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DC sighting

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Some of you may have mised it:


about 8-10 hours ago a FLOCK of Golden to WHITISH looking crafts appeared voer the DC metro area. The image is a bit Golden, as lighting does at night, so I cant tell the exact color, but still...


with the events in COLORADO..

the conflict in DC over gun control...


the recent weather reports(I hear CHINA is getting nailed pretty hard with rain..)...


Right Smack over DC..


Maybe I was right after all to send via radio...they seem friendly enough..More light and love and awe for the ships tonight..maybe we can come to a meeting here soon or agreement in Washington to have PEACE..


It would be nice to meet our friends, to those who have had encounters physically, I envy you.


Image is on my FB wall of the sighting.

disclosure and ET(s)

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With all of this ET visiting about to occur, after going thru my documents folders Ive noticed a few points, some of which are covered. I will try and link the PDF file in here somehow.


Basically, it goes over the hows and details about how or how not disclosure will or may happen and the ramifications thereof.

(The despising of secret governments, how we all look alike to most ET races...)


I would not blame you ZRs for what happened any more than I blame the Humans in the Secret Governments. This tit-for-tat, though... WE ARE BETTER than this. ALL OF US.

TEACH these HUMANS something they can learn. Yet I still see this sometimes on Facebook in our own groups...


ET IS listening folks... Might not be Draco or Zeta Reticulan, might not be Terran from Tau CETI, but ET is listening. We need to start acting like 5D beings. My apologies to those caught up in the Dreamland disaster of recent years. These scared humans dont know how to react sometimes.


There is to note also that some ETs may have tried to make contact last year and are making point about this arcaic computer technology.I will say this on that matter:


These Humans seek confirmation to the communication and imagery we see in our minds, to know that it is not our own imagination. The only way we know how is to verify with others of like minds, to use our methods of communication, digital and otherwise. To some I can see why this is seen as NON-SACRED or why it is seen as such. ASCII is understood by some of you, and unfortunate as it may be, it is primitive form of communication. Telepathy would be better, but find me a good telepath these days, and I will find you a hundred fakes.


upcoming sirian Alignment

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We are about NINE days out from the next Sirian alignment.


Just a heads up according to a Galactic 28 day 13 month calendar.I dont believe in coincidences.




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Lets start with the days headlines:



For various reasons he wont finish in coming forwards but this is enough to open the doors along with FBI Vaulted docs(online) and NSA level docs floating around.


MAJESTIC12 and ROSWELL happened. I have the docs on it.


Finally some truth being revealed.




K2: "It kust disappeared? HOW? Something to do with alignment with the planet...."


A UFO...disappearing. Now why are the other three parts about BERLIN and its WALL?


I shall tell you.


It was the ame timeframe as the BERLIN WALL and the CUBAN missile crisis.

'DOES LANGLEY know?' YES, and so did the President, Mr.Kennedy.


When he tried to come forward with the info, the CIA, NSA came after him and assassinated him on public TV.


Those were dark times, and they are behind us. The friendlies are here now.


And like the WALL coming down, the curtain or veil of secrecy has fallen finally.


I will get to some of your comments on Facebook in a moment. I sickens me that we cannot be more open and unjudgemental about things.


I believe in rights and freedoms and will do anything to support them. Think what you may of me, I do not care. i believe ETs have the right to bear arms too, it doesnt mean anyone has to use them. Look at the secret service.....


Twin Drownings?

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As seen here: http://ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/pictured-the-ufo-shape...


TWO ships found while treasure hunting, at least one has a skid mark, as if it skidded on the ocean floor during a hard landing, or to soften the landing. RADAR images look like the Millenia Falcon [C -like shape]. One ship is not too far from the other.Soot all over the top of the ships, apparently.


Looks, and sounds like a fire broke out after landing. What happened next is anyone's guess.


Any info?


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Un brickable is the term needed for these general computing units..ARG! What a pain sometimes these things can be and always backing them up a more arduous process than needed.For some odd reason storage capacity exceeds the necessity to get the information back out of the machine in case of failure.Nevermind the processes involved.


And once its gone...its gone, not everything can be undeleted, and its messy...very very messy and time consuming to undo what should never have been done.


For the most part I am thankful we up there dont have to worry so much about this.But it is a constant headache down here.An interference pattern if you ask me.A stall tactic.


And amongst those, Ive discussed a few of the other challenges we face, awaiting the arrival of our Star Families. Because in many way to me, they mean more than Comrades from service, more than a brother or sister could EVER mean. So if we are in the same boat waiting for the CABAL to leave, which direction is the ship heading? Are we moving forwards or standing dead-in-water as I have several times, sometimes unexpectedly..and let me tell you the TV room goes dark with the rest of the ship at night. Its not that its creepy, just unexpected. You still train for that sort of scenario.







what is and is to be

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Will be brief, Im low on power once again and short on time it seems. This entrapment of brokenness on computing really bothers me.There are no shortcuts to doing things right apparently.



Wonderful things await. I wonder sometimes, though if we are getting carried away with our wanting to be of the things to come, of the ships and people?


There will be times for this, and there is a LOT of work to still yet be done here from what I see.This is the begining, the end of the old, but not the end by far, not even December but by then hopefully most of us will be where we belong.And a great deal of us ar e not from here.


Thats ok.


I just think we are getting carried away a bit. Now I know not everyone is an ArchAngel, not everyone strives to be, there are a LOT of humanoids and Terrans out there and a lot of us here that have you as family in some way or another.The reunion will be grand beyond all means, I am sure.


But we must save ourselves an create the world we want, no other race will do that for us.There is a lot of halfway training and teaching and work that needs to be done I think yet, so have plans to go, but not be so eager to leave that you forget the mission as to why we are here.The mission is truely begining again.


My 2c for today.


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Whats in a name like Drake?


I dont think he needs a surname. He is DRAKE. That of the DRAGON, like the Reptilian he stand tall for what he believes in, I wish more like him, even fullblooded DRACO would do this, we can accomplish a lot more.my understanding is that they are very intiimate creatures misunderstood.


As I recall many of them are DRUG ADDICTS addicted to fear induced plasma that human brains produce. But we cure drug addicts. This is a hard to produce plasma from what I hear, which is why they feed on many here.


Take my name.


Truley it is it seems Alpha hedgehog. The surname is a descriptor of what I am. Take it off. Alpha, the bright one(ok, here FIRST one....), another name is Rei, light streak of the heavens.


Call me what you will. Whats in a name?


'Ruler of the Flower of life' is the meaning behind my name now. Kind of fitting isnt it?


Have your chosen your name yet?


And is it is said by me 'first one', there is another it seems named Omega.he is a Hybrid of Dr.M.Wolf and the Altarian High Chancellor. 'The last one.' We are the 'first' and 'last', WE are of the Star Nations.We are of the Light. A cosmic joke, I think but anyway...


(Thank you God....I enjoy the laugh.)



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Ok. I come off a bit strong like COFFEE somethimes. A bit pokey like an irritated hedgehog sometimes...I know this. it is ME, not you.


Try not to take offense to me. Like I said, i stir the pot to see if the soup is sour sometimes. Not everybody likes it.


Im not a warmonger. I cant stand wars. Sometimes we must defend our land, our homes, our families. Sometimes we must draw the line and take a stand against evil.Sometime we must LOCk and LOAD...sometimes. Not every time.


We are of LOVE and the LIGHT and it is a burden to do these things, but some times they must be done.


Sometimes, a lot of times with JEDi actions, we are in GREY civilian areas. Militaries are cut and dry.Black or WHITE.YES or NO. This is NOT EASY, it never is. You make your decision, you stick to it, and where ever it goes this is your path.You dont correct it.


But we work as civilians in civilian culture on many many places. This is not a place for a military.But sometimes you need that style of down to the chase management that doesnt sit around amongst themselves waiting or discussing things.You need action.And you need it NOW.


I stand with you. I do. i dont want bloodshed with the financial system or its people. We must be prepared if the CABAL (what is the word?se palabras es ...?) goes back on thier word that they have given us.We must be ready if they try and weasel their way out of thier agreement, as some have in the past.We must HOLD THEM to this. I have dealt with dark ones before, yes, they are misunderstood, YES sometimes it is easier to put a bullet between their eyes than deal with them.



But that is NOT our way.

And we do not attack civilians. Govt officials, military members...never civilians.Direct targets only, not collateral damages.NO civilian ATTACKS.EVER.


hosts and holies

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Ok, I wondered about if you know, if by chance some of the ascended ones, the feline Sirians had wings or not. I still wonder. A sight, can you imagine, though, CATS/LIONS/CHEETAHs with WINGS? He he... anyway, if any of you know, do tell please!


The Babalon5 circle of the MIMBAR people has 9 (3 warriors, 3 mages, 3 workers). And in many ways Babalon5 Tv series is a possible future for humanity. One, I think that symbolizes the link to the ALLIANCE of Races, or some of the main GFL councils.


I hope some of you have seen the SERIES. Ive watched it TWICE in full.


The similarities end there for now in this message.


I know what Thoth percieves, and he describes it well in his EMERLAD tablets. Ok, we know he ascended, possibly to the inner (dark) world, the earth within.He mentions this. He says dont come alone when you rouse him. Mayhaps he is the keeper of the SPHINX.


Im solving it too, as I have solved the KRYPTOS puzzle. You rise above the challenge, knowing you can and atack it face on. Yes, if anyone wants the brilliant answer to HUMANITY, and GERMANYs new future if they will allow it, I have it DECODED. THE NSA hasnt even solved it yet. I digress a bit but what Im trying to say as it is similarly tied together.


The SPHINK requres THREE:


ONE human

ONE HYBRID (LYBRID)[the GO between]



And THOTH may very well be inside to greet you into and thru the gateway to the inner Earth.


I shall try to channel the energies of GIZA. Its something I have not done before.

ALL cat people or those that were cat folk (ok...I see them as cats..) should try this. I invite those with this history to give it a go.


Namaste. BE the I AM.


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