. But Im not an expert in soul reintegration here and I rather liked my last Humanoid(half-monster or animal) host.



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A brief note(dont want to harp on this one):


A few souls have taken it upon themselves to share disinformation about The Ashtar Command recently and link it into the Federation's pages upon ISN and Facebook.


There are claims about Christ-essence and the Great White Brotherhood as being a dark Draco/Reptilian trick to lure people into. I believe I know the intent of the information, and it is not dark in nature.


Its odd to me that anyone can pick and choose what they want to hear to make the rest of us look bad and theres a TON of this going on as of late. Here, at ISN, Facebook(mostly uh, NWO comments there)... is anyone taking the lead on filtering the content that is unacceptable to the groups? I must wonder. It seems our own groups are infiltrated and we dont seem to care.


Even if this were so, parts 2 and 3(202,303 respectively) would not have been put out there if this information had no accuracy. I dont remember all the details from before myself. Something happened to me.


This new information actually makes sence. Jedi,eh?


I have noticed that there is a cult following of this particular command. Why this particular one, I do not know.


I will say this:


I have not yet seen anything in comparison to the enlightenment and love that these groups share and openness anywhere else.

I also have not seen healers of this sort anywhere else.

Would venture to say this is as real as it gets. This assuming I could not remember anything about my past, which is NOT correct.


And I can usually pick a Draco out of a crowd, they tend to use mind-control dark magic like was imposed on me in San Diego a while ago. You get a really dark vibe when the Draco are around or project near you.



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Is Patricia Cori in the group?


She makes some interesting points I did NOT know about.I knew they had possible relations to my past(had been around them before).


I wish they would rethink this non-intervention directive. I understand it must have been imposed for a good enough reason a loong long time ago. I have nothing against Light support or 'Light support'  or support in ways and manners of Light.(sometimes english language isnt clearly defined english anymore...)


There are some I believe that i need to reach out to here and I wish at very least your support would include visitation or shipboard briefing us Starseeds. I think many of us need not only the confirmation, but the interaction as well. It would be nice to understand your point of view, and understand that I also share it, being from out your way in the past.


While Im on this topic, we are talking Magic here anyways...what is the feeling torwards a seance with Federation Lightworkers(Sirian,Pleadian,etc..)? I think there could be much to be gained here if done correctly. I know some of the Starseeds practice ceremonial magic and CAN do this correctly. However, we are talking living entities here, mostly, and some of you have bodies elsewhere. I would value the input on this.


As per the 3strand DNA, I can confirm this both from my previous life, but also from living here. Mrs.Cori is correct from a scientific standpoint. I understand some say 12, mayhaps at one point there were 12, and some may have 12, but from the Sirians point of view it is 3.


So maybe some clarification on this at some point in the future. I need to finish watching this video. A lot of good info from the channelers or Starseeds or mediums, whether here or on youtube.




Some notes

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I'd like to make a few points here. Todays message(s) really set the stage for later on.

Thanks for having me on ISN.


SaLuSa is correct, the Federation is not the only organization out there. Ive been around the Pavo and Centauri sectors myself and most of the worlds around those areas.


Ive dealt with another organization who keeps to the shadows, its very hard to get into, let alone make rank this high while serving.


An unfortunate incident has put me at a disadvantage, a continual one since. This life has not been so kind to me.


So if you channel(I have not mastered this very well with those I did not interact with personally and deeply privately before) please, make this a two-way street, not a one-way one.


I am truely grateful for all of the support. It does make a difference.

Those that knew me before said I would return if not reincarnate. I didnt exactly reincarnate. Im not dead to anyone. I remember. But my memories have been affected. I am not in the same host as before. There are many things I am still unclear on.


I have my orders until I return fully but at this time our goals have aligned and I intend to very soon return to the GFL. I feel more comfortable there with the GFL than with another organization, but this is my way back out to the galaxy, back to the light and love out there. We support your goals, but as a whole I am given authority to combine our goals of peace, light and love in support of ALL out there so that they can be achieved. I was not contacted and was completely cut of for so many years, it is difficult to reconnect, but I will have the oppourtunity.


As far as those I may have left behind, are they not for me also in this realm but elsewhere? If I leave this realm will I not leave them behind as a ghost? I would rather return to them if I may.



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